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  1. I think that this (expansion) is good news. It is another chance to release ArmA II with less bugs and still offering all that was good in first release, plus new campaign and map and stuff. This time without rush and just like it should have been.
  2. mali robot

    Graphics corruption

    Seems that patching the game was enough to fix this problem.
  3. After some time playing (usually 1-1.5h) this graphical bug occurs: If I exit game screen with alt-tab, graphics turns to normal again. And after while, hour or so later problem occurs again and becomes unrecoverable. It is not gpu overheating issue because my gpu temp stays bellow 70c. I still haven't tried patch 1.02 and new drivers for video card. Other than that, game works fine, good framerates with everything on normal/high, viewdistance 2500, fillrate 150%. E8400 4GB GTX275 Win XP sp3
  4. mali robot

    Graphics corruption

    OK, I have applied 1.02 patch (XP and direct x already updated) and game runs smoother than before, when driving a vehicle in 1st person perspective there is no more stuttering (and that was only occasion that some stuttering do occur before). Now I only need to try and play it long enough to see if this bug appears again.
  5. mali robot

    Graphics corruption

    But I am running Arma 2 on Win XP, should adding this parameters make difference?
  6. mali robot

    Graphics corruption

    Forgot to mention that it occurs usually when I'm driving a vehicle from 1st person perspective. And that is also where my framerates are lowest. I'll try patching and updating drivers before other tests. Hope my GPU is not failing, it gave me enough troubles already when I had to chage my PSU to get it to work.
  7. mali robot

    Graphics corruption

    GPU is on factory settings. This particular model has memory clock higher than standard GTX275. I can play without problems CoD WoW and Crysis Warhead on highest settings.