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    =BTC= Revive

    Hi, I am making a script that checks if disable respawn is enabled in each mission that uses BTC Revive. If there is no disable_respawn parameter present it should add it to the file. What I wanted to ask is does the order of parameters matter in =BTC=_revive_init? For example, if we have: BTC_revive_time_min = 5; BTC_revive_time_max = 1200;//20 minutes should be a good length BTC_who_can_revive = ["B_medic_F"];//medic only revive BTC_disable_respawn = 1;//no respawn at base BTC_respawn_gear = 1;//respawn with current gear Can we put BTC_disable respawn before other parameters? So that it starts like this: BTC_disable_respawn = 1;//no respawn at base BTC_revive_time_max = 1200;//20 minutes should be a good length BTC_who_can_revive = ["B_medic_F"];//medic only revive BTC_respawn_gear = 1;//respawn with current gear
  2. mali robot

    CiA co-op night

    Comrades in Arms Arma 2 / CWR2 coop - every Tuesday 2000 CET Looking for a place to play Arma 2 when most servers are switching to Arma 3? Looking for a serious and constructive team play and squad tactics (but dislike milsim and repeating 'sir, yes, sir')? Looking for a group that plays no respawn missions? Come join us! Comrades in Arms have been playing Arma 2 since 2009 and we still play it on every Tuesday. If you want to join our coops, you have to contact our members and request TS and game password. Drop by our forum and introduce yourself if you want. Check info bellow and see you on battlefield! Useful info: 1. Gameplay rules: http://ciahome.net/server-rules/ You may also want to check our Standard operating procedures: http://ciahome.net/standard-operating-procedures/ 2. Addons that we use: http://ciahome.net/needed-addons/ You can get them using Yoma AddonSync using this autoconfig: or using Play With Six / Six Updater: pws://ciahome.net/six/cia-cwr2.yml sixupdater://ciahome.net/six/cia-cwr2.yml 3. Teamspeak and game server addresses: http://ciahome.net/servers/
  3. mali robot

    Adapt: the supply convoy

    Same happened to me. When I reached Omega squad nothing happened, even after restarting mission three times. I left my character standing at the regroup marker and went to make a coffee, when I got back, five minutes later, trigger finaly triggered and Omega started to react. Obviously a bug.
  4. mali robot

    CiA co-op night

    part 2: part 3: On Utes, about to attack US base to free the captive: Relaxing boat ride at the end of the day:
  5. mali robot

    CiA co-op night

    Sunday, February 27th, 2011 Participants: Overlord, Ugi, Jager, Variable, Rundll.exe , Fat Tony, Zandhas, Grip, Misha. Members of Chernorussian Liberation Front checking Zandhases new sneakers: Ugi about to fire on a APC far ahead in the village: Vehicle is destroyed, after that all hell breakes loose: Defending British outpost form angry Takistanis: Tense mafia showdown in Nevada desert, part 1:
  6. mali robot

    CiA co-op night

    Pleasant fishing sessions got interrupted by those black crows stealing our fish. :) Misha
  7. mali robot

    minimize crash.

    Yes, my game is patched to 1.54. BTW, my graphics card is gtx275. I found this issue on issue tracker: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/8746 Anyway, crashes are happening rarely, and game can be easily recovered, I can tolerate this bug for now.
  8. mali robot

    minimize crash.

    I have this issue after I have installed OA. I already had Arma 2 vanilla and no such issue with it. So it seems there are many of us with that kind of problem. Patch please!
  9. mali robot

    ARMA 2 OA 1.52 :Bugs

    I played Arma 2 Harvest Red campaign using Arma 2 Combined Operations and encountered this graphical glitch: In previous two times that I played it, with Arma 2 vanilla, this did not occur. It's like Arma 2: Operation Silent Hill unofficial expansion.
  10. It has happened also to me when I returned to base to rearm Apache. Mission failed without apparent reason. ULB was still intact, I'm sure.
  11. I had similar situation in this mission with friendly casulties. So I charged ahead solo, rambo style, before friendlies even reached enemy positions.
  12. I played Dogs of War mission, wasted four hours for nothing, because now my last save is broken. Game crashed during reload of last save, and after that nada, nista, nothing. And every time I try to continue this mission it does it again. But what about other saves, other slots that were are use, how can I load them instead last save that is apparently broken? I just wanna finish this mission and campaign. My first attempt was when I bought the game, it had many bugs then, and this time campaign had less bugs and still... no luck.
  13. I said goodbye to my good old E8400, and have bought i5-750. Definite improvement. I use editor to make quick missions in Chernagorsk as a benchmark, and before upgrade i had 20 fps or even lower, now it's 30-40, and that's lowest it gets in any scenario so far. I have gtx 275 and 4GB ram, so basically all I need now is SSD.
  14. mali robot

    Did Anyone Buy Arma 2 From Nexway?

    I bought my copy via Nexway, in July. Had no problems, but I was not aware that it is limited to 3 installs (ok, 3 different PC's, but is my PC different if I change some of my hardware, philosophy!?). I just installed it for the 2nd time, because of this I hope there will be no need to install it again. Boxed copy isn't avaible in my country.
  15. mali robot

    Arma 2 on windows 7

    There is a test of gaming performance of win 7 vs. vista. vs xp here (check other pages of the test too): http://www.firingsquad.com/hardware/windows_7_gaming/page3.asp It seems that Arma 2 is the only game which runs worse on win 7 than on XP. Between those two OS, in other games performance is usually equal.
  16. Thanx, but you misunderstood what the problem was. Reverting the mission means starting it all over again, I just wanted to continue from earlier save point inside mission which cannot be accessed via campaign menu. That means I have to click resume button which loads last save, and only after that I can access other saves of particular mission by pressing escape, selecting revert, and so on... Anyway, problem was that last save was corrupt, so I couldn't load any save of Dogs of War mission at all. And so I had to manually delete corrupted file from folder where saves are located to able to continue mission.
  17. I did it, I have found folder where Arma 2 saves are, deleted last save, but also had to delete one more file, I think it was campaign.sqc, and after that i could load older save. It was that easy. Yeah, I continued to play Dogs of War mission and finally completed it!
  18. mali robot

    What Mouse For ArmA2?

    Does it really make any difference? For OFP and Arma my good old cheap Genius mouse was as good as this 40 eur Revoltec. In other games, where pace is quicker, yes, there is some difference.
  19. mali robot

    Eagle Wing (Spoiler alert!)

    Oh, I missed to see that part, was in a hurry.
  20. mali robot

    1.05 Benchmark Mission Results

    Test 1: 33 Test 2: 16 E8400 GTX 275 4 gb ram XP SP 3 ...and a lot of programs running in the background (old video drivers, hd not defragmented). i think that my framerate is better during normal play, can't remeber that game was unplayible, except in big cities, but beta patches improved that (haven't tried with 1.05, it shoudn't change?).
  21. mali robot

    Eagle Wing (Spoiler alert!)

    In the last mission, I wonder: Sequel to this capmaign would be fine. I imagine: EW has great atmosphere, I liked visuals, music was awesome and appropriate for a setting! Yes, it reminded me of Stalker, but I didn't expect pseudo-dogs to appear and yet atmosphere was spooky.
  22. mali robot

    Namalsk crisis

    Nice, I would like to see some SF content in Arma 2, so, I look forward to this campaign.
  23. mali robot

    Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis under Win 7?

    Thanks, really good news!
  24. mali robot

    Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis under Win 7?

    Well, I'm also curious will it work under Win 7, 64-bit. Maybe bumping the topic shall provide us with answers?