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  1. Somehow i missed the newest CWR2 demo release (blame bf3 :j:) and i just discovered that absolute amazing Saint Adams map. Really awsome job on that, same quality and attention to detail as in IronFront maps, and since IF is dead (was it even alive?), i will love to use this map instead. Thanx for this masterpiece :pc: Will be a challenge to squeeze out the last FPS for good CQB action, but low viewdistance and some DAC zones should do the job :D When playing my alltime-favorite mission "Bomberman" on Winter Kolgujev i noticed that all Winter units (Opfor and Bluefor) have ATs on their backs (just visual - u cant use them), i checked again in editor, Woodland units r fine. Sorry if it was reported already, i didnt read all pages
  2. MP server list is again empty with this beta, without beta no problemo
  3. Min players: 1 Full servers: hide passworded servers: hide rest: default setting and i still hope for a new filter to be able to hide servers with red dot :)
  4. with this beta i cant find ANY servers, is it just me?
  5. runforrest

    Advanced editor modules

    Excellent stuff! Thank u :) BIS we need this! :)
  6. i also DONT see worse switching on vegetation, but vehicles obviously have lower Details
  7. runforrest

    2 Bluescreens since Patch 1.62

    wow that was qick reply, will do thx
  8. as title says, i had now 2 Bluescreens since installing the patch, i didnt have that for looong time 1 in Singleplayer, Default 2nd Szenario from ArmA2: Eye for an Eye 1 in MP selfhosted mission, nothing fancy, small coop mission in both situations when crash happened, there wasnt much going on, or much calculation in background, however i had my compilation of addons running Patch gives me a bit more FPS in benchmarks and everyhting feels a bit more fluent, so theres no indication for problems, and i already played for some time without any problems is there a log in Win7 somewhere, where i can see what happened? *nvm found it: Der Computer wurde nach einem schwerwiegenden Fehler neu gestartet. Der Fehlercode war: 0x00000050 (0xfffffffffdcf210c, 0x0000000000000000, 0xfffff96000135704, 0x0000000000000002). Ein volles Abbild wurde gespeichert in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Berichts-ID: 072512-9234-01. can this help?
  9. +1 AND option to not show servers with red dot in front (what do they mean anyway - wrong addons?)? PLEASE this is REALLY needed. Thank you and in general more info about the running games (what kind of respawn,needed addons for mission etc..) the addon line of server is often not long enough to show all addons
  10. what grafics driver do u use? if its a new one switch back to 296.10, in IronFront forums many had very low fps with newer driver, switched back and problem solved
  11. runforrest

    Non-Blinding Sun version 4

    thats what i was hoping for :)
  12. runforrest

    Non-Blinding Sun version 4

    hey, im using ur addons since first release i think , and that new 3rd person thingy looks just A M A Z I N G :) (looks a bit like what ive seen in bf3 videos) but imho the old lensflares (version from juli 2009 ?) from vehicles at night look better than the new one (would be nice if that old blue-ish effect would be as detailed and sharp as the new 3rd person effect. see comparison screens below p.s. ignore those stupid comments on armaholic ... idiots will just be idiots... *facepalm*
  13. The situation that i remember where it happened didnt have much AI (the whole mission doesnt have, however AI numbers are a bit random and controlled by DAC), and there was nothing special going on. Thats why i wrote "unusual". And alt tabbing in and out of game fixed it. If it was AI or mission related than it wouldnt have been like that. And other players would have noticed it too at the same time, and that wasnt the case
  14. In a few hours of playtime this night a had some strange/unusual fps drops in small coop missions (ca 8 players). Alt tabbing in and out fixed it. Im not sure if this is beta patch related, could be also other cause. I didnt have that in A2 CO the last weeks (i changed alot at my system the last weeks, thats why im not sure). I thought i write it down here just in case others might observe something similar. Regarding HDR/tone mapping. When changes were first made to this with the last betas, the darkening of the image at sundowns got worse. Now with the latest beta i think its back to default as like before the changes, so i still cant see any improvement in critical situations (dusk,dawn, lights +nv). One question: Is it possible to have server filters improved in 1.61? (or quite soonish :) ) Especially to NOT show dayz servers and to not show servers with red dot in front (what do they mean anyway - wrong addons?)? PLEASE this is REALLY needed. Thank you :)
  15. ha i like that, would be cool to have something like this more realistic (short crouch slide to front or evasive role to left and right (only without heavy equipment). this version here should fit well with the halo units :)
  16. runforrest

    Escape Chernarus (Mission Release)

    The mission is really a blast, thank u for this masterpiece However the start is a pain in the a.., 40 % of all starts fail because of desynced initialisation (sometimes the guard will just shoot all players right away - when using asr ai the start doesnt work at all, when we play this mission we disable asr ai) plus sometimes the walls of the prison are wrong aligned to the ground and the patrols see u right away, sometimes a bush is in the entrance or bushes are all around and u cant beat ai in such a situation especially when it is 1 gun vs 5 guns. It would be great to have a synchronized start among all clients (i know theres scripts around that do that but i have no idea who made it or what it is named) or maybe add an intro that takes 20-30 seconds so the init can run in background and all clients have a fluent start. Additionally in our group (most of the time we r just 3 or 4 players) we think that most of the time the MI is way to fast. To often its just seconds after the first shots and the MI is already there + a heavy or light armored tank joins the party after 1 minute :butbut: Other than that the mission really rocks, the start just needs a bit polishing :)
  17. Sorry to dig this out, but i have exactly the same problem now, as i just installed Win7 the first time. I remember i couldnt use cpbo when OA arrived and i got that *.reg file for Win XP to deregister pbo file associations. Just to be sure. When i search for "pbo" in registry i can find 2 things: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\.pbo\AppsTable\ArmA 2 OA and Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\.pbo\AppsTable\ArmA 2 Can i just delete those to folders inside the registry ArmA 2 OA and ArmA 2 ?
  18. compared to 1.60 at least thats my very strong impression
  19. oops forgot that info in my sig, fixed now jea i read that but that isnt my problem. i also have this when i change from editor map to preview. so it happens any time but nor everytime.
  20. I had MAJOR fps drops (9fps max) at mission start of the coop mission where u have to take out the kingtiger(coop8). The same happened in the ambush mission(coop6) when i opened the map and closed it. Than when i open map again FPS rise back to normal (ca45fps), when i close map, again just 9FPS. ALT-TAB to desktop and back into game returend FPS back to normal. Does anybody else experience this? I never had anything like this before in the ArmAseries. Check my sig for settings, i use the same in IF44. i should add the map fps drop now happened 4 times. 3 times i was connected to hosted(no dedi) coop game. and just a few minutes ago i was on pvp *FK* test server (dedi) , when i used the parajump feature and clicked on the map, again fps drop when i closed the map. alt tab fixed it
  21. i noticed rapid LOD switching on a few bushes on chernarus, like the bush was changing position a bit 2 times a second really? wow, i thought i would never see the day where this gets fixed (5 years now since arma1 release? lol)
  22. im a bit surprised i couldnt find the suggestion yet (maybe i overread it): i would love to see an animation when a soldier is taking aim and is looking through a scope, other optics or just ironsight. theres a difference between just looking around with the gun ready or taking aim and focusing on a shot and it would be great to get a visual response to that action .
  23. sorry, silly me didnt reread the first page :rolleyes: strange that i couldnt see light at selhosted game on takistan, im gonna recheck that