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    co6@ =RTY=Narco Wars

    More Narco Wars? Hell yea! Keep em coming! :bounce3: Let me know if its alright for u if i post a link here to the reworked versions, ill post it then, when the missions r finished. Btw heres a few screenshots
  2. runforrest

    [Mvdd] EODmydog [Module]

    This looks really interesting, should be cool with EOD mod To bad i cant watch the video here in germany, youtube blocks it because of GEMA < :mad:
  3. runforrest

    co6@ =RTY=Narco Wars

    Excellent missions, however we are adopting/remaking them to suit our playstyle (no respawn, other loudout etc...), i dont know if i can really give feedback about that, because what we change is a matter of taste i guess. What we like is the overall setting, background, atmosphere,voice acting... u can clearly see this is made by an experienced missionbuilder
  4. Jea exploding chutes... we had that alot (without cwr) and we could never figure out what caused it (we had strong impression blastcore caused it but couldnt repro it) Bomberman also is my all-time-favorite since OFP. I made a small Video with ACE, ASR AI, TPWCAS, Blastcore, tons of other addons: post 10 (i have no youtube account so u have to download it manually)
  5. runforrest

    JTD Hide

    Thanks for the insight information :) If i understand that right what u wrote there, i think u shouldnt go to much into detail there. It should be enough to have just some general leaves,straws,gras,branches in no-matter-what-colour attached to the player armor. Even the default ghillie suit just comes in 2 colours and i think the green one is really enough in all situations
  6. Jea imagine u play DayZ, come back to ArmA and old Chernarus is boring like hell... on the other hand, Cherno and Elektro are still unplayable in empty Editor (3.5 years after release of ArmA 2 and 2 hardware upgrades on my end), i dont dare to think about how DayZ Standalone performs when almost all buildings will be enterable. And i hope to see some improvements on grass clutter... theres GDT plants addons that removes the "popping up" of gras in front of the player, it looks WAY better
  7. runforrest

    PvPscene Tweaks

    That was way easier than expected, thanks :)
  8. runforrest

    Real Damage for Arma 2

    This is getting better and better! I see another gameplay changing revolution coming with this (we had alot of these in the last year in the armaverse, didnt we?). The end of your new demonstration video made me feel very ... well... kind of uncomfortable, i was like "holysh.. that hurts... what a cruel death", i never had that feeling in a virtual death scene...(maybe RedOrchestra 2 was also able to deliver that atmosphere of war-is-cruel) Well done! :) Regarding scipt or addon version - both at the same time would be best, because sometimes u need very easy and quick implemantation(many missions - like Dar said) and sometimes its better to just build it right away into the mission. Thanks for ur work and good luck with whatever u try to do in the future. Lets hope its another genius solution for other basic problems in ArmA ;)
  9. runforrest

    JTD Hide

    hi im using ur addon for quite some time now (imho with ASR AI its a must) and i got some ideas, that maybe could improve it a little bit more/ make it more realistic. Would it be possible/reasonable to have the hide function only when the player is on grass or/and with small objects/rocks around? This would make the function more realistic, because it shouldnt be possilbe to hide on plain ground with nothing around (simply because theres nothing around that could help u to conceal urself) And as others already mentioned the unit should maybe be something like a special forces soldier/sniper(without ghillie) (sniper with ghillie suit should have it no matter what) to simulate that the unit is trained in hiding and using the environment to its advantage. Maybe it also makes sense to also change the knowsabout value instead of using only an invisible donut shaped object? The best would be, to have a visual feedback how well hidden ur charakter is. Something like an improvised ghillie suit(if it is not already wearing one), that slowly is created on top of the player model (more and more branches,leaves,straws attached to the player model the longer the player is able to hide - and this goes along either with the knows about value that drops over time or with the rising/dropping of the invisble donut shaped object) Thats just ideas, this addon is already really helpful, thank u :)
  10. runforrest

    PvPscene Tweaks

    hi Im using HiddenActionsAvailableViaKeyShortcuts together with ACE. Problem is ACE doesnt allow getting out of vehicles by keypress. Is there a way to fix that?
  11. runforrest

    Welcome back Ivan & Martin!

    Thats quite lucky under the circumstances. Congrats! :) I hope the horrors have an end now for u guys. Strange world we are livin in...
  12. This Mod has become a default addon for us, we use it almost at a daily basis, and we also already use it combined with ACE (for woundsystem and weaponresting mostly). I dont know if i posted here already, if yes, ill gladly reapeat myself. This is topnotch work, excellent quality, beautiful islands, nostalgica feeling and nice FPS on top of it. While building a new mission i noticed there is a CWR2 snow module in the editor but couldnt figure out how to use it. Is there any documentation on it?
  13. runforrest

    Subfolders for MPMissions folder

    Thanks for the link, dev-heaven is total mistery to me, i cant read that site at all, totaly confusing for users imho. Im very glad to see that this is being worked on
  14. I did a quick search regarding the topic but i couldnt find anything, although i think there must be alot others around that must have suggested this already. We really need subfolders for the MPMissions folder, it would make sorting of mpmissions so much easier. If there is any chance that this can be done, PLEASE add this as soon as possible, it would save ALOT of work. Thank u :)
  15. hi I noticed when updating ACE, CBA and beta patch are also updated. Is that really necessary? That would mean that everyone in my group is forced to update cba and beta very often(has also to use SU or PwS), or i have to revert my CBA and beta patch to older versions. So in the end its all or nothing or more work me?
  16. I just mean the medic supplies, that u can add in the profile editor at the bottom right! I doesnt matter what version of ACE u use, and its not even only connected to medic supplies. Just add some pistolmagazines,m203 grenades,flares and lets say 4 medic supplies. Start the game, lay something from the pistolslots on the ground (if it is overloaded there will be no free slot) and pick it up again - everything that is to much in the pistolslot will now be dropped on the ground around u. That is default inventory behaviour of all units/crates/vehicles at least since ArmA1 i believe. Try it! :) Thats why i think it would be very useful if it would be possible to have a counter in ur tool to see how much already is added to the pistolslot. I always have the problem that i have to much. And its very difficult to manage it. The medic stuff u add bottom right in ur tool exclusively goes into the pistolslot and maybe into the slot, that is displayed when wounds is active. Damn that is even complicated to explain :rolleyes:. I think i will make screenshots to explain u what i mean. It IS very complex, thats why it would be awsome to have an automatic solution in the tool, so the user of ur tool doesnt need to think about it all the time. I will get back to it if u want, and explain with screenshots. But i also understand very well when u say thats to much of a hassle and its not doable :) Sorry i wasnt precise enough there. Im asking for the backpack copy+paste because sometimes i need to change the backpack, and with that function i wouldnt need to repack it again item by item :)
  17. Cant quote that often enough, even if u just use this for singleplayer to play missions with differents loadouts,other weapon addons etc... this is so convenient. And as i already said with ACE this saves so much trouble at the weaponcrates. I want to make a few small remarks regarding ACE medic supplies Can u maybe add another category like medic stuff and seperate it from items? (very low priority - would just be a bit easier) More important would be to limit the amount of medic supplies u can add to units on the lower right. Since all the stuff u add there goes into the pistolslot of the unit, adding to much (more than 8, on some units like civilians only 4) would result in overloading the slot. Means as soon as u try to swap stuff from that slot from the ground or the backpack, everything to much in the pistolslot would be spilled on the ground. If u cant limit that automatically by default (i guess its quite hard to add that as it also must be put into consideration if there is autmatically added medic supplies with the preferences editor AND if there is the ACE modul build into the mission, that also automatically adds medic supplies to all units AND when the unit is a medic theres also by default supplies added (new dev version of ACE also is different there in comparison to stable 1.13). Maybe there should be a hint/tooltip that makes the user aware of it or/and u may even add a counter next to the pistolslots that shows how much slots are already used. Oh and another request (im greedy, am i? :D) it would be very very handy to be able to copy+paste the content of a backpack, since editing the backpack is the most timeconsuming part, at least for me :) (i have 20 profiles active just for ACE for all kind of roles with and without medicstuff) Thanks again for ur time and work, using this tool has become daily routine
  18. So it seems everything works like a charm, i really like the convient serverbrowsing, ACE update was smooth, only small issue was i had to remap all ACE keys again, my bindings didnt survive the update. Regarding custom folder structure, for me that is no problem, i prefer having control over everything that happens on my pc anyway. I havent tried yet how to join a server with my own addon collection, but i think i will stick to spirited machines ArmA launcher, i dont think i want to rearrange my addonsorting. This tool is a big step forward and should have been there from the start of ArmA2 from BIS itself imho, or even after release as small addon for low price. Keep up the good work, im sure this is the future of addon management, even for control freaks like me :)
  19. Hi, thanks for ur reply Now i see the problem I didnt have the window that ur screens shows, or i had but couldnt see it It shows up first (was very small- and overlapped by the other next opening window) and i clicked on register Than the other window comes up If u minimize that window the main PwS Window gets minimzed too, and i never noticed its there! After i registered i totaly forgot that there was another window before. I alwyas clicked on the Mods tab in the other window, so it was a (unfortunate) misunderstanding. Maybe u should look for that window thing, thats really confusing when u dont know it :) Regarding ACE I see nowhere a recommendation to use SU rather than PwS, i just rechecked If u follow my steps ahead and click the Download button for SU theres recommendation to use PwS instead of SU. Btw why does ACE recommend to use SU? What can go wrong when i use PwS? Of course now i want to use PwS since i already installed it. Additionally i want to keep the ACE 1.13 stable version installed, temporarily i will add "_stable" to the ACE folders names - would that work with PwS? Will PwS ignore those folders? I also have my own addon folder structure within my ArmA2 directory for best clarity (e.g. @GDT\Binoc, @GDT\Compass, @GDT\jav_fix or @Fixes\Landtex, @Fixes\sap_clutter etc...) Can PwS handle that? Afaik(maybe im wrong) SU installed mods to prenamed fixed foldernames. I cant manually install the ongoing development version, that i need to play on public servers (can i ?). Theres is no servers that use the stable version, or i cant find them because the ArmA miltiplayer browser doesnt really work very well as we all know... I apologize to rant about the social features, it was a wrong assumption by me that registration is needed to use PlaywithSIX, i didnt even know that the main tool and the "social" stuff is devided. Im very cautious with registration/account stuff. No one cares about customer/user privacy, companys try to get ur data no matter what... Thats a topic where i get mad fast, it wasnt directly aimed at u :) *edit oh and thats awsome news :bounce3:
  20. how do i install mods with PlaywithSIX??? I want to be able to play on public ACE servers So far i just installed ACE 1.13 stable manually (which is horrible as theres is x hotfixes - not ONE 1-file download for easy install- confusion for new users should be perfect,even experienced ArmA players struggle - i still dont know if everyone in our gaming group has the same,right hotfixed stable version) I always install mods manually since years (i have 150 active or so) and have no problems Now i am FORCED to use a "social"-network-idontgiveafuckaboutprivacy-idontgiveafuckaboutsecurity- tool to be able to play a community made mod on public servers. Ok great. Im not happy with it but i want to play so lets see how it works. I go to ACE Wiki (http://wiki.ace-mod.net/) I click on download I click on ongoing development i have to scroll down the whole document and at the very end it says Downloads, Updater DOWNLOAD very easy to find lol ok i click Download there it says: I install PlaywithSIX, i agree to whatever it takes (hello Steam, hello Origin,hello F.ckbook, hello ICQ... f...youall) So im logged in, click on mods... nothing Nowhere there is any sign,hint,whatever how i install/download/upgrade mods... really? Sry that im a bit pissed off atm. I know i have no right to demand anything. This is all hard work of many many people and im sure u try to do ur best, but getting ACE to work for public use is horrible. This is not userfriendly at all! And keep in mind i am an experienced ArmA user. P.S. I tried to post this in support section of PlaywithSIX I typed in "how to download mods" I used the first link that popped up as it was exactly what i was looking for (3month old) There some1 was asking the same thing Sickboy replied with something similar what i quoted above and a link The link was no help at all I wrote the reply that i am just posting here right now When i tried to send the reply it said i need to be logged in I WAS logged in and i tried to send the reply at least 10 times no success! I hope this helps u to make thins (especially ACE) more userfriendly
  21. @desfocado and beckyolt Stop tweaking! (however the link from domukun above is worth a look and very helpful) I did it for years, just to realize it doesnt effect much, or at least i didnt get what i expected. The problems u describe have nothing to do with ur hardware its ArmA, the engine is not build for missions like that. Wasteland is total bs, objects everyhere on the whole map, that can NEVER EVER run very good (30fps+). Every object or unit present on the map eats fps, even if u dont see it and u are far away from it. Plus u have a very high player count on most wasteland servers. U willl notice, less players = abit more FPS. Its the same with missions like warfare, the engine simply cant handle it. To have fluent gameplay at that scale u need missionbuilders and serverowners with LOTS of experience and knowledge. And u need the best PC u can get at this date as client AND server. ArmA can run very good and look very good but only in very narrow boundaries. Lower ur expectations in regards to large scale missions!
  22. runforrest

    Arma keeps dropping my Internet!

    is that by any chance connected to DayZ Commander? its a known problem...
  23. runforrest

    Real Damage for Arma 2

    Hmm that depends and is a matter of taste. Many players on one server doesnt automatically mean good teamplay or good gameplay. If u have many players in one server it means u need very structured way of playing, and a command structure. Not all players like that. Plus in a small group u get to know each other better and is more family/friend like atmosphere, at least the chance that it is like that is higher in a smaller group. With 10/15 players + u need to devide the team in smaller groups anyway, most convenient way to achieve that would be ACRE, and with many players ACRE almost is a MUST. But ACRE still has its flaws and get it running in a bigger group can be troublesome (im just guessing here, i can just make conclusions from our experience with ACRE - but as troublesome it is we use it now everytime we play). So very true, quality of downloadable coop missions is horrible in most cases, i guess the good missions are always on closed servers/communities and are not published to the public (applies to me/my group i play with), in my case its because they are always WorkInProgress and i have the feeling they are not good enough for public release, mabye that feeling is wrong but jea... thats how i see it. For german guys there is www.armamdb.de but they focus reviews and ratings on SP missions and campaigns. Something like that would be really needed for MP missions. But i guess for most players/modders/missionbuilders ArmA already eats enough time and every group prefers focusing on the developement/bugfixing/improvement of own missions.
  24. hm my list doesnt look like that, maybe my LEA is so old( version 1.4 build 1.4.67 (2011 - 2012) that automatic search for update doesnt work properly, ill check that *edit ok after clicking some random buttons i think i have found what i was looking for sorry for the troubles, im blind :banghead: