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    Escape From Chernarus - HulaZone

    Hi this sounds very interesting, but 500 MB Addon pack for just 1 mission is a bit much imho. Not that i dont have/use a shitload of addons myself (200 in my ArmA Launcher -its kinda my own WarMod), but for a mission maybe it makes sense to concentrate on 2 big mods to be able create enough variation, maybe something like lingor units and ACE, or something like that. What would really help, if u can list the exact addons with links here, so we can see if we have some of them already (in my case its very likely i already have all of them- but i load them very controlled to prevent errors) Anyways, i cant wait to see this mission with lots of variation in the content, i really like that idea, thanks for ur work and sharing it with the pubic :)
  2. runforrest

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Hi I think i found bug, tested with 2 players on dedicated server. It seems the XM8 TWS SD misses the distant sd sounds. Within 30m distance sd sound is played, at longer ranges the non-sd sound is played. The XM8 SD Holo works correct. Anyways, again thanks for best sound mod out there :)
  3. Congrats Samael! Cant wait to see your next creations :) Stupid minecraft? Hmmmmmm watch this: :)
  4. runforrest

    Will Arma 3 replace Arma 2?

    Thats wrong, the game sometimes updates even when u disabled automatic updates, That even applys to a singleplayer game like Skyrim and that REALLY PISSES me off. If STEAM would at least ask me if i want to update, just ONE FUCKING SIMPLE QUESTION, noo they wont ask, and if something goes wrong...(mods not compatible etc... in Skyrim thats a nightmare because when u remove mods from ur compilation u will most likely brake ur game and have to start a new character) like for me with ArmA3 Alpha, the recent Update wont finish, always aborts in middle of download, so solution would be to delete all files and download everything again... i really regret supporting steam by buying ArmA3 Alpha, but i knew it before so i can only blame myself
  5. runforrest

    Discussion on mission filename format

    I already thought about creating a thread like this, for ArmA 2 i couldnt find one like this. Addition should be filenames only in lowercase (linuxserver compatibility) and the filename and internal name should be the same so its easier to search for missions. Best thing of course would be to have subfolders in mpmissions folder (CIT says devs work on it...) and loadingscreens and small preview pictures in missionlist in mp like it already is in sp.
  6. runforrest

    Force Recon

    I just tried again to make a video about it and show u, but ur right its only the medic and the LMG guy with the ability.:butbut: To bad i was so excited about it :)
  7. runforrest

    Force Recon

    As i said, somehow the base USMC units from Binkowski used with this replacement (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=15447) can use backpacks and the backpacks are also displayed on the backs. I have no idea how that stuff works, i just thought i come here and ask as it shouldnt be that hard to have that funcionality also with the replacement of the usmc_fr units :)
  8. runforrest

    Force Recon

    Armaholic links here from the replacement file, the replacement is linked in the first post and CptDavo is reading here so i thought it should be the right place to ask :)
  9. runforrest

    Force Recon

    Hi, these are awsome units, thank u :bounce3: I also tried ur other usmc units as replacement for the vanilla units and those can even use backpacks. The replaced units here (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18727) cant use backpacks. Can that be fixed? The overall better visuals are one thing but for me improved funcionality is even more important. Being able to use backpacks with these untis would be awsome. Thanks again for this, stuff like this will keep ArmA2 interesting for longer time:)
  10. Its gamespy, and no alternative or even a word from BIS.... no more mp browser just like that from one day to the other... makes me really want to get ArmA 3... *edit 1 day later Hmmm today it works again... soo whats that rumors about gamespy?
  11. Hi we just played on the server, we think the mod has great potential. Question regarding the sounds, can u list the sounds that u modified, so we can load along the favorite soundmod of our choice? (jsrs is very modular)
  12. @Wolle and and the rest of the CWR2 team all what can be said has been said, this is an outstanding mod, the time, work, dedication, sweat and love put into this really shows off and if the mod wasnt there, there would be really something missing here. Im not surprised about the decision to not continue the project with ArmA3, i AM actually surprised that u seem to have thought about in the first place :) I mean ArmA3 and CWR, common that wouldnt fit :) Im sure we will at least have 2 more years fun with ArmA 2, maybe more. Maybe ArmA 2 is the real last part of the series and we will play it for 10 more years like some did with OFP and maybe ArmA3 is the beginning of the end, and/or its the beginning of something completely new (good or bad) who knows. What i know is, this mod will be remembered for a long time and i guess most of the players that will, do not even write here. So in the names of those who are not here, THANKS for this masterpiece and the funtimes we already had, and for the funtimes that still lie ahead :)
  13. Awsome Addon! Ive been waiting for somehting like this for years, as many others i guess :). When i use the Addon version with Vanilla ArmA and take an AK from the "magic crate" that u inluded, and i equip the suppressor, after the waittime an error pops up: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons.ace_aks74_un'. When i click continue the AK disappears and my charakter switches to sidearm Someone else also having that? Or is it just me somehow?
  14. runforrest

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    @Bota:94 Thanks alot, that should do it :bounce3: @Topic Imho Wolle hits the nail on the head. Most of the games i have within Steam, i dont care about any more (maybe except Skyrim), most of them were short-funstuff, or it turned out it was lost money (BRINK - oh i would love to slap splashdamage for that pile of sh.., refund? No sir!) But with ArmA its different. I want FULL control over the ArmA that i bought, i dont want to be depended on anything. All that listed "pro points" for Steam, i never needed them in the past, i DONT need them right now, and i wont need them in the future! (Jea i know hard to believe for the facebook-sheople-crowd) I want a guarantee from Steam, that i will be able to play ArmA3 in 10 years, with whatever gameversion i will prefer, on my dedicated server or offline, with my chosen addons. I will be able to do that with ArmA2! Chances are high we wont be able to do that with ArmA 3 bound to Steam. Maybe there is no more Steam in 10 years - and dont anyone dare to tell me that is out of scope - lol. Everything is possible within the financial system on this planet, the elitist scumbags that developed and established it, had that in mind.
  15. runforrest

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    @nicolasroger jea, as u already said thats the old way to do it, but thanks anyway @BOTA:49 Thats what i am wondering about, how do i do a reinstall using the backup? (so i dont have to redownload all files again as they are already there) Steam doesnt recognize that i have files there
  16. runforrest

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Sorry for offtopic but as there is so many Steam-pros around here, theres a good chance that i hopefully can get this answered here quick and easy :) So can anyone of u be so kind to explain, how we can have different steamgames in different harddrives/folders? I know that under Steam>settings>downloads+cloud at bottom i can add new steam-library-folders. Ok, so far so good. I have moved (cut out) some of my Steamgames from C:\STEAM\SteamApps\common (need HDspace)to a backup folder at D:\Steam Backup\STEAM\SteamApps\common I created a new steam-library-folder at D:\Steam Backup\STEAM Problem is, that the games, that are located at D:\Steam Backup\STEAM\SteamApps\common still show "Storage Occupancy: xxxxx MB on Drive C:" (when i rightclick the game in the steamlibrary and click properties>local files) When i try to start that games, i get: "Steam Error The game can not be started (missing programmefile)" (i translated this from german to english - so i dont know what it exactly says in english) Any idea what im doing wrong? Thanks in advance
  17. runforrest

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Is there a "ArmA3 + Steam? NO THANKS" group here in the forums? If not, would it be legit to have one?
  18. runforrest

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Steam + ArmA? NO THANKS ! But on the other hand theres 2 years ahead until the game will be really playable, much can change in that time, so we will see...
  19. runforrest

    Daylight RP [coming soon]

    This looks very interesting, i never played a RP mod before, but im sure i will try this. Finally a big mission with focus on performance, u dont see that often in ArmA. What u said so far let me think that u wont add ACRE right? However i must say that ACRE is the a very good addon for immersion,roleplay and also interesting for pvp gameplay as u can take radios from enemys and intercept their communication. And it would take away, what i never liked in RP mods: typing ur a.. off in the chat :)
  20. runforrest

    SP: Steal the car - SiC Edition

    Nice mission, im also a big fan of the mission since OFP and made myself alot of remakes and remakes of remakes (for me and coop). I like those new deathsounds that u added, will be interesting to see how u made that :) Since there is so much "Steal the Car" missions, i would suggest that anyone who builds a remake names the mission like "Steal the red Lada", "Steal the HMWEE", "Steal the truck" or something like that, so theres is not so much confusion about the different versions :)
  21. runforrest

    co6@ =RTY=Narco Wars

    Nah sorry i dont think so, first im not the one reworking them, all work is done by Spiderman, maybe i will just add a bit here and there, and right now we are doing the opposite and reworking all our missions from vanilla to ace. If it would be a mission from myself that wouldnt be much of a problem, because first i would build it for vanilla and add ACE later in a second version. But with a mission from someone else, that is already based on ACE that is to much of a hassle for me.
  22. runforrest

    ASR AI Skills

    Thanks for the tip! I have a few more details in my mind about that (i only want civs to be hostile in the local area not on the whole map). I dont know when i will have enough time to work on that, but if i do anytime ill pm u :)
  23. runforrest

    ASR AI Skills

    Jea but i want the Civs to attack the players, setting them to hostile should work i guess ( THIS setFriend [west,0.1] ), how i do that with Civs spawned by the Civilian module is another question though. But dont let us to go far offtopic here :)
  24. runforrest

    ASR AI Skills

    hi can the the civilian rearming feature be changed during a running mission? If yes that would be finally the ultimate solution to have civilians fighting back in any mission where the players caused civilian casualties. I thought about that since the release of ArmA 2