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  1. hey the performance in the new version got alot better, thank u :ok: but imho u made the island less interesting by flaten all the hills and making the valleys less deep. in the previous version the terrain was very cool to use with infantry combat, now the island got boring and has nothing special any more. on the old version i already thought about making a mission ww1 like with fences and mg bunkers on all that small hills, artillery raining down, flares in the dark dusty skies, u r that scared grunt in that muddy whole screaming " GRENAA..." "BAMMM"... :D now that vision is gone.. :( but hey thats just my 2 cents and mabye just my special taste, i wonder what others think about that.
  2. runforrest

    Bis attention: 1.05 list of problems!

    because of this: * Automatic launching of user made addons via "pbo" file association with the game cpbo doesnt work any more ( rightclick on pbo > extract or rightclick on folder > create pbo) so how can we open pbo files now? *edit ah nevermind, i just saw this: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=92290
  3. thanks for the great mod ACE team :bounce3: 1 question, is it possible to disable or lower the fiiiiiep sounds when explosion r to close etc... ? that sound kills my real ears and i dont wanna get deaf from a game. @DeclaredEvol caa1 works fine for me, just missions from arma1 campaign seem not to work
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    Namalsk island, v1.10

    Wow this is just amazing what u have done there, great atmosphere, beautiful island. thank u :notworthy: i always dreamed of a stalker mod for arma, i hope u can complete this mod and make ur own dream come true. i also hope u find some from other modders... this could become one of the greatest mods ever, the island already is top notch
  5. thanks for the hard work cwr mod team , ive been waiting long for this mod i put it on our server, seem to work fine is there some existing coop missions for cwr? would be cool to have that on the first post
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    @Goopeh what problems do u have? just copy the mission in the arma2/mpmissions folder on the server and it should work (im still not sure about the SOM module support stuff if it works 100% on a dedicated server) @cri74 you r welcome :) i will add norrins revive soon, i hope the revive stuff runs more stable than
  7. hey there. this is my first mission release. i already build a few, but not for public. simple mission. 8 player coop. Kill all enemies in the area and get back to the camp. the team starts east from Kozlovka in a small camp near Nadezhdino. build for coop but also suitable for singleplayer, however it will we be damn hard than. -grouprespawn (respawn on alive AI slots in same group) -Cooper should be a player, not AI -Cooper can call for 1 artillery support, radio 0-0-1 and than 0-8 -Cooper can call for 1 supply drop, radio 0-0-2 and than 0-8 game logics used: >modules: -civlians -first aid simulation -first aid action -drag wounded -secondary operation missions(SOM), only the artillery and supply drop parts are activated -retreat -animals -weather the mission has a short briefing, working tasks, markers etc... see ingame diary for more info. feel free to edit but if u do keep that in mind plz: if u edit the mission and release a new version of it plz remove the kusari intro data(pictures>designer.paa and ku_logo.jpg, sound> radio_loop_short.ogg) and add a new version number to the mission name and mabye ur clantag to prevent confusion (e.g. if original version is xxx_v06, name it xxx_v061[CT],xxx_v062[CT] etc...) thank u Have Fun :) Update Armaholic Download link (thx Big): http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=5905 optional download: download v07: http://www.loaditup.de/370112.html between the google adds it says >Datei aufrufen< rightclick on that and save to ur ArmA2/mpmissions folder and rename 370112.pbo to co08_attack_Kozlovka_v07.Chernarus.pbo v07 changes: merged the 2 squads, so now its 1 8-man group only 1 call for artillery support (radio 001 than 08) added 1 call for supply drop (radio 002 than 08) briefing and task fixes briefing should be also there after respawn now endtrigger should work now
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    VopSound 2.1

    depends :). in mp with a human gunner in a cobra with very high viewdistance or scoutunits, that can pinpoint the AA location, that maybe no problem. but in sp its impossible to take out an AA vehicle that engines are turned off, u will get shot down before u even notice that there is an AA vehicle at all. since there is no warning from incoming missiles and enemy radar lock on AND there r no countermeasures this "feature" makes flying impossible (at least for me). in mp also impossible with fast planes. how should i rightclick on a target when flying at high speed? maybe possible with trackIR, dunno i have none. i thought this is a soundmod - not a make-lock-on-more-real mod. well... ur mod ur choice, but i would be happy if u would remove that from the soundmod and make it a standalone addon for those who want that feature. no offense here :), i just wanted to point out that in my opinion this has a huge influence on gameplay. im sure theres different opinions about this topic and thats why it should be a chooseable option.
  9. runforrest

    VopSound 2.1

    i have similar problems like callaway, however i can use manual fire and i can manually lock on targets (rightclick) but i cant autolock on tanks (i tested bmp3,T72,tunguska vs Cobra,AV8B), and they r not red on radar, they r grey. without vop noproblemo. reproduceable here. btw i love ur sounmod, it was always my favorite in arma1. i hope u add the A10 sounds that someone mentioned here :)
  10. from the 3d editor thread: i asked myself something similar as i played the first szenario mission and other missions. they all have a yellow-brown touch, what looks really cool. no weather,daytime or month settings brought that effect in the editor, so i looked into the mission files. in the init.sqf u can find this: //heavy color correction "colorCorrections" ppEffectAdjust [1, 1.04, -0.004, [0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0], [1, 0.8, 0.6, 0.5], [0.199, 0.587, 0.114, 0.0]]; "colorCorrections" ppEffectCommit 0; "colorCorrections" ppEffectEnable true; //light film grain "filmGrain" ppEffectEnable true; "filmGrain" ppEffectAdjust [0.02, 1, 1, 0.1, 1, false]; "filmGrain" ppEffectCommit 0; maybe the 3d editor look might also be effected by this? does any1 have more info about the upper settings? what number has what kind of effect? since arma1 i wished there was a possibility to have a better looking NVG effect. looks like heavy color correction and light film grain is the solution to this :)
  11. runforrest

    Removeable Silencer

    i remember an ofp mission that had the feature with the silencer, it was damn awsome. i believe the name of the mission was black mamba, but im not sure. u played a 4 man sf team, that just landed at a jungle beach at tonali. and i remember that the designers wrote in the readme, that adding that feature to other missions or make it an addon was to complicated. *edit ha, man i have a good memory,i found it :D unfortunately the page where i found it is on german http://www.armamdb.de/phpkit/include.php?path=content/download.php&contentid=479&PHPKITSID=25b636e1e51c1eeac947c1a9a2dc956a
  12. hi there as some people requested this and i already had this kind-of-template done for myself, i polished it a little and well here it is 8 player coop, 2x 4 man teams if u wanna have random side missions than just remove this from the init line of the SOM module: this setVariable ["settings", [[], true, nil, nil, false]]; if u wann have the medic system of the basic BIS missions -place the first aid simulation module on the map and link it with the groupleader(s) -place the drag wounded module(dunno what its in english editor, in german its Verwundete in Sicherheit bringen= bring wounded into safety) on the map and link it with the groupleader(s) -change respawn="base" to respawn="group" in description.ext mission hints: -base respawn (at marker respawn_west) -all towns have support trucks and a medic vehicle -all airports have useable planes and choppers -Teamleader can call for artillery strikes, radio 0-0-1, than 0-8 and than use menus -Teamleader can call for airstrikes, radio 0-0-2, than 0-8 and than use menus -Teamleader can call for supply drops, radio 0-0-3, than 0-8 and than use menus -Teamleader can call for transport chopper, radio 0-0-4, than 0-8 and than use menus -no endtrigger Move to helicopter door and fire usage: 1. Get in the chopper once inside you should get an action that allows you to move to the left or right door 2. To aim: bring up the iron sights and hold the alt key to move your aim point around 3. Press "R" to reload 4 Press "INSERT" to move back to your seat - NB you will need to do this to disembark the chopper game logics used: >modules: -civlians -first aid action -ACM module on both groupleaders -secondary operation missions(SOM), only the artillery and supply drop parts are activated -retreat -animals -weather additional 3rd party scripts: -Urban Patrol Script V2.0.3 by Kronzky -Ammobox re-filler by ArMaTeC -Move to helicopter door and fire by norrin download v01: http://www.loaditup.de/370174.html between the google adds it says >Datei aufrufen< rightclick on that and save to ur ArmA2/mpmissions folder and rename 370174.pbo to co08_Visit_Chernarus_v01.Chernarus.pbo armaholic mirror: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=5969
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    Request for very simple random skirmishes

    put a little stuff together, look here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=74691 no UAV and high command, i havent tried it yet, but i guess i will soon :)
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    1.post updated v07 changes: merged the 2 squads, so now its one 8-man group only 1 call for artillery support (radio 001 than 08) added 1 call for supply drop (radio 002 than 08) briefing and task fixes briefing should be also there after respawn now endtrigger should work now i got the reply that the artillery support and supply drops of the SOM module dont work on a dedicated server, can some1 confirm this? can a mod delete the version number from the thread title? thx
  15. thx for the info how do i use that in a mission? 4 dead civilans = mission failed or hey much better the civilans run into their houses, get arms, and fight back :D that would be cool. i think thats not possible is it? but maybe a workaround, lets say guerillias come out of houses(spawn at the doors or spawn inside buildings if possible, so players can not see them just popping up out of nowhere) and fight the enemies (players). is that possible?
  16. what u wrote is a total mystery to me :o i have no idea of scripting, eventhandlers and stuff like that. thx anyway :) but i guess it wont take long until a script is available, as this is a very important thing to have in missions
  17. i opened a thread for this specific topic: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1305947#post1305947 im sure arma2 will be the ultimate game after a few patches. hell it already IS the best ive ever experienced in gaming concerns. im looking forward to new surprises like the hidden 3d editor. thank u BIS :) *edit nm silly me
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    illegal copys may degrade?

    no probs with noblur here. but i bought the game in a shop, no dl version
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    thx for reply ahw sorry my mistake, u have to rename the 367774.pbo to co08_attack_Kozlovka_v06.Chernarus.pbo. it wasnt showing up in ur mission list because the island definition in the filename was missing. updated 1.post
  20. hi i stumbled over this thread and i thought u might find this script interesting too (if u dont know it already): Random House Patrol Script by Tophe http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=936