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  1. South Sarani :D south west between estrella and... (forgot the name of the other village) there was already a mission like that on that place for arma1. with different sectors to clear and different teams. one team would jump from chopper behind the beach and got the task to clear the d30 camps overlooking the whole area... great mission... hmmm some time i should do a rework of that one for arma2.... :)
  2. hey we gave this a go yesterday and we really liked the atmosphere... battles all over the place :D just a quick unsorted review of things that pop into my head: we started with 3 players (self hosted game- AI disabled) and getting to the first base (airport) was quite hard, we were almost pinned down at the beach, 3 kamovs were cycling over us, inf everywhere. running along the water without cover > bad idea, and fighting outnumbered in woods vs the AI... everyone knows how that ends :butbut: after a few respawns finally we slipped through and we were surprised when we got help from friendly troops, really cool. but starting again and again at the beach is quite uncomfortable, an option to respawn at bases, that already have been conquered would be good (maybe also different start location for easier free-roam start). the revive-time-counter seemed way to short(should be 200 secs or so). more self heals (3?) the halo jump didnt work for any of us, we had the HALO in the action menu, but nothing happened activating it. same with the rest of the radio commands :confused: 2 publics on the server seem to had better luck and got TOW humwees as transport. a detailed description in briefing notes what purpose the radio commands have would be good. in general all info about the mission should be in the briefing and tasks with description and succeeded or failed status. we had no idea what we could do at the airbase, there was nothing but a bunker, default weapon crates with AKs, AI patroling. as i couldnt use the support stuff, i dont know if its limited or not, but i guess its not. my suggestion would be to limit it and add it in a way that makes sense (many ways and ideas how to do that) and doesnt make the mission to arcadish (or maybe thats just my taste). theres much things to be taken care about in this mission and needs to be edited...( the devil is in the detail :rolleyes:) but again all that little details are a matter of taste... so before i start telling u to add my/our taste of mission gameplay to UR mission i prefer editing the stuff myself :) to cut a long story short... our scripter wasnt with us yesterday so im not 100% sure if he likes the style of the mission, but i guess he would. so i would like to ask u if we may edit ur mission, because we have a framework for our missions with quite cool support stuff similar to the SOM module but it also works on dedi servers (SOM doesnt unfortunately- im still waiting for a fix of that from BIS) *edit after an other test on LAN modus halo worked fine another thing worth adding would be, that the loadout u had at time of death, would be saved
  3. hey sounds amazing what u have created here so, if i understand right, this cant be played on a dedicated server? do we have to host the game ourselfs? the mission is named co-36, how would someone be able to host a game for 36 players? im confused :o i already put this on our dedi server and first thing what i notice is that the time passes by like mad. 1 minute is 1 second, is there a setting somewhere to change that? because the fast moving clouds are looking really weird. im really looking forward to try this,it really sounds like this is the kind of mission i was always looking for since ofp times :) thank u for sharing ur work with us *edit now after writing this and switching back into the game the fast moving clouds r gone, hmmm and i was already ambushed and killed XD
  4. runforrest

    ASR Throwable Satchel

    I use GTD satchel since it was released (Arma1) and im really happy with an addon like that ( had a few very cool situations where the addon saved my ass :D), and i will surely also try this one. I dont know why many want that "ultra" realsim stuff. This is still a GAME and Arma has so much stuff that isnt realistic at all, and some of that is like that for a reason. Imho gameplay is much more important than realism. If we would "play" realistic missions, we would be hangin around in a mission for hours, weeks, month...., doing nothing, bored to death, and than when the action comes u would attack with sheer overpower all enemy positions very well known and revealed, who wants that? And when we talk about realism, i think its more realistic u would take out an enemy tank,very close to u, by any means necessary just to save ur life.... As some1 already said, if u dont like it - dont use it. No offense here... just my 2 cents. peace *edit @ Bushlurker - GDT satchel has "attach to" and works for arma2, and theres another satchel addon where u can even handle satchels planted by other players - *edit link was wrong* - *2nd Edit - i shouldnt write when im tired lol - name of the addon is NeoArmageddon's Satchels http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=11232
  5. runforrest

    I want to buy this game but..

    I bought ArmA2 and now OA standalone When u have ArmA2 installed the OA installer asks u by default if u want OA installed in that way, that u have Combined Operations as outcome. So no probs at all...
  6. runforrest

    NeoArmegddon's Satchel Replacement

    this is really an addon that should go into a patch. everything else i could say to this has already been said. only 1 more idea. theres an addon from gdt>http://www.gdt-server.net/ under downloads > ARMA II OA GDTMod-Addons > GDT Satchel. with that u can also throw ur satchel after u placed it on the ground. in some situations this already saved my running ass... :D other players cant see that u have thrown the satchel, i dont know if it can be seen if other players use the addon too. maybe this would be a nice addition to ur addon. anyway, nice addon and thx :)
  7. hi this addon or ur oa editor fix remove the teleport flags in evolution (Evo_Blue_V5_OA_GS.Takistan). i dunno what the server was running(co or oa standalone), im running co. when i dont load the pbos the flags are back again. anyway thx for the addon
  8. afaik the limiting factor is the server. when the server cant support enough power for the mission, u wont get more fps, no matter how good ur system is. this especially is in missions like domination,warfare and evolution etc... u can easily see that when u look straight up in the sky. in normal coop missions ur fps will go at least to 60 or more (depended or ur screen, 3d resolution and vsync on or off). in perforamnce consuming missions the fps will also be limited around aprox. 35 fps when u look in the sky...
  9. wonderful! actually i think that this version is already very nice, and looks sweet in arma2 (load these files from the cwr arma1 demo along with caa1/oac: cwr.pbo, cwr_abel.pbo, cwr_buildings.pbo, cwr_islands.pbo, cwr_misc.pbo, cwr_plants.pbo, cwr_roads.pbo, cwr_signs.pbo, data3d.pbo/ u can even take a mission.sqm from ofp and load it in arma2 editor, and theres a good chance it will rund without any modification) anyways im really looking forward to cwr2 thank u guys *thumbsup*
  10. nice addon, i think i will let it run on our server that should make missions more interesting thank u for sharing ur work
  11. i get the same with just cba or no addons at all
  12. im really looking forward to this :bounce3: hey BIS give this man a job :D
  13. runforrest

    [WIP] CO "Degeneration" Zombie Survival

    hi there if u need a dedicated server to test ur mission, just let me know. we would really love to play test ur mission. ace2 1.0 stable is installed at our server atm but i can update to 1.1 stable any time. i just wont update ace with rsync. caa1 is also no problem. more info about our server: click (most stuff is in german though) in arma2 mp filter u can find the server by filtering for -tob- (note the server runs with different addon configurations from time to time; ACE,NO-ACE,CAA1,UNDEAD mod, Vanilla + a few addons, and different combinations of that configurations) we have also a few missions with undead mod and ace2 in the pipe, but not release-ready yet
  14. runforrest

    The Undead Mod

    hmm the requirements for ur mission shouldnt be a problem we have a server running with ace stable release + caa1 ill have a chat with my buddys and let u know what they think of a lil zombie hunting :D if u dont know VFAI u should really try it. it enables AI to pickup ammo and weapons automatically. thats why im sceptical if it works with Charons great mod. i think i will test it the next days...
  15. runforrest

    The Undead Mod

    if theres already some missions out there for mp or sp, it would be cool to have them in first post, or a new thread in missions section of these forums just for zombie missions. oh and does any1 know if this works with VFAI?
  16. runforrest

    VFAI - AI Extension - ARMA II

    Im looking forward to the new version :bounce3: thanks again
  17. runforrest

    VFAI - AI Extension - ARMA II

    hey victor, thanks for this addon, i think we already used it in arma1 on our server and now of course its a must-have again. one question, might it be possible to add an option, that the AI drops pistols at once when they have one and that they dont pick up a new one? it happens so often in arma2 (already happened in arma1 vanilla too), that the AI gets stuck when they have pistols in there inventory. i dont know why and when this happens(maybe 1st aid module/revive related?). most times u can unstuck them by let them dropping ALL their weapons (when u just let them drop the pistol, they will drop it, but keep stuck in pistol-holding stance without having a pistol in the hand). i know this is not related to your addon, but problem is, that with ur addon the AI will keep on picking up pistols whenever they can and its just a matter of time until they get stuck again. so it would be great to have the option (in userconfig or so) that, at least the friendly AI drops pistols at once when they have one and that they dont pick up a new one.
  18. runforrest

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    thats true, but the green arrows on the right say increase priority and decrease priority, what should be the other way around :)
  19. runforrest

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    hey there as already said by others, this is really the best launcher so far. i tried alpine launcher before, but unfortunately it wasnt suitable for my needs. im addon addicted and i load as much fixes, additions and stuff as possible. that causes the problem to find the right loading order of the different addons and overall compatiblities. ur launcher finally really helps in organizing and profiling all that hundreds of addons. thank u but i think i`ve found a big mistake in ur launcher. afaik, from my understanding and my experience that i have so far with ofp,arma1 and arma2 addons, the priority/loading order of addons is the following: -mod=@mod1;@mod2;@mod3 in this case mod3 has the highest priority, mod1 the lowest means, if there is a config , e.g. for a weapon, in all that modfolders, mod3 would contain that config, that would overwrite the other configs this is how i handled it all the time and how it worked for me all the time. ur launcher does this vice versa, when i increase the priority of an addon in ur launcher it gets loaded first. im a little bit confused, as no one else seem to have noticed that :confused: if the mistake is on my side here, than i would be even more confused :eek: as i already mentioned, i always managed addons in the past that way
  20. wow, i knew some day someone would mod trains for arma2 but i didnt expected it a half year after release. thank u :pc: p.s. regarding the problem being able to move in a moving vehicle i believe i read something about that in the stargate mod forums. if i remember right they found a way that it is possible to walk inside a spaceshipe while it is flying. stargatemod-forum
  21. unchecking the box didnt work in the first place(wasnt saved), now it did somehow :confused: nvm, thx :) i was never happy with launchers in the past, but this thingy here looks really promising, testing now...
  22. runforrest

    Nome Winterisland

    hey the small hills and valleys are back :jump_clap: thank u i`ll let u know when i have a nice mission finished on the island, but i cant promise anything (to many unfinished missions and to many ideas for to many other nice islands :)) i already build one unfinished,unpolished, quite untested mission, but its nothing special : link. its also running on our server (filter for -TOB-), but since ur new release i havent tested it yet.
  23. i have the same problem, however i didnt tried to delete or remove all mods, i have LOTS of em (2183 files, 320 folders,11GB; nothing compared to ArmA1, there it was 30GB :eek:) thats why i finally need a launcher. reset didnt help neither. what can be the reason that the launcher restart over and over again? i really need that thingy because my desktop will explode from to many arma2 bat files :D