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  1. I love your work Laxemann (deine Mukke rockt auch alter, gibts von dem Introlied ma ne richtig lange version? Ich hab soundcloud schon gecheckt, gimme MOAR :D Wenns von dir ma n Album im Laden gibt - ich würds kaufen) but i wonder about 1 thing - why we have no indoor sounds with your soundmod, now that its finally by default in the game? It seems the enhanced soundscape is included in this and maybe its louder than the indoor sounds? If enhanced soundscape is now included it would be nice to have it as clientside pbo to be able to not load it - enhanced soundscape is really awsome but if it causes reverb that doesnt fit to indoor - thats not so cool. Additionally on my PC it cost me 7 FPS when 1 single MG is shooting (tested on dedi server with 2 players with the old standalone enhanced soundscape mod) which is a nogo when most times i run with ca 35 FPS max- not your problem i know - i just thought i let u know :) Anyways the mod rocks, playtesting in our coop group will happen after new year, cant wait for the sound experience :)
  2. Hi, does anyone know where virtual arsenal saves the loadouts on the harddrive? I want to edit them manually with notepad to get rid of taskforce radios that have written themselfs into the loadouts. Thanks in advance
  3. I have no clue, a m8 found that in another mission. I just know if i dont use that, when a player joins the mission after missionstart, all players will get the whole loadout again that was defined in the initfield of their unit via export from the arsenal.
  4. Thanks for the replys guys, should help me a bit. @Joe98 i already knew that but i thought there might be some faster/easier way to do it. You might add if (!local this) exitWith {}; before removeAllWeapons this; for JIP compatibility (if u dont do that u will get all that gear again as soon as a player joins the mission after missionstart - typical Bohemia-NOTactive FAIL to not have that by default)
  5. runforrest

    Grimes Simple Revive Script

    This is the only one true revive script i know so far, all others dont have the option for more than 1 death or have just unlimited lives - which doenst count as revive at all. I used norrins revive in ArmA2 alot so i see where this is coming from - this looks very promising, good job and thanks for creating this :). That said, this script has some gamebreakers in coop on dedicated server however: -When i was dead it told me to press C to show camera, did nothing for me and i couldnt control the camera at all - maybe because that key is already binded by me for other stuff? -I was a medic, dropped my medickit(grey), after that i couldnt revive anymore at all, although i had yellow firstaidkits. -I was revived and i had a clicking/working-loop sound after that stuck on me until the end of mission - other players could hear it too. -Dragging/carrying untis near doors/staircases other similar structures makes dragged/carried and dropped units disappear into ground - the missions is over for those players (this happens with ACE medic system as well btw so it seems it general ArmA problem) - this bug is a nogo - and as long as it can not be fixed i suggest disabling carrying/draging at all. -The "drop" entry in action menu disappears in houses, but when u look outside the house and have the crosshair above ground outside the drop entry appears and works (this doesnt happen wit ACE medic system so it seems its related to your script). -Executing "carry" in action menu triggers the "grabbing" animation on the dragged unit but no animation on the unit executing it. The player that executed the action can still move around freely while the animation is played on the downed unit. When the animation on the downed unit is complete, its body will teleported on the back of the carrier. When the carrier crouches the body of the carried unit will float in the air above the carrier. This is another nogo for me - id rather have no carry option at all (this works flawles with ACE medic system). -Executing the "carry" action with pistol in hand will make the carrier freeze. Changing to primary weapon in that state resolves the problem. Some additional suggestions: In our group immersion and atmosphere is the number one goal in missionbuilding (example: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?158813-Coop-Farmer-on-Proving-Grounds-by-LuzifR), thus we try to have as less hud/font as possible on the screen, as long as it also makes sense in conjunction with gameplay. So it would be nice to have some options to disable some hudstuff of ur script like: -the font when being unconscious (preferably it should just be a black screen with a small area where u can still see something) and/or -make spactating an option when being unconscious -end mission when all players are unconscious -remove font that says who revived me - it just disgusting clutter on the screen :) -let players scream when being unconscious and make them hearable also 100m away (norrins was way to short)(plz dont use norrins sounds - they r stupid^^ - i always replaced them with sounds from I44 mod - i didnt released those missions, so it was just for our personal use - i wasnt sure if it was allowed to use them, i found them in a community made I44 Domination mission - you might ask I44 team for your purpose) -task force radio is a standard mod for us - it would be nice if unconscious and dead players would be muted for other players (works with ACE medic system) I mentioned alot of ACE in there - and ACE seems to work best so far in that regard - but ACE (also in conjunction with RHS and DragonFyer) is still WIP and has its own pile problems and for now i would rather build missions without any addons, even if i lack some essential content than - but as i already wrote, your script is the only "true" revive out there with the option to have more than 1 life (ACE has that module too - but it doesnt seem to work). Anyways, thanks again, and i am/we are looking forward to a version with the most important showstopers fixed/removed :)
  6. Hey, does anyone know how to properly setup basic medical and revive moduels for ace? The ACE3 wiki about moduels doesnt help much. Most stuff seem to work but the most important features do not. For example i set "prevent isntant death" to yes, but still players just die, screams also dont work, and "max revive lives 3" also has no effect? How needs a mission to be setup to get that stuff working? What respawn type is needed? Thanks in a
  7. I also always used ur script in ArmA2 already - loveit :bounce3: Is there a way to make this work with AiA Terrainpack? It seems it doesnt work at all at Zargabad (might be related to the issues reported above - not sure im not a scripting guy)
  8. I just thought i give A3 another try and reinstalled after long time not touching it, i gotta say im quite impressed and happy with it. One issue though is, that vehicles are way to loud in vanilla and also with DragonFyre LITE, and i really wonder how anyone can play like that. I tried finding mods that fix this - no luck so far (i tried Digital Earplugs but the mod doesnt seem to work). Can anyone give me a hint if theres any mod that can fix that? Thanks in advance
  9. I think im experiencing the same. Im using ESDF and very customized controls since OFP, with Arma3 i have all kinds of problems with this control setup that i use for years now. One of it being when i use CTRL + mousemovement for freelook (or 2x CTRL for toggle freelook) in boats or helicopters, the default camera on boats will "roll" to the side and can not be changed unless disembark and get back in again. In helicopters the default camera doesnt roll but changes to a lower looking angle into the instruments which makes flying impossible. In tanks ESDF controls are not registered for movement, they are still WASD as default although setup otherwise. I had the rolling camera already over one year ago before i deinstalled Alpha3, there i also had it happening with cars, which is fixed now, so i hope the guys at Bohemia NOTactive get ACTIVE at last and fix this crap. This "game" is 2 years old now and its absolutely unacceptable that problems like this still exist. On the other hand im really surprised about the overall quality of the rest of the game - yes im not being ironic here - so im hoping this stuff wil get fixed soonish :D
  10. Thanks for ur work, really appreciated
  11. I really wonder what games have u been playing the last years when i see those expresssions towards the arma engine The games are perfect for making nice screenshots and videos, live ingame its a total different thing. HUUGE beautiful, empty islands without life, bad FPS while the CPU is bored running at 50%, often weird AI, LOD-popping of textures and models, laags, synchronization horror in MP regarding time,weather,tasks... Thats what u get with ArmA and especially with IronFront. The game that we want and see on that screenshots... its a dream... i followed that dream many years... countless months, weeks of editing... 3 hardware upgrades for ArmA 2 in 4 years... for what? ... It still doesnt work as it should (stable, fluent 35-40 FPS with reasonable amount of AI fighting in towns) WHY? Because BI doesnt want to focus on MP and performance optimization. I always thought they cant do it better or theres some restrictions... the developement of DayZ SA proves they can if they want... if it really works will have to be seen when DayZ SA is in final status in 1 or 2 years. BI has a jewel in their hands with the ArmA engine, if they just would focus on performance and MP... imo they could revolutionize the shooter genre - if done right no one would care about other shooters any more... but thats BI... for whatever reason they dont see that potential Sorry for going a bit OT here but those comments above really make me wonder...
  12. runforrest

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Hi Everytime when i change my profile name i lose my ACE key bindings (which sucks because i have to rebind everything as im using esdf layout), i thought the information is saved in ArmA2\userconfig\ACE\ace_keys.hpp but when i change keys that file is not touched. So where does ACE save the key binding information? (im running ACE Dev 1.14)
  13. runforrest

    CiA Petition Letter to BIS and DnA's Response

    Nice letter CiA guys, although i dont play much ArmA 3, i would have signed it. That u guys have to deal with so much braindamage in this topic is just... i dunno what to say... on the other hand, the world is ruled by morons so what do we expect uh?
  14. runforrest

    [SP] The Jackal

    If u cant do it the "normal" way (change date,daytime,overcast) maybe u can use colour corrections. It seems to work the same way as in ArmA2 (just did a quick test).
  15. runforrest

    [SP] The Jackal

    Excellent mission, the best i played so far. What i would love though would be if the night would be a bit brighter so we can play without nightvision (if possible=guards still limited in their view), maybe give the player the option to choose between different darkness levels? (the screenshot in ur post above looks like a good brightness setting - in my game thats alot darker). Oh and ur new missionidea sound awsome too, looking forward to it :) P.S. oh and thanks for releasing not only on workshop, good thing to be independent as possible
  16. Hi, when running a linux server with 1.62.102451, what beta patch is recommended for clients? and I dont have an arma2arrowhead directory, i have base ArmA2(non steam) and purchased Arrowhead standalone which asked at install if it should install as Combined Operations, what i agreed, thus my ArmA 2 Co looks like: ArmA2\Addons ArmA2\BattlEye(deleted for Linux install) ArmA2\Campaigns ArmA2\Common ArmA2\dll (deleted for Linux install) ArmA2\Dta ArmA2\mpmissions ArmA2\userconfig(+subdirectories) ArmA2\Expansion\Addons ArmA2\Expansion\BattlEye(deleted for Linux install) ArmA2\Expansion\beta(to be installed) ArmA2\Expansion\Dta ArmA2\Expansion\Keys So how would the above step 3. look like? Ok got it, just copied it into expansion. Just wanna say documentation on ArmA 2 Linux stuff is horrible, but whos surprised eh?
  17. Hi right now im in process of setting up a linux server. ACRE is a must have for us, but does it work with linux? As it is depended on jayarma2lib, this is using dlls> dlls dont work on linuxservers Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  18. runforrest

    Caribou Frontier

    Awsome terrain and trailer! Thanks for another jewel that will keep ArmA 2 alive.
  19. Amazing! Who wants to play lowFPS-noContent-ArmA III when u can have this. Makes waittime until ArmA III is in a good shape sweet as honey. Thanks to all invovled and also thanks to BIS supporting u guys with permissions.
  20. U need to find the code for the door. If u follow the "hotspots" and the story of the mission u will find it. I dont know if i should say more, i dont wanna spoil anything :)
  21. runforrest

    [Poll] What are you waiting ArmA 3 for?

    fixed that for u :)
  22. Neat addon but it should be info added that this addon will write itself into savegames, and makes those saves useless, even if the addon is loaded and not used in the mission!
  23. Wow this sounds amazing! Thanks to all involved in advance. Cant wait to use an overhauled Sahrani, maybe we can revive some old ArmA 1 missions and finally make good use of project racs :)