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  1. Hi guys

    I have been trying to download northstar for a few days now, wanted to try Lions of Kandahar.

    Ive tried all the links both armaholics and ArmA2Base.de and downloaded it few times from each

    Every time file is corrupt, I've been downloading and using arma addons for over 5 years and and use winrar everyday, this is the first time i have had this happen so i dont think this is my end

    here are the errors

    ons_core.pbo. The file is corrupt

    ons_infantry.pbo. The file is corrupt

    ons_misc.pbo. The file is corrupt

    even tried 7zip to extract the files as well still corrupt

    anyone else having this problem im really itching to try lions of kandahar but cant without this addon

    is it available on six updater ? far out all this for some missions, ah the joys of arma

  2. Hi,

    Anyone know if theres a way to change the view distance on chernarus to be locked at 4000m, at the moment you can see the ground textures to 10,000m which makes it unplayable.

    Ive tried Setviewdistance viewdistance but can always see the ground to 10,000 or even further.

    I just want it like arma 2 where you cant really see anything after 4000m, is there a way to do it?



  3. I am stupid for even buying a game that's has a 100 bug's in the first place ill say it again ffs i brought it because they didn't give us a proper F@cken release date and 2 to 3 month's later. I thought they will patch it over my bad

  4. Its 3am sorry for the spelling that's right its September and they have done nothing with the germen version I brought the germen version because they left us aussie guys out on a release date i though that by 104 it would changed but no

  5. BIS I've been a fan off your game's since OFP and because you left us Aussie player's without a release date I stupidly brought the Germen version BIG MISTAKE I should have learned from arma 1 come on guys make the Germen version into English if this is the way you treat your hardcore fan's this will be the last time ill buy your product's simple as

    A quote I live by that you should know ''those who forget history are doomed to repeat it''