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  1. As we've already seen a lot of Israeli weapons in the game, and as the Israelies are supporting FIA (or so it seems). it might be a nice idea to equip thr FIA faction with one of the heavier spike missiles, maybe a vehicle-mounted spike NLOS. Also, adding a TV/Radio guidence mechanic can be nice for this new weapon.
  2. jewish freak

    Ask us anything!

    Do you guys plan on releasing some mission editor templates for Raid, Link and Clash? Also, if anyone makes a good enough version of a given gamemode, any chance of it becoming official?
  3. jewish freak

    Argo editor tutorials ?

    It would have been nice if the developers released 3 mission templates, one for each game mode. Just to make it more accessible for mission makers to make their own versions of those modes. I want to make a link scenario, i do see the modules etc in the editor, but i'm lacking the experience or the documentation needed to really use them.
  4. jewish freak

    Unsung Vietnam War Mod

    you'd better redownload the file
  5. jewish freak

    WIP: stuff you are working on!

    Some new stuff from my end. Based on photos of US SF in afghanistan from 2001. #1. #2.
  6. jewish freak

    does beta patch 1.16 contain 1.15?

    You do need 1.15 before installing 1.16 beta
  7. Some of the units require Vilas's Russian pack, future releases will require the Israeli pack aswell.
  8. There are a few in the pack, some are good, some are not, no ACE support unfortunatly. they require the previous release though. to Raafatah64: It's unclear at the moment, since both me and Miles are extremely busy. most of the stuff is pretty much ready for a release, but we still need to iron out a few bugs and other issues.
  9. Hello guys, I'm glad to announce the release of our latest infantry pack. This version features: New: Covert Sayeret MATKAL units for ambigious operations behind enemy lines. Egoz units in ghillie suits. Added many handy tools: Throwable lightsticks, flashbangs, throwable laser and IR strobes for target marking, working smoke grenades, C4 breaching charges, deployable assault ladders. All very useful and affect gameplay in both SP andparticulary in MP Reworked: Weapons with authentic accesories (both factory and home made) *Note, you can switch between the Acog and the ironsight on the Negev now Completely reworked most units: Egoz, Palsar Golani, Sayeret MATKAL, Duvdevan, Snipers and many others. Mitznefet helmet cover replaced with a higher quality one, comes in many shapes and sizes. Fixed: Numorous bug fixes. Optimized for better performence. Download: http://www.idfsquad.com/downloads/milesteg/LoBo_IDFInfantry_4.0.rar Mirrors will be welcomed. Screenshots: http://www.idfsquad.com/downloads/milesteg/CMATKAL4.jpg
  10. Hello, a few new photos of our upgraded Sayeret MATKAL units. Sayeret MATKAL fighters take positions outside the compound of Mohammad El-Zarkawii, a known terrorist figure in the west bank. Sayeret MATKAL setting up a C4 charge in order to breach the compound. Another Sayeret MATKAL force prepares to quickly eliminate the terrorists present outside the compound. Sayeret MATKAL quickly breaches the compound. After a quick firefight inside the building, Sayeret MATKAL extracts Mohammad El-Zarkawii outside of his compound.
  11. jewish freak

    Flying Carpet

    haha! very nice and very creative also, nice job! Probably the ultimate tool for SF raids
  12. jewish freak

    Night vision for scopes release

    Uhm..interesting question, it might (even should) work, i'll try it out in a moment
  13. Hello everyone, Here's a PBO version which replaces the defult BIS scopes with a night vision version. while the effect isnt great, and doesnt compare with BIS's NVGs, it's still nice to have. I hope someone will eventually develop a proper night vision scope model, anyway, feel free to rip this PBO open and modify it for your own needs, just credit the LoBo team if you will release something. This PBO will replace the current sight textures on the SPR and the M-24 with the NV version. Here's a video demonstration: And the PBO itself: http://www.idfsquad.com/downloads/milesteg/NVSight_PBO.rar Best of wishes. Jewish Freak of the Lost Brothers team
  14. jewish freak

    Night vision for sights proof of concept

    Yes it is, i also has a RVMAT similar to the one used on BIS's muzzle flashes which is responsible for the "light" the scope illuminates.