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  1. Just did a quick test:


    -Tested the Apache as player Pilot. Radar works and radar missiles are guided. I was not able to make the laser missiles track. But this was before I tried what I describe below:


    -Found out as player pilot in Wildcat with Hellfires, that if you select Laser Designator and "fire it", via the gunner (Ctrl+LMB) then select the Hellfires and make the gunner target something in the command list, the laser actually follows the gunners sight as it is supposed to. If you then press the Target key the usual white diamond appears and will (with some luck) be centered over whatever you want to shoot. Interestingly the option "Laser Target" appears in the menu, but if you choose that you just freeze the laser in place and then the missile guides to whatever the helicopter is pointing at. It's a bit wonky with the AI, and not entirely predictable, but I must say that it actually works. So this might also work for the Apache.


    -Because I'm building a mission with AI support helis I tested a pure AI helicopter, and it won't engage with missiles. It's maybe too complicated for them to use the laser guided missiles. Actually a Wildcat did manage to fire a single, untracking missile, and the proceeded directly on top of the intended target.


    So the systems actually work, 100% if you're two players on a heli or player as gunner. Player as pilot and AI gunner is wonky, but could actually be used (engine issues), and fully AI heli is not working...


    Anyways, keep up the great work!

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  2. Hi Evrik.


    Sorry for the late response, I have been unable to test since I'm not near my computer but I seem to remember that the radar was not working actually. I thought it was intentional, as all the helicopters except the Apache don't have radar. But Arma is made to have that in order to allow for missile lock and guidance, so maybe that might be culprit? I'm not sure about the Longbow though, just tested it quick some days ago and couldn't get the AI gunner to lock, and also not a AI gunner+driver (didn't engange with missiles). 


    Sorry I can't be more specific at the time. When I get the time I'll try to look into it.

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  3. Thanks for the reply.


    The specific case I was having is when player is pilot and AI gunner. Then I can't seem to make the missiles lock, eg. pressing the 'target' key or selecting a target via the command menu. Even if you "fire" the laser designator first. This problem I have both with and without ACE. I have tested with all AI controlled Apache, and they never fired any missiles, but rather engaged with the autocannon.


    I am using the latest stable build and no other mods apart from unit mods, Dragonfyre and some islands. Hmm...

  4. Wow I've not heard them do the 000 thing in several updates. I'll look into next opportunity I get. As to Pistols thats Bis. ;) Seen it too freaked me it till I disabled FOA and they still did it.

    Just for confirmation I did use the latest FOA update :) Used in conjunction with the FOA module, auto inititation parameter set to 0.

  5. I get a lot of "... move to grid 000000". Playing on Altis, no other mods and latest stable branch. I don't think it matters too much, as AI always later makes a "group move to" command, but it seems weird.

    I also sometimes see guys with their pistols instead of the main armament, even though I know they have plenty of ammo. And this is not snipers, but riflemen. I think I've seen this in vanilla and/or with other mods as well, so probably not an issue with FOA ;-)

    Great work!

  6. Nice! I have only played around shortly, amongst others with some of the showcase missions and editor, but it seems great. I really like the extended firefights. May be it's due to the fact that AI prone alot, and maybe stay stationary (conflicts with AGM) but the fights are long and intense. Feels more realistic, and seems as if units try to protect themselves and charge which would be natural when under fire.

    Keep up the good work ;-)

  7. arma2 sky stayed the same for years so i thought its not that much of a step backwards, though it wouldoffcourse be preferable if the texture could change more, but its also a littlebit a thing of selective perception and i hope the 3d clouds add enough dynamic changes to the scene. arma3 lighting and weather is generally WIP and afaik vanilla a3 will receive some more updates so if they come up with a better solution its allways possible to switch to it or recombine.

    I just wanted to tune in and say that I really enjoy the higher clouds. They make the AiA maps stand out and In comparison I find the Arma 3 maps almost boring without the much beloved new clouds :)

    I think DayZ has added something similar as well and its gorgeous. They are not altocumulus clouds, but cirrus clouds of some kind and fit perfectly with most weather situations...

  8. @malkekoen

    i found why AI is set to Aware mode. It seems that before the update the AI was on Safe or Careless mode by default. UPSMON always set the default behaviour, i mess with some variable so for the moment "SAFE" parameter doesn't work. You can rectify by adding in the leader's init before the UPSMON init line: this setbehaviour "SAFE";


    That works fine for unit lowering their weapons, but they still always move in coloumn formation, before enemy contact. Any chance to let move in different formations?

    I also noticed that aircraft flyinheight does not work. Guess it is overriden by UPSMON's "KRON_UPS_flyInHeight = 70;". I guess the only way to change the flying height then would be to change this, and then it's global for all UPSMON controlled aerial vehicles?

  9. @malkekoen

    it seems the problem was present in the dev version, I don't update Arma3 with the last stable version (crappy connection).

    Yes it was indeed a problem in the dev, but also now in the stable branch (newly updated) unfortunetly. I saw another thing, an enemy UAV was flying overhead a group (I was not the leader) and the group creates Seek and Destroy waypoints in the air. It seems a bit strange, maybe it would be possible to make sure that all ground unit waypoints are on the surface?

  10. Hi thanks for the update, great!

    There is still one problem I immediatly notice, I think it was mentioned earlier:

    When giving a group eg. "nul=[this,"area0","nowp"] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf"; and an initiating waypoint (a way I like to build missions, then let UPSMON take over upon contact), the group moves slow with weapons raised and always in coloumn formation, no matter what is specified in the waypoint. Is this intentional? It didn't work that way in earlier versions I believe, and not in Arma 2...

    Edit: I should add that as soon as enemy is spotted and UPSMON takes over waypoint creation everything works fine!

  11. No, it's compatible but I'm not sure if all feature are working well.

    You confirm that you don't have any error message anymore ?

    Yes I confirm that after loading the same mission many times without bCombat I cannot reproduce it. Looking forward to try your new version with bCombat.

    Edit: I just tried two small missions with infantry, vehicles and a helicopter with UPSMON and bCombat and got no error messages. It seemed to work very well in fact, so nice to see very intelligent unit behaviour and group movement, ie. flanking etc. I didn't use any fancy stuff, just the usual patrols and "nowp", "fortify" things.

    Wow I'm impressed you did that so fast! Great work!