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  1. It finishes importing the textures, and now i launch Buldozer. Everything looks fine: I alt+tab back into Visitor where I export the map. I name it TUT_SampleMap.wrp, and the resulting export is situated in the main directory: Time to binarize! I open BinPBO and set it up as described: Under "options" I enter the following (and deletes the .wrp in the top line): I choose pack, and everything proceedes well. I get a tut_samplemap.pbo and the log file. I launch Arma2 with the .pbo loaded and it shows in the editor and all. When I enter the error code as shown in the 1st post appears and the program crashes. I have not altered any files along the way, and will include the config.cpp file here for good measure: I just can't figure this one out! I have been trying everything (I think:confused:) and I don't want to quit on this! Please any help would be welcome!
  2. Checking Tools/System Preferences: Modifying Tools/Project Preferences acc. to tutorial: Changing Texture Size, under the "edit" button" in Tools/Project Parameters: So it ends up looking like this: Now I'm importing the terrain from picture, no big deal, and it shows nicely. I now import the sat+mask textures and remember to save .rvmats as text as described in the tutorial:
  3. Hi guys I'm having some problems with this tutorial. I tried it some months back, and I remember getting it to work just fine. Now I am finally ready to start my own project and I just hit the wall with it. After having tried various cell sizes, checked and tripple checked all entries, I went back to this excellent tutorial, just to make sure. This had to work, so I thought. I have now been trying about 10 times, following everything down to the letter, but as with my own project, I always end at this: So just for good measure, here is what I have done, step by step as stated by the tutorial: Download a fresh copy, unzip and directory is as follows: I open Visitor3 and Starts New Project. Grid size 512, cell size 10M: Open Calculator and enters 5120 as image size, then "Apply proposed": So it looks like this. Clicks "OK": Picture limit reached. I'll just continue, sorry for this "spamming".
  4. Allright sorry for bumbing, but I seem to have found the source of the problem. My technical knowledge is just not good enough to really understand the problem. Apparently the "bin" folder in the P:/ directory contain all the shaders. The thing is that now we have changed version, with OA and such, and when trying to load the shaders compiled by Visitor and Buldozer they are sort of out of date when going in game. I then tried to load the map in old Arma2, no addons or beta or anything, but it still made the same error as above. I stumpled across this line in Atsches tut: Ok, so I tried to unPBO the following "bin": But now buldozer can't load the map. Does anyone know how to get across the problem? EDIT: Problem solved! I changed the path from: p:/the_coast/the_coast to p:/HL2/the_coast Apparently visitor or binPbo doesn't like the similar name twice! Edit: Nah, didn't really work! Just once, but now it doesn't anymore. Strange.
  5. malkekoen

    mikebart's Project's

    This is fantastic work! I love the cliffs! High Quality mate!
  6. Hi again. Thank you very much for your kind help, it is much apprecieted. Learning these tools can be quite frustrating as you all know! I'm completly new to this so sorry if I ask a bit silly. The bit thing is solved, I did as you said and saved 8 bits/channel and solved the problem! I thought it was 8 bit there... That's great! :bounce3: Ok, as the picture shows this is the next problem. It has always done this as I load in the editor, and if I place a unit and "previews" it crashes. So there's a problem somewhere with the layer files created by bulldozer? What to do? It never said anything during the process, neither did BinPbo... In Bulldozer it looks normal, the sat_lco.png is nicely draped. Can it have something to do with the fact the island continues towards the east? free image uploader Concerning the map I see at as a kind of Utes/Proving Grounds synthesis with a Half Life 2 story added for spice. After having tried PG I'm a little spoiled with the fine resolution and is having difficulties coping with the larger ones :rolleyes:
  7. malkekoen

    Chechen War Russians

    Congratulations with these units! They are excellent! Brings a more realistic feel to these guys, I love them! The bulkiness is much better than the ultra skinny stock BIS models, these reminds me of the good, old Ghost Recon days! http://ghostrecon.3dretreat.com/screenshots/018.gif
  8. Hi Bushlurker, Thank you very much for your reply, you're really helpsome! I did already try with an image, but it didn't work. I did it again from scratch now just to be sure, but I have a problem with Visitor. When I import files directly from Photoshop, like this, it crashes. Below I've added a screenshot of my source folder with the files, and the Show Details from my sat_lco.png file. free image uploader Why does it crash? I've taken care to save it in 8-bit PNG, and the size should also be correct. Previously I've imported the images to Wilbur and saved it there in 8-bit, that somehow seemed to work. But this time even that won't work. What is the issue with my PS files? My config file, besed on the tutorial posted here by Atsche (very helpful). The main directory for my map: free image uploader The data directory: image upload The cfgSurfaces.hpp file: I'm working on a map I call "The Coast", based on the levels in Half-Life 2 with the same name. First time I make a map, and I haven't been doing much computer-related since I took a bachelor in 3d design 6 years ago. I wanted details and focus on the intensive wasteland, so I went for a rather small map. upload images Keep in mind that the red lines and such are just very quick sketches just so you get an idea. Edit: added cfg file
  9. I have been searching and can't seem to find any related topics concerning this problem: Apparently some gunner positions doesn't work, they are simply not accessible and vehicles come to "life" without an AI in the gunner position. I have tried to run vanilla and everything works fine, but with @ace;@acex in the mod line some vehicles go funny this way. So far I know it's a problem with the Jackal from BAF, and some of the Insurgent and Gue Hilux. Anyone has had this problem? I have Arma2 CO + BAF + PMC.
  10. Does anybody know if we will be able to procure and use the new models (trees) and textures from the PMC pack. I have Steam version and all the .pbos are encrypted.
  11. Yes they do have some issues, but the author imported them directly from Stalker, so of course they don't fit Arma animations. But I like them anyway...
  12. Finally the Stalkers gain the upper hand, and prowl the old hospital for their objectives: More pics here: http://postimage.org/gallery/1q24gfhvs/ Addons used: Namalsk Island NIM Weather Stalker Units
  13. The ensuing battle lasts about 20 minutes and is extremely violent: Addons used: Namalsk Island NIM Weather Stalker Units
  14. The hunt is on: Addons used: Namalsk Island NIM Weather Stalker Units
  15. The initial smaller group of Stalkers remain undetected: But one of the guards on the southern entrance spots a small group approaching over the wilderness: Addons used: Namalsk Island NIM Weather Stalker Units
  16. Little does the guards know that something is approacing from the woods: Stalkers infiltrate through unguarded entrances: Addons used: Namalsk Island NIM Weather Stalker Units
  17. The old hospital on Namalsk: A storm is brewing over the mountain: But the guards of the Russian military stay ever vigilant: Addons: Namalsk Island NIM Weather Stalker Units
  18. Uhm, no, just posting pics for Tonci87 at another resolution.:p
  19. Tonci87: Uncropped, fresh from the game at my monitor resolution. Enjoy them! Macadam Cow: I'm sure you took that from Dead Space. It's a Necromorph! :eek:
  20. malkekoen

    Call Of Namalsk - SP Mini-Campaign

    Thats great! Looking forward to it.
  21. malkekoen

    We need bulkier soldiers

    I agree with OP. I wrote about this back in Arma 1, but everyone seemed to misunderstand and thought I wanted "fatter" soldiers. The soldiers in Arma have always been too narrow compared to RL soldiers, I was in the army for one year and and even thin guys looked bulky with all the equipment. See soldiers in Ghost Recon, Call Of Duty, Medal of Honor etc., and even though much can be said about those games, they (especially CoD MW) hits the look and feel of modern soldiers exceptionally well.
  22. From the demo mission: Call Of Namalsk by Wiggum and That Guy: