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    UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    I tried today and yesterday evening to reproduce the error without bCombat, but couldn't :o Maybe I forgot to disable bCombat afterall. Cool I will try your new version with bCombat. Is there any AI parameters that need to toggled off in the UPSMON script, or could it work out of the box? Edit: Just re-read your post. Understand that this version is not compatible with bCombat.
  2. malkekoen

    UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    Screenshot58453 by UncleFu22, on Flickr This is a screenshot of the error I got when running UPSMON+bCombat. It's on devbuild, as you can see in the corner. Note I also use CBA, JSRS and Blastcore. I tried it afterwards without bCombat, but got the same error. I also see it was in the upsmon.sqf and NOT .ini file, sorry for that...
  3. malkekoen

    UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    Thanks for the suggestion Grumoy, but as Cool=Azroul13 said, the AI becomes really dump. They move to waypoints, but do not engange actively or seek better positions. So even if UPSMON AI is off, it doesn't seem to let bCombat AI take over. There is, however, no error messages. The whole point in running both mods should be to let bCombat handle indvidual unit response and movement, but let UPSMON handle the communication between groups and create overall group waypoints, as to allow for flanking and other cool UPSMON stuff :) This way it would be possible to create very dynamic scenarios with almost no waypoints and the glory of bCombat unit behaviour! ;) The error message I get when running both bCombat+UPSMON is linked to the UPSMON_init script, line 1387 "_react". Edit: Corrected line to 1387, and error also occurs with bCombat off in fact. Just tested it.
  4. malkekoen

    UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    That would be great. I tried it with both mods yesterday, and there was some error messages, all relating to an UPSMON function called "react" or something like that. Guess both bCombat and UPSMON tried to do something... It happended when units got under fire. I haven't checked the logs though. But it worked without any serious problems as far I could tell during my quick run.
  5. malkekoen

    UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    Thanks for the updates :) Would it be possible to make the UPSMON AI enhancements optional, so that UPSMON could be used in conjunction with AI enhancement scripts or addons like bCombat and potential future mods? It would be awesome to have the UPSMON capablility for waypoint creation and target-sharing, patrol, ambush, fortify functions etc. and combine it with other great mods. I would like to underline that I find UPSMON and your continued work on it awesome! I'm just hoping for some compatibility, also mods like bCombat seems to evolve quickly and will probably be on the list of must-have mods soon.
  6. Ahm... I believe bCombat is a full pbo, so no luck there :p
  7. Hi Mikey74, As a matter of fact I just tried it with 2 groups and vehicle on each side, with your 1.2 version and bCombat. No error messages, soooo that's a good start I guess ;) It was quite good, bCombat is amazing and I would strongly suggest (read: I really wish ;)) you'd go for a seamless integration as both mods provide some very useful and interesting features! Good job there, and try it! Btw I didn't have any lag with opening doors, but however the 'death screen' was very laggy, the text writing veery slowly across the screen... Using JSRS and Blastcore also.
  8. malkekoen

    UPSMON for arma3

    Hi I just finally wanted to express how glad I am that you guys are putting so much love into this! I have been monitoring this thread and using your new scripts since Arma 3 and it just makes it all so much more interesting, and mission making a piece of cake ;) Thanks for all the hard work, very much appreciated!!!
  9. Hi and thanks for these great mods. Working great, however do you consider adding an option to specify, or at least exclude, certain vehicle types spawning? I personally find the quad-bike a bit immersion breaking ;) Thanks for your great work.
  10. Am I the only one who think that the vehicles, especially the tracked vehicles, run over trees and walls too easy? Some trees are tumbled just by nudging them gently, as well as the grey walls used in the villages. I don't think any driver in his right mind would voluntarily run into a larger tree or wall, if avoidable. I was commander of a M113 myself during conscription and worked closely with Leo1s and 2s, and I was not under the impression that trees or cemented/stone walls were easily forcible objects. Even heavy tanks like Leo2s could risk belts rupturing or running askew and that's not a risk any commander would take unless in a dire situation. So what about making these objects more hardy, that would also help to minimize the ugly clutter of fallen trees and walls (that I believe is invisible to AI as well) that so quickly dominate any battlefield with heavy vehicles atm.? Just a thought :)
  11. Signed. Imagine 25€ for this and 55€ for CoD. The world is strange...
  12. malkekoen

    Altis: Criticism and Suggestions

    Fantastic map. I'm so glad there are still developers who do this kind of thing. BIS clearly made a masterpiece. I don't understand all the complaints about too many wrecks around the island. Clearly it's a war zone, I believe there also was a civil war before, so its natural. And I don't get why they complain about wrecks when half the island's buildings are in ruins. It fits perfectly also with the military compounds, it creates a nice dramatic tension and makes a nice backdrop for a war. Apart from that the wrecks are nice fillers!
  13. malkekoen

    Bush's "Strange New Worlds"

    I love it. Simply amazing! If anyone knows the old Ground Control I almost feel like playing it with some APCs in High Command ;)
  14. malkekoen

    Fire-Fight Improvement System

    Hi. Great mod, makes the fighting much more realistic. Tried it yesterday with UPSMON and it was quite realistic. Great job! I noticed some things though: 1) This has already been reported, but I can confirm that player starts autofiring if he carries a LMG. 2) I drove an MRAP under fire but no damage, suddenly the gunner leaves the vehicle and throws smoke ;) Fun, I don't know if that behaviour is caused by the desire to throw smoke or the waypoint generation. 3) The bunnyhops look quite silly, and no real soldier would ever do that IRL. He'd be busy scrambling for cover. But I guess this can be turned off via the disable evasiveanimations in the userconfig, if so it's perfect. 4) Modern soldiers are trained to fire bursts, not squeezing the trigger. I know this has been discussed, but in my opinion the long LMG salvos are not realistic, compared to shorter bursts. Also to minimize recoil and extend barrel life. Keep up the good work! Edit: also noticed that units controlled through high command never return to players command, even after all enemies are gone. Maybe the loss of control could be disabled for HC?
  15. Having tried all the new beta stuff and loving it, I still find it awfully primitive that we have to compensate for range by aiming high or low in modern attack helicopters and the other vehicles. Current modern gunships are equipped with rangefinding lasers that automatically adjusts the elevation of the barrel, knowing the ballistics of the amminition fired, so all the gunner has to do is to put the crosshairs on the target. MTBs have the same system, so I think it would be a feature that futuristic systems like the Ifrit, Hunter, and the APCs, equipped with NV and IR, would most certainly have. ACE incorporated this feature in Arma2, so Im surprised its not in Arma3 yet since it is such a small thing, but makes a huge difference for the player. Its extremely hard to play without once you've tried it once.
  16. malkekoen

    Please let us have fire control systems!

    Nice video there, argh, it just reminds even more how cool ACE was. Even a simplified version of this would be great. Concerning tickets, I don't know. Anyone knows?
  17. malkekoen

    Please let us have fire control systems!

    Absolutly. I can't grasp why some integrated GUI haven't been implemented yet. Even the new OFP had them as far as I remember... It's the same now with the strange double HUD in choppers with missiles, the fake white "hud overlay" diamond and then the real hud underneath with the useless symbology (maybe due to parallax or something). I hope for the best!
  18. malkekoen

    Please let us have fire control systems!

    Thanks for the tip, but it's a bit immersion breaking with that fake hud diamond I think, and also it's not realistic in the way it works compared to eg. an Apache or other moden heli, or the FCS of MTB's. I really hope for some kind of improvement ;)
  19. malkekoen

    Inventory area too precise

    I absolutly agree. It can be quite frustrating at times trying to grab something with bullets whistling by ;)
  20. malkekoen

    Issue with compound added NW of Kamino

    I believe it is some kind of training ground. Maybe an abondoned farm and some target houses? The half-constructed houses seems like buildings for that purpose...
  21. malkekoen

    Sounds when driving

    Just did some driving today and I really feel alot of sounds are missing. Currently there's the engine noise and that's about it I think. (Nice though that outdoor sounds are now cut-off unlike in Arma 2 where you, encased in some heavy piece of armor, could hear a bee outside). Currently I really miss the sound of the wheels contacting the ground to get a better feel of the traction, and the sound of small pepples hitting the frame when driving over rough terrain or gravel. (I loved the Humvee sounds of JSRS in A2/OA). The sound of the vehicle itself could be nice (not engine): To cruise along on a bumpy road in a big Hunter and hear the seats creaking and some gear shifting, you all know what I mean :j: It just feels weird now, so silent. I hope it will be done, and I know BIS is currently overhauling the sounds. Another thing as a side-note: I still feel the driving feels a bit awkward. I know this is not a racer, but games like Dirt and GTA somehow had a better feel, and more precision. Maybe BIS could learn some tricks from a quick glance on how other companies adjust their input variables :cool:
  22. Maybe you could consider fatigue to be a part of the battle simulation. In fact I would say a very important part even. Why is it not possible to simulate fatigue? I think BiS does a great job so far... People want suppression effects, wounded effects, etc. But that is fine or what?
  23. Passed these some days ago while working at 40.000 ft. Pics just taken with my antique Nokia phone, so not in HD quality! Never been there, but Stratis seemed so familiar anyway :p Stratis by UncleFu22, on Flickr Stratis Stratis-Altis_2 by UncleFu22, on Flickr Lemnos in the background, oh... Altis that is... ;) For the flyers: Lemnos VOR (LMO) makes it easier to locate. Stratis-Altis_1 by UncleFu22, on Flickr Again.
  24. malkekoen

    I just came by these the other day

    Hard at work drinking a cup of coffee and reading a newspaper, if I remember correctly...
  25. malkekoen

    I just came by these the other day

    Gosh yes! Better get in hiding :butbut: