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    If nVidia want to hold some ground/weight with ArmA 3 as a "TWIMTBP" title then Nvidia should work with and pay Bohemia Interactive Services for that privilege of GeForce GPU acceleration in ArmA III, don't you reckon?. But, as it has been pointed out by BIS devs, PhysX in ArmA 3 is GPU independent.
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    AUDIO! Make it right this time!

    EAX is fine if the "GAME's" audio developing team has implemented Directsound3D protocols/API (obviously) ...and..... You're using windows XP. ALchemy is ok for multi-channel audio for legacy game titles running on Vista, some have had issues with this protocol, including me. I think most gamers are migrating to windows 7 and so therefore EAX in modern games will just not happen. Microsoft have done away with DirectSound3D in Windows 7, XAudio is the replacement for DirectSound. XAudio 48kHz is about average for game developers nowadays i think?. ---------- Post added at 13:41 ---------- Previous post was at 13:38 ---------- I got the best of both worlds then, hey, try turning up the volume maybe?. I use a dedicated soundblaster and a 2.1 thx speaker system. Crank that volume up people hahaha!. ---------- Post added at 13:45 ---------- Previous post was at 13:41 ---------- I have it set @ 128 +... 1920x1080 120Hz all graphics Very High - aniso+anialising Very High - View distance is 6336...any higher than 6336 and terrain detail is set to High, can't be having that too low now :) haha!:D.
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    ArmA2 Firing Range gameplay footage

    Is it best to have a touch screen monitor for this?. EDIT: Oh it's for android ha!.
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    ArmA 3 Editor

    3DE Nice one, the editor is where i spend most of my time so this is great news.
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    All the Bis game have Counter Strike sounds

    Sound effects are much improved in Arrowhead. But be aware: many people compare our sound to "real" videos on the Internet or to Hollywood movies; however, in reality sound is very different. Another aspect is the phenomenon called loudness war. We prefer high fidelity over artificiality, so you may need generally louder output level than in average game in order to get similar impression. We have decided to record as many sound effects as possible for Operation Arrowhead directly on the field. Using 12 microphones in various positions relative to the sound source, we recorded all kind of sounds from reloading, firing, to bullet impacts (imagine a live BMP shooting range with sound engineers - we hope to be able to declassify some images and release some form of "Making Of" or "Developers Diary" about this part of development). In the end, sound effects are mixed and edited in order to best keep real world feeling as much as possible in every situation from the perspective of the shooter up to troops standing 100 m away. One good example is supersonic bullet crack, often considered to be bug or something wrong in the game. In reality, when you hear bullets from machine gun or rifle passing by, supersonic crack is pretty much the only thing you can hear. How will the sound engine in Operation Arrowhead differ from the sound engine in ArmA2? Can you give specific examples? There are some important improvements in the sound engine in comparison to Arma 2: * improved and completely reworked radio protocols, including support for whispered voice when appropriate * realistic filter of weapons sounds when inside vehicles * new option allowing players to set maximum simultaneously played samples and increased default value (from 16 to 32) * significantly improved voice over net (some of it will be included with early game updates). http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Ask_Bohemia_about_A2OA_-_Answers
  6. I guess so yeah, but as Dwarden from Bohemia Interactive said A2: OA allows You define up to 128 mixed 3D sounds in ingame Audios settings (this is not available in A2)be aware it increase the CPU demand of game . So i suppose having a top end sound card is of little use really?.
  7. Operation arrowhead supports up to 128 3D samples, apparentley it can negatively impact performance?. I don't know if a dedicated sound card alleviates the strain on the cpu/s?.
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    All the Bis game have Counter Strike sounds

    Have a listen to some of the sounds here at Bohemia Interactive studio. Sounds really good i thought http://pro.bistudio.com/images/stories/gallery/audio/08BIStudio.mp3 http://pro.bistudio.com/
  9. BI's ArmA series is impressive, and user made mods, big thumbs up here. http://img718.imageshack.us/img718/1904/co1q.jpg http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/3325/co2p.jpg http://img836.imageshack.us/img836/918/co3i.jpg http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/5223/co4ve.jpg http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/5083/co5y.jpg
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    Caring about the Player

    Roger that chaps yeah, and even Ivan Buchta said in an interview -Arma has never been player-centric, and the things may always proceed towards a certain set of conditions which indicate the mission end: we do not ask the player to fulfill an objective, we rather ask whether an objective is accomplished. Marek Spanel mentioned in another interview At the heart of the new game there is a story-driven campaign where this time it is a bit more player-centric. We have created a scenario which is near-future, and which is more logical for the player to start as a lone-warrior on this island, fighting for survival of civilisation. We want to make this quite believable, and so we set it in not-so-distant future, which allows us some creative freedom compared to our previous games. As well as the spectrum of units and vehicles, we have some freedom to experiment. We have some people who design modern weapon systems trying to figure out what weapons systems will look like in the near future. We do the same thing in house, we take the next twenty years and try to extrapolate. We will make it as real as possible. http://www.everyeye.it/pc/articoli/arma-3_intervista_14306?pagina=2 http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/06/13/bohemia-on-carrier-command-arma-iii/
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    Animation Improvements in ArmA 3

    Sorry man, i guess i didn't help really. There is always room for improvements in games i suppose i agree. ---------- Post added at 22:22 ---------- Previous post was at 22:12 ---------- I see what you're saying i suppose but overall ArmA series is excellent on the PC, there are not many game developer studios who want to develop solely on the windows platform. There is lots to do in the ArmA series of games and mods galore, as well as being a great looking game world and assets. But room for improvement yes i agree. Bring on ArmA 3 :) ---------- Post added at 22:44 ---------- Previous post was at 22:22 ---------- Wow, a lot of science tech stuff in that read up, although i only sort of glanced through, or my brain would fry. Have to respect the developers really, quite taxing on the brain getting a large scale virtual world with scripts and physics etc to play nice.
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    AMD on Game Development and DX11 jan 2010. SNIP! :) "all these CPU cores we have are underutilised" "Nvidia simply takes out all the multicore optimisations in PhysX. In fact, if coded well, the CPU can tackle most of the physics situations presented to it. The emphasis we're seeing on GPU physics is an over-emphasis that comes from one company having GPU physics... promoting PhysX as if it's Gods answer to all physics problems, when actually it's more a solution in search of problems". http://www.bit-tech.net/bits/interviews/2010/01/06/interview-amd-on-game-development-and-dx11/5
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    All the Bis game have Counter Strike sounds

    I'll admit i have never been in a real life warzone as an operational combatant. But i have watched and heard many war documentaries over the years and none sound like BFBC 1-2 Crysis 2 games etc, they sound more like ArmA series of games imho.
  14. =war cloud=

    ArmA 3 Editor

    No doubt it will be in, there is such an amazing modding community :)
  15. =war cloud=

    All the Bis game have Counter Strike sounds

    DICE also add their own fancy sound fx in games since BFBC1, Crytek with Crysis 2 the same, you can tell that, well i can. The point is BI don't want to be borrowing from Hollywood over the top shit shooters like BFBC games or Crysis 2 or BF3 MW3, they just sound shit all the way imho, over the top reverberation fancy pants sounds.