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  1. i noticed that in arma2 all my custom made dialogs are scaled depending on what the interface size set in the video options is. is there a way to stop this from happening?
  2. pogoman979

    ArmA Editing 101 for Dummies

    use memphis's links in his sig on these forums: http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/showthread.php?t=583129 the links in his sig here dont seem to be working :P the guide is very useful, its what i used to learn the basics :)
  3. pogoman979

    Tree/Vegetation Graphics problem

    is an 8800gt a low end card now? is 512mb not enough texture memory for arma2? it would explain why the textures look so bad no matter what i put them on...
  4. running the game aint the problem, my fps is fine whatever settings i use, its just looks crap no matter what settings i use :P
  5. omg lol yeah that was it. look what i just did to fix it: _coin setvariable ["BIS_COIN_onPurchase", { private["_cost"]; _coin = _this select 0; _arr = _coin getVariable "BIS_COIN_items"; _class = _this select 2; for [{_i=0}, {_i < (count _arr)}, {_i=_i+1}] do { _id = (_arr select _i) find _class; if(_id != -1)exitwith{_cost = ((_arr select _i) select 2)}; }; _cost = call compile format["%1", _cost]; _funds = ((_coin getVariable "BIS_COIN_funds") select 0); _funds = call compile format["%1", _funds]; _newfunds = _funds - _cost; _coin setvariable ["BIS_COIN_funds",[format["%1",_newfunds]]]; }]; complete waste of time :facepalm: also something im either doing wrong or could be an error, according to this page: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Construction_Interface the variables passed should be [class,position,direction], however when i built a barracks, the variables i received were: [bIS_coin_0, <NULL-object>, RU_WarfareBBarracks] ie the logic, null, and the class of the building purchased. this messed me up for awhile when i was trying to write the above code.
  6. those are how mine look! even if i run everything on all very high they look worse than arma1 (indeed almost ofp :P). glad to see i'm not the only one :/
  7. pogoman979

    Tree/Vegetation Graphics problem

    i set them all on very high to prove a point, i usually play with the video memory set to "default", and theres no difference in graphical appearance. something that is interesting is that setting the resolution on 640x480 doesnt look much different than 1280x1024, although the ui gets huge. in fact, it pretty much all looks the same unless i have 200% fillrate, in which case some of the jagged edges go away. the textures look the same no matter what i do with the settings :(.
  8. pogoman979

    Tree/Vegetation Graphics problem

    i don't why you think i would be trying to fake this, but i'm not. trust me i've been looking forward to arma2 for ages and i thought anyone who complained about it were nufties until now :P. more screenshots with my settings displayed as well... (oh and im aware postprocessing is on low, but i really dont think that is the problem :P): http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk20/pogoman979/arma22009-06-0516-09-51-96.jpg http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk20/pogoman979/arma22009-06-0516-10-37-32.jpg http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk20/pogoman979/arma22009-06-0516-11-42-28.jpg http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk20/pogoman979/arma22009-06-0516-12-09-17.jpg http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk20/pogoman979/arma22009-06-0511-28-42-10.jpg
  9. pogoman979

    Tree/Vegetation Graphics problem

    im using a lcd so im on the max res (1280x1024). 200% fillrate makes all the objects look really sharp (and lags me a fair bit), but the textures still look like crap so it doesnt fix it.
  10. pogoman979

    Tree/Vegetation Graphics problem

    yeah your telling me, when i loaded up the game i didnt believe my eyes after seeing everyone elses screenies. the funny thing is some things (like the models and stuff), look amazing, but other things like the vegetation are terrible. i have an 8800gt and an e6750 duo clocked at 3.4ghz so idk :/. i even did the mark2 benchmark thing and scored 3800 lol. anyway sorry for hijacking the thread, i know its not how the game usually is so im sure BI have done a great job, the AI can actually beat me in CQB now which is awesome :).
  11. pogoman979

    Tree/Vegetation Graphics problem

    thanks for the headsup :O
  12. there were GSA and OGN servers for arma1 which were populated everyday, and you can buy arma1 all over the place in aus. as for arma2, there are already GSA and OGN servers up for it as well, and BI have already stated that the release date for AUS is something like July 9th (cant remember exactly). thats just for aus stores, you can still order/download the game from many places. not really sure what your on about tbh...
  13. pogoman979


    this is true, the original evolutions were quite hard and if you had a bunch of guys on ts it could be very fun, its just all the crappy modded versions released (MHQ, paradrop etc) that ruined it. all the bf2 players spammed up the servers with the crappy versions so they could lonewolf the game and so we all started loathing evo.
  14. in arma2 is it possible to say switch from a normal soldier to a sniper with a gillie suit whilst ingame (ie without going back to the lobby)?
  15. pogoman979

    FADE question

    ok im merely asking this, havent done it so dont ban me :P. if i purchased an arma2 cd key from say here: http://www.ozcdkeys.com/arma-2-cd-key-p-102.html?osCsid=c295eb2d2042af85f62f8fe6e3381285 and used it with a torrented version of arma2, would i have a working game, or would FADE still kick in and mess everything up? (i dont see how else i could play the game otherwise if i just had the key, but its a very cheap price so i had to ask (the site is reliable too i've used it before)).
  16. pogoman979

    Bullet Stray

    im hoping that in arma2 the weapons arent as accurate as in arma1, cause they were ridiculously good in arma1 :P (thank god ace came along).
  17. pogoman979

    ARMA 2 Micro AI Thread

    games usually fail at catering for both the realism gamers and nonrealism gamers, cod4 has a "realistic" mode but the gameplay is still spammy and rubbish. the videos do show alot of bf2 similarity too, but i guess we'll never know til the release (lets not forget that a mod like PR for bf2 could save the day in ofp2's case).
  18. i dont actually host servers for other people to join, it was just a test. i have a dual core e6750 clocked at 3.4Ghz and a whole bunch of ram, i just thought that since i'd essentially be joining a lan game there should be no lag, but from what rowdied said i see that i need a much better computer to have no lag. wrt the rest of your post i know arma is a demanding game, however even playing the default version of warfare on decent servers (where the VD is fixed at like 600m), there is still ai warping, so it is a real problem.
  19. pogoman979

    You can use the microphone in ArmAII?

    i always found the voip in arma cuts out alot and so its often hard to understand people, everyone in aus just uses ts and vent as a result. hope arma2 has better voip than arma1 :/
  20. yeah rowdied i wasnt talking about human players, they're fine. as kju says its the ai warping which is the issue.
  21. sorry but i had to butt in here. warping has nothing to do with the servers set up it is an arma problem. it is not caused by desync or lag spikes, if you host your own dedicated server then join it from the same computer the ai still warp, even if the vd is 200m (and your ping is like 5 and theres no other players). the first time i got arma i couldnt believe how noone else was complaining about the warping and i spent ages trying to fix the problem (even took my computer to different houses with diff internet connections), but in the end i realised it was just arma and grew to live with it like everyone else, but it is definately a real issue and if arma2 still has it then its multiplayer base will end up the same as arma1's (ie nonexistant)...
  22. pogoman979

    Insurgency (based off PR)

    if someone is hosting the mission then they will not be able to jump out, this is an arma/ace bug. on dedicated servers everyone can jump out. the mission is quite challenging i know, ideally everyone should be on ts (or communicating in some way) and you should have a squad leader who is familiar with the terrain. when chuting everyone needs to be very coordinated and land at a designated LZ, which i know is very difficult but when you pull it off and get a rally down in a good position its very enjoyable ;). also the base doesnt not have to be outside the map zone, it just cant be in any towns, as they're too hostile (and also theres the problem of the base spawning inside buildings). try placing it in the open areas of the map around the towns.