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    JIP Problems

    oh if you want each crate to have local ammo then you need to use createvehiclelocal for each player (to create their crates), and then just use the normal addweaponcargo commands etc. sorry didnt realise what you were after.
  2. no it still doesnt work in arma2. addmagazine only adds magazines to the main turret, so you cannot reload secondary turrets. its a shame bis still hasnt fixed this because i imagine would be an easy command to code :/. idk
  3. pogoman979

    JIP Problems

    are u setting the vehicle's init from the server? a good way to test it is to host your own dedicated server and join it. im not sure whats going on, although i havent tried it in arma2 in arma1 setvehicleinit is the way to go :/.
  4. pogoman979

    Moving Marker Question

    yar, my bad. im sure he'll figure it out :P
  5. pogoman979

    JIP Problems

    Bon the only thing you need to change is this: {AmmoCrate addWeaponCargo _x} foreach MyWeaponPool; {AmmoCrate addMagazineCargo _x} foreach MyMagazinePool; to this: AmmoCrate setvehicleinit ' {AmmoCrate addWeaponCargo _x} foreach MyWeaponPool; {AmmoCrate addMagazineCargo _x} foreach MyMagazinePool; '; processinitcommands; as previously mentioned the addweapon commands are only local, unless they are set in a units init, thus the above change. oh and btw, if you only want the crate to be filled once you should only run the above code on the server, as otherwise the crate will be filled again for each player running the script.
  6. pogoman979

    .sqs problems

    you need to use onplayerconnected for changes to markers to show up for jips. in this case you would need to do: onplayerconnected ' _color = getMarkerColor "towermarker"; "towermarker" setMarkerColor _color; '; basically this means that when a player connects to the server, the above code will be run server side, meaning all clients connected will get an update on the color of the marker. since the server was there for when you set the color to green (obviously), getmarkercolor will return green and the new jip players will receive the update.
  7. pogoman979

    Moving Marker Question

    exec/spawn: createMarker["marker",[0,0,0]]; "marker" setMarkerShape "ICON"; "marker" setMarkerType "DOT"; while {alive humvee} do { "marker" setpos getpos humvee; sleep 1; }; deletemarker "marker"; obviously you can give the marker whatever properties you want, not just the above ones.
  8. ok i'll just use setvariable for the time being, and when we have a proper multiplayer game i'll be sure to post my findings. thanks for the help :)
  9. i have a script that counts the number of players in an area and adds that number to a figure every second (its basically a numerical version of a progress bar). this script runs on the server, however i've designed a hud that pops up when the player enters the area that displays the progress of the area cap. of course that means i have to broadcast the progress via publicvariable to the player, and so at the moment im broadcasting the progress every second. my question is, will this cause desync in a multiplayer game? i could only broadcast every 10 seconds or so etc, but obviously frequent updates are more desirable.
  10. unfortunately the progress bar isnt as simple as i made it out to be, the increment the progress bar increases by is determined by the number of enemies/friendlies in the area, and as such it would be hard to syncronise this checker across all clients. plus you can leave the area and come back in while the progress still increases on other clients, so its not as simple as just initializing the counter. so you think using setvariable would be ok if i set it every second? or still maybe increase the interval a bit...
  11. hmmm. your biki seems to be different to the biki i use lol: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Scripting_Commands_ArmA that one has the addaction command. EDIT: nvm i see that this is the new arma2 biki. yes it is a problem then :S
  12. pogoman979

    Horrible Graphics/FPS

    if thats the case then my 8800gt runs arma2 like crap, so maybe its something else.
  13. pogoman979

    Horrible Graphics/FPS

    mate i have the same problem and i know a few other who do as well. you can put everything on very high and it still looks like crap. my specs: 8800gt 512mb e6750 duo @ 3.4Ghz etc i got the impression from some people that 512mb is not enough video memory these days so i think i may need to upgrade my gfx card. how much memory does your gfx card have? wrt to resolution im running at 1280x1024 (max for my lcd), so is that res too low or something?
  14. yeah i noticed it didnt work over water. they spawned the camera in a rather stupid way: _camera = "camconstruct" camcreate [position player select 0,position player select 1,15]; when the should've put _camera = "camconstruct" camcreate [position player select 0,position player select 1,(position player select 2) + 15]; however i doubt its intended use was to build structures from the middle of the ocean :P
  15. it must have a script loaded that sets all the required variables.
  16. wow some of that stuff is actually pretty useful!
  17. cheers that worked. its funny i never used all these setvariable commands until arma2 came along, were they in arma1?
  18. with a fair bit of work :P. i'd say its not really worth it, what are you trying to change about the current camera?
  19. woah thats cool eyeball. makes doing what i posted so much simpler :)
  20. ok i think i get what you want: _a1 = 0; While{true} do { if(player == XO and player distance mytarget =< 5 and _a1 == 0)then { _action = player addaction ["AC Req","script.sqf"]; _a1 = 1; }; if(player distance mytarget > 5 and _a1 == 1)then { player removeaction _action; _a1=0; }; sleep 1; }; exec this as a script from the init file. hope thats what your after :P
  21. try putting this in the init.sqf: if(player == XO)then{player addaction ["AirCraft Requisition","script.sqf"]};
  22. not without creating a new addon, the scripts that load the coin camera are in the modules.pbo.
  23. you need to place a contruction interface module ingame and synchronise it with the units you want to be able to build. one way of configuring it would be to add this to the init field of the module: [this] execVM "coinvars.sqf"; and then have the script "coinvars" look like the one in my first post. remember you will be only be able to build if you are within the set radius of the module (ie _coin setvariable ["BIS_COIN_areasize",[50,20]]; means the radius is 50m). if you are close enough then an action called "construction" should come up. hope that helps, if really necessary i could create a sample mission :P
  24. as of yet the only scripts i have used have been when you point at the player the tag comes up. its very hard to show multiple tags as it requires the constant repositioning of multiple resources, whereas simply looking at a player only requires one resource in the center of the screen. basically i doubt what you want is possible, but someone else might know better.
  25. mate, there are tonnes of new awesome things in the editor, the modules and new commands bis have provided are fantastic (hell with attachto we already have heli rappelling (not that its a biggie, whats with some people and fastropes?)). and wrt to planes bombing they do, and they did in arma1 too. designate a target, have a harrier fly over and it will bomb it. if your talking about planes dumb bombing then no they dont do that, but neither do planes irl...