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  1. not sure what your on about with the vegetation, its terrible for me (this is with everything on very high except fillrate on 100%): http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk20/pogoman979/arma22009-06-0421-06-53-53.jpg http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk20/pogoman979/arma22009-06-0511-28-42-10.jpg the models and stuff are top notch though, and the ai are fantastic.
  2. pogoman979

    ArmA 2 Demo feedback

    anyone else crashing alot when they join dedicated servers?
  3. pogoman979

    Insurgency (based off PR)

    since the last time i updated the mission i was using a fairly old ACE version there could be some conflicts with the newest ACE version, but other than that i'm not sure whats going on. i won't be updating it for arma1 since arma2 is out, and i won't do a direct port over to arma2, however many of my missions will be in the same style. i'm currently working on a Project Reality style pvp for arma2 as an alternative to Dr Eyeballs devastation pvp's (i'm hoping the missions will compliment each other and draw more interest into PR style pvp missions in general). since arma1 had such a small pvp base i think its important to try and get some decent (ie non deathmatch/ctf/berzerk) style missions out there before i give up and work on coop's :P.
  4. pogoman979

    ArmA 2 Demo feedback

    the demo mission death valley is riddled with bugs, and since its the main mp mission alot of folks are getting annoyed. for example, when you try to respawn at main base you end up respawning in the middle of nowhere indefinately, and when i aborted to try and rejoin the "ok" button was gone, so i couldnt rejoin and could only dc.
  5. Kinsman over at gsa had a stab at making up a config for a gsa demo dedicated server, but everyone who joins the server crashes within 3 minutes. anyone got a working config?
  6. pogoman979

    AA is disabled 1.02

    changing the fsaa doesnt do anything for me, it simply defaults back to 0 when i run arma, and my shadows still work :/. i even set the file to read only and it still doesnt do anything. any ideas?
  7. changing fsaa from 0 doesnt do anything for me. the game looks the same and when i exit its defaulted back to 0 again. i tried setting it on read only but theres still no difference :(
  8. pogoman979

    Chernarus Life (RPG)

    the funnest part of the game is starting off trying to make money though, surely if the game never fully restarted people would just become millionares and resort to constant deathmatching...
  9. just because it works on your computer doesnt mean it'll work on others. from what i've seen, about 50% seem to have great graphics and 50% have awful graphics (i have awful gfx :P), and we all have pretty good specs. i'm not complaining though (well anymore, i eventually got over it lol) cause theres so many other great things about arma2, and based on arma1 its all gonna be eventually fixed. it is a shame though cause so many problems at release neuters the playerbase, like with arma1...
  10. execVM this as an sqf from the init.sqf: While{true} do { { if(side _x == EAST and _x hasweapon "nvgoggles")then{_x removeWeapon "nvgoggles"}; } foreach playableunits; sleep 1; }; (note playableunits is only valid in mpgames, it will not work in the editor/SP). EDIT: actually stuff that, have u tried just putting in a trigger with: condition: player hasweapon "nvgoggles" and playerside == EAST activation: player removeweapon "nvgoggles" idk theres a 1000 simple ways to do this, any of them should work really :/
  11. pogoman979

    Anyone tried Voxli web based voice chat?

    the good thing about external chat programs is they dont use the servers bandwidth. mumble is a ts style chat that also has the direct chat capabilities, but it only works with some games, ie someone has to mod it to get it to work in arma2. we use it all the time in project reality, and the direct chat is so much louder/clear than in arma.
  12. pogoman979

    call blocks

    exit only works in sqs, in sqf it doesnt do anything.
  13. actually you cant, if a mission is actually running its locked. if you abort the mission and go back to the main menu then you can alt tab and edit etc.
  14. pogoman979

    An observation about tanks.

    one thing that PR did for bf2 that seems much better than in arma, the sabot rounds travel much faster and so dont have as significant bullet drop. i got no idea but i assume that in arma the shells were moving unrealistically slowly? (as you could see them moving in midflight)
  15. my funds are already getting updated during the game etc, but when i abort and rejoin they reset, even if i've broadcast them publicly, so no amount of 3rd party scripts will help here. idk i'll keep fiddling around to see if i can find something, was just hoping for a dev response here to confirm that the funds are actually supposed to be updated for JIPs.
  16. ok in my mission i create construction interfaces using the createunit command. so basically when i buy things my total funds go down (obviously), but if i abort and rejoin and go to the same construction site which has the same action, the funds have been reset to the starting amount. i tried getting the variable and setting it with onplayerconnected but the server couldnt seem to find the "BIS_COIN_funds" variable :/.
  17. my DPC is spiking every 5 seconds (with no programs open) to a max of 436 us. i take it thats a bad thing?
  18. well since COIN is an official module i cant really mod it without changing the pbos (could copy them to the mission and edit them but thats a last resort atm). i would prefer to use the construction interface anyway since its been working quite well for me up until this point.
  19. forget addons mate. we're just talking about normal scripting errors like missing a semicolon or a bracket...
  20. nope. i even found a script from warfare2 where they had the code to reload multiple turrets, but then realised it didnt work and so bracketed it out lol.
  21. well no the target would be the name of the player, eg unit1. i wasn't sure whether triggers were only activated on the server but in hindsight i think they are activated on all clients, so you could just replace "target" with player (although in MP game you'd have to specify the one unit obviously). yeah i dont really use triggers so dont know much about them :P
  22. what was wrong with having them come up ingame? its a huge hassle having to browse the rpt each time you think something might be going wrong :/
  23. yeah if you create a trigger that is activated by opfor, then in the onactivation you could put {_x domove getpos target} foreach list this; i've never actually tried this but in theory it should work :P
  24. pogoman979

    sound format and inclusion

    class CfgMusic { tracks[]={}; class Sample1 { name = ""; sound[] = {"Sample1.ogg", db+0, 1.0}; }; }; just put that in the description file.
  25. yeah same problem here. i dont get error messages either, makes finding the errors hard :(