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  1. nice way to cover up a flame war Laqueesha: Laqueesha: Good Find! Laqueesha: Nice screenshots! Laqueesha: Yes indeed! Laqueesha: 'insert immature response'
  2. using for eg: onLoad="cdisplay = _this select 0"; in a resource title causes the following error: everything still works you just get the error. now im not fantastic with dialogs so the only way i know how to display Rsctitles is by using the onload command to name the display, so does anyone know how to do it without causing the above error? calling disableserialization of course doesnt work in .hpp's :/
  3. anyone got this working yet? i added it in and the params are defined in paramsArray, but theres no option to change them in the lobby.
  4. pogoman979

    new param system

    omg lol. i cant believe after all this time i forgot to do something so simple. yeah my target line was pointing to the beta exe but i didnt actually have -mod=beta; :S cheers
  5. pogoman979

    new param system

    dont suppose you could provide a screenshot or something cause i got nothing. the old param buttons were as plain as day, i seriously cant see anything at all with the new method.
  6. thanks alot guys, and thanks for the guide oktane! i'll give it a shot :). EDIT: it worked! thanks again, this'll make my life so muche easier :)
  7. ok this is pretty annoying. as many folks here know multiplayer missions always have more problems than single player missions, and since you can run 2 instances of A2 at the same time i figured why not join the same server with both of these 2 instances. of course this gave me the error cd key in use which is fair enough. so i bought and downloaded the steam version, and ran the steam game and the retail at the same time and the stupid thing just says cd key in use again, even though i have two copies of the game now and presumably steam has a different cd key... so wth? hmm i just realised, would the game be booting me cause it thinks the two users joining have the same ip address or something like that? i dont have another computer capable of running A2 so i cant test...
  8. place some rabbits. stand in the middle of them. init this loop: while{true}do { deadr = 0; _rabbits = nearestobjects [getpos player, ["rabbit"], 500]; hint str count _rabbits; {if(!alive _x)then{deadr = deadr + 1;}}foreach _rabbits; player globalchat str deadr; sleep 1; }; watch as the rabbits slowly die one by one. this is extremely annoying as they dont appear to be dieing for any reason :/. can anyone else confirm?
  9. i placed 30 and eventually they all died. the funny thing is, i never actually see them die, though i did find most of the corpses...
  10. yeah using createagent and createunit the same thing happens :O. maybe they're dieing from disease!
  11. look at the script i posted. deadr increases which means that the !alive _x condition is returning true for the rabbits...
  12. yep. it broadcasts in the same way as publicvariable.
  13. i've never edited in anything but notepad, its the way to go :P
  14. naming the construction module wont do anything. the scripts that run on its init will automatically name it BIS_coin_0. i suggest you put this in its init: nul = this execvm "firebase.sqf"; and then in firebase.sqf replace "_firebase = base;" with "_firebase = _this;"
  15. does anyone know of any way to remove default a2 actions from an object such as a door or a bargate? ie a bargate has the action "open" and "close" which is available to everyone making it relatively useless as its not going to stop anyone if they can simply open it.
  16. you can setvehicleinit as much as you want and they will all work as long as you processinitcommands straight after each one. so if you had a respawn script in the vehicles initline previously it doesnt matter as it has already been processed.
  17. ok i want to turn some of the songs from arma2 defined by cfgmusic into sounds, ie define them in my mission under cfgsounds. unfortunately the location of the sound file being defined is relative to the mission, meaning if i want to turn any of the songs from arma2 into sounds i have to copy them into my mission directory, which is obviously undesirable due to their size. my question is: is there any way to make the filepath in sound[] = {"filepath", db-100, 1.0}; look outside of the mission file and in the addons directory? in case your wondering i want to do this so i can make a radio/vehicle "say" the songs so that the sound is directional and distance based, not everywhere which is what happens when using playmusic.
  18. hmmm, i might give fademusic a try but it sounds like it would be overly complicated for what i'm trying to achieve. ah well, thanks for the help anyway guys. ---------- Post added at 11:41 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:13 AM ---------- ok for anyone who is interested, i've made a script using the fademusic command that basically does what the "say" command does for sounds. of course it isnt perfect, the sound dropoff is linear and theres no sound occlusion, but its a start. ok create a script called for example radio.sqf that contains this code: _a = 0; _t = 0; _r = _this select 0; _s = _this select 1; _l = _this select 2; _d = _this select 3; while{true}do { if(player distance _r <= _d and _a == 0)then{playmusic _s; _a = 1; _t = time}; if(time > _t + _l and _a == 1)then{_a = 0}; _dplayer = player distance _r; _v = 1 - (_dplayer/_d); if(_v >= 0)then{0 fademusic _v}; if(musicvolume > 0 and _v < 0 and _a == 1)then{0 fademusic 0}; sleep 0.5; }; and then place this in the init field of the unit you want to play the music: nul = [this, "Ambient06_Khe_Sanh_Riff", 215, 30] execVM "radio.sqf"; where "Ambient06_Khe_Sanh_Riff" is whatever arma song u wanted to use, 215 is the length of the song, and 30 is the max distance you want the player to be able to hear the music.
  19. pogoman979

    1.02 patch lower image quality???

    my trees have looked like rubbish since 1.00, they look like someone drew them with MS paint :/ no matter what settings i change. how is this different to doing it ingame?
  20. yeah i tried that but because the path is relative to the mission pbo, putting in "\missions\uebercoolmission02\music\damngoodstuff.ogg" would search for a folder called "missions" in your mission pbo, instead of looking in the addons directory like it usually does for models and textures etc. remember this is all being done in cfgsounds which is defined in the description file, where pathnames are read differently compared to in a normal script file.
  21. alternatively you can set the vehiclevarname with setvehicleinit, which is how i do it. ie _veh setvehicleinit ' name = this; this setvehiclevarname "name"; '; processinitcommands; this has full jip support and broadcasts to all clients etc.
  22. pogoman979

    Devastation: mission pack. Team vs Team.

    its not about uber weapons, its about limiting weapons so that one squad doesnt have 6 AT soldiers each with 50 cal snipers (such as you would see in sandbox missions such as domo). irl a squad will only have 1 AT soldier if any, and while we are playing a game when it comes to pvp blasting each other with an infinite array of heavy weapons gets boring quick and turns into quakewars. theres many reasons why PR is so popular and one of them is its kit limiting.
  23. ok heres an example mission: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9GMRTWN7
  24. try putting nul = [this] execVM "coinvars.sqf"; in the init field instead.
  25. thats bizarre. i'm assuming waituntil acts like a loop in that it checks constantly for the condition to be true, so what makes the waituntil loop more efficient than a normal while loop?