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  1. That guy

    Tree Monster Mod

    its good to branch out
  2. That guy

    Tree Monster Mod

    if a tree kills you in the woods, does it make a sound?
  3. That guy

    Operation Flashpoint

    This is also a good read on why "arma"
  4. That guy

    biological weapons

    Bio and Chem weapons are strategic weapons, and dont fit very well into armas more tactical level focus. they would fit better into a grand strategy game like hearts of iron where the longer term and 2nd 3rd order effects come into play. since in arma you are the boots on the ground, you get hit with this stuff its pretty much game over. they can make a good scenario, but its still game over if they are ever used. they could implement some big advanced CBRN system into the game, but what is the point? it seems like alot of effort just for a simple "game over". a mission maker can simulate the same thing if the mission calls for it. a scud lands, blows up, some one calls "GAS GAS GAS", your screen goes blurry and you die. simple (in an advanved way :p)
  5. That guy

    ArmA2 Firing Range gameplay footage

    dear god man! are you not wearing pants?!:eek2:
  6. That guy

    biological weapons

    personally, i really dont see what such weapons would add to the game. besides, a skilled mission maker/scripter can already add such effects to the game with out needing a dev to do it. so i guess i just made my opinion useless :p
  7. for me i mapped turret left and right to Z and C. (there is still mouse control though). its great for steady scanning, or or rapidly spinning the turret. keys for general/rapid movement, mouse for targeting and fine manipulation
  8. That guy


    to set up a disassembled mortar (or other crew serverd) pick up the tripod bag. move to where you want to deploy the weapon and drop the bag. get the tube or weapon bag (i forgot what it is called) and move to the tripod bag on the ground. look at it and in the action menu there should be an option to 'assemble weapon'. the weapon is now manable. you can now do a bryce outline with the arty computer hope that helps
  9. i must congratulate you for making news units that are not simply (yet another) reskin of johnny's SF, or the default units! awesome!
  10. That guy

    Development Blog & Reveals

    i look forward to some more substantive information about the game story and scenario :)
  11. That guy

    Do smoke grenades smell bad...?

    they smell like smoke. for the most part normal smoke. granted i try not to breathe it in too much or pay too close attention to the smell, so im not an "expert". im sure if you really tried you could smell the difference between the different colors :p
  12. That guy

    UAV Quirks

    maybe that whole "planes cant have turrets" thing? the game engine does not support turrets for fixed wing aircraft. the UAVs really are quite a mess. the Russian one doesn't even work properly
  13. That guy

    M2 iron sight not working?

    for some reason right mouse does not activate optics for vehicles and statics. its incredibly annoying
  14. That guy

    [SP] Broken Arrow 1-3

    it is a very good campaign, i enjoyed it. there are 8 missions in the campaign, so it shouldn't have ended. the last one is bloody hard
  15. That guy

    Chernarus Campaign

    this sounds interesting. so its like warfare but no base building? is there high command, and some AI subordinates? or is it only for you and your buddies? how does respawning and equipping work? so like i said sounds interesting, ill give it a shot later today edit: you should mention that its meant for ACE mod in the main post.
  16. That guy

    Takistani Extension

    i have been following this for a while, and it looks awesome. i am especialy looking forward to the armored units. i know you said that you dont want to turn this into another PRACs, but something has always bothered me about the taki infantry. FAL mags wont fit into their LBVs perchance you could add in a new infantry model with mag pouches that will accept a fal mag? :) maybe a machinegunner as well?
  17. That guy

    [CAMP][CO] The Duality of Duala

    i also support a coop mode
  18. i would say because it will probably have better quality, better polish , and since the they have access to the engine its self more chance to add/ change features with out purely scripting voodoo. but aside from that? i guess we will have to see. im looking forward too it
  19. modern US SAPI plates are capable of reliably stopping a 30.06 AP round, and multiple 762x39 hits with out needing to be replaced. though its always best to replace after a hit i am really hoping that A3 has better armor simulation. its just silly that i can kill US marines or US soldiers with a makarov by shooting them in the chest or helmet in A2 (i dont know the capabilities of the russian armor or plates, but im guessing it should stop pistol rounds)
  20. the review was quite positive, so i was surprised that it only got to the six's it got a better score than duke nukem :p
  21. it wont be possible if they model infantry body armor correctly ...or at least better simulation than they do now
  22. RR is the best game ever! there, go nuts :p
  23. since there is not dedicated press section yet: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/06/14/hands-on-with-carrier-command/
  24. That guy

    E3 - Arma 3?

    it seems highly likely there will be some form of warfare or high command in the campaign the whole "LONE WOLF TO COMMANDER" thing. plus the main character will be a captain. its his job to tell people what to do :p