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    Grenades - Gameplay

    best way to improve the grenades as well as making them more realistic make them thier own selectable weapon, much like launchers and sidearms. when you select a nade, sing/holster weapon and pull out a grenade. switching fire modes changes the throw type, and holding down trigger adds strength to the throw (although it should add a little slower than currently implemented, with on screen throw strength indicators even with cross hairs turned off), and (as others mentioned) the throw only occurs when you release the trigger. when you click the right mouse (iron sites) you raise your other hand giving a general idea of where the grenade will land and its trajectory. additionally give all thrown weapons approximately the same trajectory. currently the frag grenade is thrown a 45 degree angle to where you aim wile smokes and strobes are thrown at a flat trajectory. this allows frags to be thrown like a friggin pro baseball player wile smokes are a little more realistic in 'average' distance. also i hope that the grenades are not covered in a thick coat of rubber :p with the new physx hopefully grenades will preform a little more realistically
  2. 2-for-1 special on nut packets over at 7/11 :cool:
  3. That guy

    Development Blog & Reveals

    story and scenario information is exactly what i wanted! now is BIS chance to justify thier equipment choices to the masses!
  4. for some conspiracy theorists physically taking them to the moon and showing them the landing sites is not good enough proof :p some people just need something to believe in. and honestly they could do a hell of alot worse than this edit: i should also mention that those are some pretty cool pictures. its amazing just how small each of these expeditions were.its quite amazing
  5. i could never go back to A1 really. the AI improvements from A1 to A2 are just too large. but to answer your question better, the "gameplay" is pretty much the same. you walk around, and you shoot dudes, avoiding being shot. its in the finer and underlying details that makes A2 so much better and richer experience
  6. awesome, its good to see development start up again
  7. the most important aspect of this featrue, is getting AI to use them effectively, with out doing somersaults in the editor and scripting madness.
  8. did they confirm that its in, or only allude to its possibility? i was under the impression it was a "maybe"
  9. i like the looks of the BAF warfare missions mainly due to the lack of heavy armor. most other warfare games simply degrade into big tank rushes, when all i really want to do is fight on foot (without simply hiding in a town camp buying ATGMs for an hour killing waves of tanks)
  10. That guy

    Arma 2: OA (M32 Launcher)

    there are no soldiers that are equipt with m32 by default.
  11. That guy

    Reinforcments Pack

    reinforcements will add its self to arrowhead, so everything will be in one place, no need to switch games
  12. That guy

    Functioning Co-Pilots

    alternitivly, make the co-pilot the vehicles "commander". its not realistic, but if you hand over the navigating, target acquisition, and other duties to him it frees up the pilot for, you know, flying
  13. That guy

    Actionmenu too cluttered

    i doubt the attach/detach actions will be on the action menu in the final game anyway, so worrying about is kinda pointless and i hope that you cant mod most weapons in the field as it is...
  14. That guy

    Please remove trees around airfields

    cherna and takistan are 3rd world countries with under developed infrastructure, raging civil strife and megalomaniacal dictators, i dont think they are going to respect those regs with great precision :p but seriously though, it would be nice to have bigger safety buffers
  15. i am going to assume that you meant "none" instead of "one". if those vehicles are not in the editor mission, then they maybe spawned via script, in which case you are probably out of luck. unless you want to go through each script file and locate them manually... and messing with complex spawning scripts is something i would not advise. an alternative is to simply add in what ever vehicles you want to the mission and have fun
  16. the Private Military Company (PMC) and British Armed Forces (BAF) mini expansion packs are downloadable addons that bring some new cools things to the game. as others have mentioned, the PMC campaign is 2 player coop and great fun, if you dont take it too seriously (like some people like to do). the BAF campaign is single player only, but a couple of the missions have mutliplyer coop versions. check out the main arma 2 web site for more details also, the campaign that was linked earlier (mighty justice) isnt coop compatible to my knowledge, unfortunately.
  17. That guy

    Arma 2: Namalsk Crisis

    ok DLed the update. i wasn't aware of it prior, thanks for pointing it out. it did seem to fix the issue of CQB weapons so that's great. another small request, please add in buckshot ammo for the saigas. its such a shame to have shotguns lying around with no buckshot :D
  18. That guy

    Arma 2: Namalsk Crisis

    Me and a freind just started playing the MP version of NC, and we have spotted a couple big problems. firstly, the second player starts armed with an m40 sniper rifle. since every mission takes place in CQB range and almost no opportunities for long range combat, p2 is worthless until he can get another weapon (makarov dont cut it when a horde of blood sucker are trying to chew your face off). additionally when hes killed, he respawns with the original gear (prob a BIS respawn thing, not mission problem). granted, it is easy too pick up the old gear from the body, but generally when you get hit you are out somewhere in easy reach of baddies and are usually just milliseconds away from a second lead transfusion. second, player 2 weapons and gear are not carried over from mission to mission. quite annoying to have to go looking for weapons at the start of every mission when player 1 retains all gear also, in mission 5 (where you wake up after blowout) player 1 starts with supressed G36c and not the M4 from earlier missions and the fixes for the bloodsuckers are great :)
  19. we had such a good thing going here. but inevitably, like the cycles of the moon, the FPDRRR thread once more rears its ugly head :p
  20. That guy

    Arma 2: Namalsk Crisis

    the screen going blank is suppose to be a cutscene (maybe your monitor or brightness options makes the screen look blank?), but the mission ending in failure? i dont know. after the village scoot around north of vorcheka (?) and head to the waypoint.
  21. That guy

    Bring back the music from OFP/ArmA/ArmA2/OA

    in general ArmA has always had good music, but (especially ArmA2) it has not fit very well into the missions. to me it seems that most of the games music is better suited for listing to, and not playing to. that of course changed with EW. those are some of the best ambient tracks ever. OA, BAF and PMC also improved on the "game" music and using it at appropriate times with appropriate tracks. and for a game as diverse as ArmA you really do need to cover the full spectrum of music sounds, from dramatic, quiet ambient, sad, epic, upbeat etc. im sure A3 will improve on this model.
  22. That guy

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 83657

    the issue with choppers detecting infantry is not an issue with the beta, but the game in general. i was playing the OA campagin the otherday (the flying mission, open season i think), and trying to clear that damn village is a pain. the AI gunner cant see infantry standing out in the open unless i got really close. of course since i was getting so close the inf were trying thier hardest to ruin my day. you have FLIR for a reason gunner! of course a fix needs to be very delicate. realistically it is difficult for air units to spot and ID targets on the ground with out marking or whatever. but a "fix" could easily make air units unrealistically deadly by spotting, IDing, and killing you instantly from great distances. i have not been keeping track of the betas, but has the issue of "watch" commands been fixed for vehicle units? i am terrified to give a command because you can never get an AI gunner out of it
  23. take the individual mission folders from the Depbo'd camapaign and put them in mydocuments/otherarma2profiles/*name*/missions. this way you can open the missions in the ingame mission editor. from there editing basic things like models and weapons is simple.
  24. i am excited to see some SPG's in game by default. looks like fancy space-age paladins. also i hope the arty system has been tweaked and improved too additionally in this pic, one of the soldiers appears to be holding the XM25 semi auto air-burst grenade launcher
  25. you can depbo the games campaign files, import them to the editor and change up what you like.