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  1. i am also really looking forward to this game, mostly for the 2 single player campaigns and how they will pan out
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    Development Blog & Reveals

    1 more year until release ;)
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    [Camp-SP] ArmA CO - Hammer of Thor

    in the campaign description.ext under campagin class add in disableMP=true name = "Hammer of Thor"; firstBattle = chapter1; disableMP = true; im pretty sure that's how its done :) if that's wrong hopefully some one can correct it I also have a little feedback on mission 2.currently, it wont end. i have destroyed the ammo cache and have cleared the town, but the waypoint wont be satisfied. i am guessing there is just one dude sitting in a corner somewhere praying we dont find him, but i have been through each house at least 2 times over trying to figure it out (and been shot 7 times in the process). i have even taken to grabbing the enemies weapons and firing wildly in the air as to grab the AIs attention so he will shoot me, and i can come back and get him. additionally, the players squad has movement waypoints to the center of each target building. unfortunately this severely slows down the progress of the mission as your freinds will have cleared each building and moved on by the time your squad finally shows up. also when the squad reached the final building before moving on to the town, thye just stayed there for over 10 min. (freindly forces had mostly cleared the town before my squad even reached the house). wile they were stuck, i just moved to the town to destroy the ammo and clear the houses, and eventually they just became unstuck and moved to the next waypoint behind me. final note, i dont like that "radio loop" that will play through out the mission. it is extremely loud, and very jarring to go from silence to LOUD RADIOOOO then back to silence.
  4. 1. you should have 2 vehicles so all of your people should fit. if i remember correctly a jackal can hold 5 people (commander, driver, gunner, 2 passenger). order everyone into one vehicle, then those who don't fit, order into the second. 2. the method you mentioned should work. have vehicle 1 (the one you are in) move up the road a few meters (like 50), and give vehicle 2 the regroup command. this give the AI enough room to move around but no far enough to freak it out. alternatively you can give both vehicles the same move order, and they should move together in formation 3. Either the vehicle was damaged and the AI bailed out, or you need to give the order to the vehicle commander (who ever's icon shows the vehicle). some times if you give a subordinate a command who is a driver in a commanded vehicle, he will derp and run off on his own. hope this is accurate
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    [Camp-SP] ArmA CO - Hammer of Thor

    i noticed that your campaign has a multiplayer option. is it MP compatible, or did you forget to disable that option? if its a mistake be sure to disable it, as multiplayer mission selection screens get clogged with campaign missions that have no MP capability
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    Wall Street Occupation

    i saw a whole bunch of protesters in my city yesterday. they didnt really go out of thier way to put their message into positive light. just a bunch of hippies and collage students making conflicting and nonsensical statements on the side of a road next to a bank. it reminded me of this. infact the sort-of-but-not-really-"leader" of this whole movement micheal moore him self on national TV that these people have no goals, objectives, and no leaders and dont really have a strategy for, well anything. and he seems to frame this as a positive thing! its a bunch of hippies who are naive to the workings of the world, expressing their discontentment about...? well everything apparently, valid reason or not LOL
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    Arma2 Reinforcements

    you may not need to buy arrowhead, as all of its content (minus the missions/campaign) are included in RFT. if you do want that content, then get OA the modline is the "target" in the properties of your shortcut (rightclick icon, properties, shortcut tab), for example "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\arma2OA.exe -nosplash" it should look something like this "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\arma2OA.exe -mod=c:\location\of\ArmA 2 Free"
  8. after playing around with them for a bit, i have found that i really, really like the unit patches. it just sort of brings them too life. a very nice touch
  9. its a local production model of the FAL with a burst instead of auto. happy?
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    Floating Zone toggle

    floating zone should simply be disabled when moving. there is no need for it when moving. plus it makes moving just a little bit smoother there is sort of a toggle for it wile in iron sights already. hold down alt and you will see the sights get locked to the center of the screen, and your arc of fire is limited to the movement of your characters torso. in some cases it makes shooting a little easier.
  11. If only there was a bolt action animation
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    Greek island protests inclusion in video game

    i was wondering when (if ever) this would happen, LOL! Limnos, welcome to the godzilla club. an exclusive club for citys and locales that get regularly trashed in film and other media. You have been granted special access because, although this is your first (if only) appearance in the media as a hot spot, the cumulative damage that will be displayed over the course of the games life cycle more than makes up for it. congratulations! you may now take your place next to new york, Washington DC, LA, and Tokyo in history!
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    PMC06 - Shotgun and UAVs

    the accuracy on those UAVs is terrible. i dont think i have every been hit by one. you will see for your self next mission... to win that mission i dont think its even fully necessary to shoot or kill any of the UAVs, you just need to take cover and give dicky enough time to "hack" them. i think
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    No OPFOR in Map View

    at lower difficulty there are map markers for spotted enemy units (by you or other friendly units). if no one on your side can see them, then they are not placed on the map. answer your question?
  15. i have been playing around with your script today, but it does not seem to be working properly. I am not sure if one of the previous arma patches broke something in your script, or i am not using the script properly for my tests i have placed a taki mech squad, and gave them a move order along a road a few clicks away. along the rout i have placed a few squads out in the open. when the BMP encounters the enemies it usually stops and opens fire like it should, but it will scoot forward a few meters at a time letting a couple guys out each stop. worse yet the soldiers that it unloads usually jump right back into the vehicle even if they are still under fire. at some point the BMP just takes off again to its waypoint some times leaving guys behind. i have also noticed that occasionally when the BMP reaches its waypoint it will turn around and head back towards the enemies, repeating the same get out-in procedure with the soldiers until the enemy are dead. I have tried variations of way points, alert levels and such, but generally behavior does not seem to improve. in fact the BMP squad usually faired better with vanilla (more survivors). is there specific types of way points that work better or certain circumstances that produce a better outcome for the script? anyway, thanks i should mention, i use the script version (not pbo) and i did install the folders correctly to the mission file. when i open the radio there is the option to "unlock vehicles". also i simply view the missions outcome with camera.sqs (for testing purposes) rather than play in the mission or in the friendly squads
  16. cool! im usually not a fan of plain old re-textures, but in this case it really seems to work well. looking forward to some fun in the editor , thanks
  17. That guy

    ARMA 2 : OA beta build 84689

    does the fix about grenades mean that they will no longer fall through buildings and such, or is it a fix for some other issue introduced? it seems likes its just a fix for a new issue, but one can hope
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    Why warfare fails as a game mode

    very good post. warfare is fun, but it does bring to sharp focus a few of the games biggest flaws that shatter the illusion of a massive intricate battle. most (actually all) games i have played eventually settle into a muddled confusing mess where command and control is impossible and the lines stagnate and crumple. from the perspective of some one who plays single player as a commander (or tried too) a combination of AI and high command make playing very difficult. in order to be successful you need to micro manage the crap out of your units, but the HC interface makes that a slow arduous process. add to that, there is no freaking documentation on how to use the advanced functions of the mode. i only recently became aware that there was a guide on the wiki, and even its usefulness is questionable. many of the issues with warfare are not really issues with the mission its self, but much deeper rooted issues with the game .in my opinion issues with "macro AI' and the HC interface need to be addressed before any work can really begin on making warfare a more viable staple for multiplayer. firstly "macro AI" (I have been wanting to start a thread on the HC interface and AI for a while, but never got around too it, so this will do for now) AI needs general commands. for example, Attack, Defend, assault, support by fire, escort, break contact etc. these can be done now, but in most cases they require complex scripting and knowledge extensive of the editor, and are usually not very good or are easily breakable (it boggles me how hard it is to get AIs to make an effective defensive position in the editor). secondly, add in a new function, "React to contact". this lets your AIs know what you want them to do, so you dont have to tell them exactly when it happens. after all, how many times have you seen an infantry squad run heedlessly into the maws of overwhelming enemies be it, entrenched defenders, or armor? for example, actions on contact, "continue mission (essentially what AI does now), halt to engage, break contact, push through" for example in HC mode you have a tank section and infantry squad. you give your infantry and order to "escort" the tanks. the infantry will automatically follow and protect the tanks. you then give your tanks a move order, and in the "actions on contact" tab, "stop to engage" (meaning they just wont keep plowing through the maw of AT gunners and enemy armor). AI also need to be tought how to use their equipment more effectively. for infantry they are pretty good, but the problem lies in AI effective use of armor and air assets. to go into more detail is a thread of its own... finally AI need to communicate with other formations and the commander. for example all units linked into the same HC module share general data on enemy positions, and status. 2-1, enemy armor north, taking casualties, falling back, small arms fire east, etc. i would love to see a full "macro AI" implemented where there is actual dynamic AI control of high command formations, but i dont think thats really a realistic goal HC interface to make a better interface, simply look to other full RTS's, or the quite fun WOO mod. have click-able buttons on a HUD rather than the whole scrolly clicky wonky thing, and work from there. honestly i have been sitting here for about a goddamned hour trying to cobble this together, typing out paragraphs, deleting them, rewriting, remembering other details, adding them in, etc. but now im just too damn tired to make it pretty, so hopefully its readable enough:rolleyes: if it turns out to be really ugly ill fix it up or elaborate later edit: 5leven, i dont think he ment "balance patch" in terms of weapon or vehicle stats, but things like cost changes, build time changes, or any modifications or bug fixes in the missions at all.
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    New ARMA3.com website with new Intel

    funny how that scope is STILL cheaper than an ACOG lol
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    Thoughts on using enemy uniforms

    i hope the uniform switch feature has to be added into a mission via a module or other scripted activator, and not in the game by defualt. if its optional then i really dont care too much how its implemented, as its up to the mission designer to make the most of (or abuse the crap out of) the feature. if its ON ALL THE TIME, then we have got a serious problem, and it needs be be regulated as heavily as every one else on this thread has pointed out. same goes for in mission weapon attachment swapping. it works for RPG type missions or mods, but for a realistic and authentic mission or scenario, weapon modding need to be relegated to in between missions in briefing screens, or disallowed all together.
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    New ARMA3.com website with new Intel

    the new info its self was mostly worthless, but it did allude to a much more developed and complex history (which i really hope will be given to us in great detail some day!) the new site ultimately did not live up to the week long count down timer. the site is fine, and will some day have what we want, but the hype that was built up was a let down. when you tease us with something for a week with anticipation for something new and exciting, but then only give us what we already know and a couple new names, its just a little disappointing
  22. i resent being punched in the face. i have already met my face punching quota for this month and dont appreciate going over it... again :p "healthy skepticism" dosnt really apply to something like the moon landings. the evidence claiming that its fake is very shaky and not very credible. plus most of the conspiracy theory's are more complex than the actual mission, and that is a warning sign right there... healthy skepticism does to other things, such as aliens and ghosts. they are not "provable" or reproducible, and seem to be accepted on a more faith based level by most people. there is a whole truck load of horrid, poorly done, crazy people "evidence" and even more hoaxes. but out of that mess there are isles of "credibility". in my opinion aliens have been visiting earth, but it could well be some big hoax. this is something that its very easy to be skeptical about *its also a bit odd, when ever some one credible wants to seriously scientific study they can never get funding or cant get off the ground which only leaves the crazy people who are dead set on proving or disproving something (not that they do anything in the proper scientific method anyway...) anyway, getting back to the original point, if you believe that the moon landings are fake, you might as well deny the holocaust, the invention of the light bulb and the existence of Australia. it holds about the same amount of water
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    Development Blog & Reveals

    so true. the hype for this little release was over blown, but hey, we still have 12 more months to beg for scraps and nitpick every little detail into dust until we pass out from excited hype/rage
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    Development Blog & Reveals

    well, that was underwhelming. the info wasnt even anything new. i stayed up late for this the only "new" info is character bios and the PMCs will be russians. also, there will only be NATO spec ops guys on limnos, no regulars the bios do point to an interesting lead up and course of the war here is to hoping that BIS (in expansion or DLC) will take advantage of this scenario and let us play the force on force European theater combat.
  25. That guy

    Development Blog & Reveals

    as of 2306 local time (GMT -7) still 10 hours to go by my counter thingy WHO WILL GUESSTHE RELEASE TIME!? :p