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    Random gear on men

    thanks celery. now i just need to figure out what you meant by "above the addweapon line". like i said i am not a coder. i am guessing i have to add this script into the one i already posted? its not a tottaly new script right? thanks
  2. we can also see the version number in this screen from MeriStation http://www.armaholic.com/datas/users/4-arma2_preview_meristation_april_42.jpg same version but honestly, i dont see why some of you are so wound up over this preview version. its also obvious that all the previewers a playing on the easies settings. look at all the markers and aids on screen. sure, the AI are no match for the human players, and probably for a long time, never will (on equal terms that is). but even core AI does not change from ArmA1, even the addition of non-forward movement and centimeter precision will increase the AIs combat efficiency tremendously. also remember that BIS has to code AI that will also make it appealing enough for the general public. just imagine the reviews and feedback if the AI had as much common sence as a normal human. a small fire fight would last for hours and hours against even a few foes. sure most of us crazy fools who post on this forum would love that (me included), the general public would not. lets face it, hiding behind a barrier for an hour hearing shots nearby, not being able to move or shoot can get very very boring if you are not in the right mind set
  3. when moving weapon sights do become misaligned. even though when moving, you can aim part of the weapon at a target the shot can miss here is a little diogram. the " . " represents point of impact ____. ---_|_--- properly aligned sights __. ---|__--- misaligned sights as you can see its just like shooting a real weapon. i find it to be (along with the true first person and freeaim) to extremely satisfying to shoot in Arma now if only it were possible to make a 3D optical scope model :P
  4. That guy

    Random gear on men

    well i dont really know what those lines are needed for (they look important to me) the reason i was not doing the addmag addweap was to give more variability and randomness the script randomly takes one of the item listed in the _Weapons= and _ammo= and give a box between 0 and 4 magazines and 0 and 1 weapons each time the mission starts maybe i did not make that too apparent my first post, sorry
  5. I am kind of curious, why are there no higher quality ARPAT units in ace? i was under the impression that the IMWM content was now ACE's. for example we see the IMWMs US soldier models in game, but the are in woodland, and not ARPAT. is there some conflict somewhere where ace is not allowed to release them? sorry if this has already been answered (not in the past 50 pages anyway)
  6. the cool thing about ArmA is the bullets actually come out of the actual muzzle of the weapon model, so the weapons them selves have have high degrees of accuracy (pin point accuracy at close range, with little deviation at long), but the muzzle bounces around a lot, in addition to the sites becoming miss aligned, causing realistic missing. as opposed to the simple cone of fire seen in most other games