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  1. the OA arty is ridiculously easy, BUT play on vet or with map markers off. makes it a little better. i assume that on normal you can see unit markers in the arty screen
  2. you guys still plan to have an addon free version right? no weapons packs required?
  3. well if you do revive this, remember im still around and willing :)
  4. That guy

    How many people still play this?

    the only difference between ArmA2 and A2:Free, is free lacks campaign/mod support, and has low res textures. other than that, its the same game
  5. yes indeed! i cant wait to see all the russians NOT wearing those silly 50 year old steel bed pans on their heads
  6. That guy

    MechWarrior Online

    all this month and perhaps for the next few months MWO team will be releasing new information every wednesday. this week, an interview with MWO concept artist. i found the interview to be too informal and didnt contain any game relevant info, but really, what should i expect from a concept artist? there are a couple composite sketches of various versions of the atlas, but not really worth linking NoRailGunner: basically at worst it will be like every other mechwarrior games MP to date, basic DM game with no relevance to the story. we are hoping with the territory control mechanic, and the take and hold game style (among others) that the game will be relavent within the universe. also while we have no info yet on how customizable the mechs will be, there has been a whisper from the devs that it will be restricted in some fashion. i very much hope for this
  7. That guy

    Development Blog & Reveals

    You bastards :computer:
  8. That guy

    OPFOR sniper rifles

    you can do it, its just not realistically practical
  9. That guy

    OPFOR sniper rifles

    the PSO is fully adjustable in real life. it has the quick rangefinder reticule, but it also has elevation knob. set it to the correct distance and shoot off the top chevron rather than one of the lower ones
  10. That guy

    MechWarrior Online

    A new blog entry "why you want mechwarrior to be F2P?" added to main post
  11. That guy

    MechWarrior Online

    if the game turn out to be successful, they may release some single player DLC packs or something. it makes sense to me. the company releases the first iteration of the game, a few mechs a few maps with a stable engine. they get some cash flow going, they can get some more mechs and more maps done (maybe some new features). once the MP portion is stable, they can then afford to start making the single player aspect of the game, which they could release for some DLC prices 10-20. afterall they chose this free to play model because they do not have the resources to do a full single player/multilayer box game.
  12. That guy

    MechWarrior Online

    if you read through all the material the devs seem to be pretty committed to making the game fair for non payers. they have also made a couple posts on thier forums the the affect, "dont panic about F2P! we have this covered!" I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt that they know what they are doing. afterall, I want this project to see the light of day, and to not fall into purgatory again
  13. That guy

    Civilian in Editor

    no. just add it and wonder around. the module does not create large crowds or anything, and it takes some time for a civ to show up, but they are there. if you check the wiki im sure there is a parameter you can add to the module to spawn more civs also make sure you use the correct module for the correct map ( i have never tried to put the cherna civ module in takistan and takis in cherna. so that MAY be an issue as well)
  14. That guy

    Civilian in Editor

    ambient civilians, or ambient civilians (expansion) for takies. if you just place a civ in the editor he will just stand there unless given a directive from a waypoint or script (or shooting at him :p)
  15. That guy

    Official Zombies ?

  16. these units are pretty cool, but i have noticed a couple small problems: there are issues with shadows (holes and tears in the shadow) some units have no webgear/LBVs on (who should probably have them. grenadiers, saboteurs, AT, engineer) some inconsistency with unit loadout. MGs only have 2 belts, while riflemen and marksmen have a full 12 mags, and no units have grenades or smokes. some units that have GLs don't have a full compliment of ammo no autoriflemen or medic not backpack compatible? looking forward to a replacement pack though
  17. That guy

    Official Zombies ?

    no official zombie modes, thanks. its the modders job
  18. That guy

    PMC05 - Elimination

    you did miss a vehicle. you need to spot it before its added too the mission log. look for a moving target
  19. That guy

    Bohemia Interactive ARMA Games....

    all of those variables are determined by the mission designer. its up to you to do the necessary MOS "qualifications" for different roles (IE actually becoming proficient with drving, flying, using RPGs etc)
  20. That guy

    [CAMP-SP] Desert Fever

    awesome! an OPFOR campaign! Im going to try it out tomorrow
  21. That guy

    Singleplayer with epic plot

    a story about war is not interesting in a game sense, but a story about PEOPLE in a war is interesting. for example A Band of Brothers (an amazing series), and eagle wing (in addition to a couple usermade campaigns). BIS have already indicated that the A3 campagin will be like a sandbox exploration game. you will wonder around alone and try not to die. this approach could work very well, or it could fall flat on its ass story wise. since Zipper is now a dev, i am holding out that they will make it work (i may have missed the memo, but im hoping they hired him as a mission designer/scripter type guy:bounce3:). personally i want to see ArmA3 get some large expansion packs focusing on the main front line war, the grunts, and the hardships they face, not this "special forces-super-secret-mission thing". have a BoB style linear campaign about some private (European or Iranian/OPFOR), and maybe some impersonal more open-ended "tactical" campaign focused on some of the larger important battles of the war (29th MEU defense of Limnos, battle of Brno etc). have a different "flavor" or style for each campaign much like they are now with A2
  22. That guy

    The Thing 2011

    another "review" of the movie. its a bit lengthy
  23. That guy

    Arma 3 Case Mod

    Im with PuFu and the others for the clean sharp and less generic angry army guy ArmAX look edit that "upside down ultramarines" logo is know as omega :p
  24. it is possible to use the hellfires. i have used them to great effect in a few missions you need to select the hellfire, lock target and hope that the UAV is flying twords your target but yeah, the UAVs are a little... messed up.
  25. That guy

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 85478

    i am not sure about the damage over distance change really. wile in reality bullets are very deadly at range, there are more factors at play. in game however, things are much easier with extremely stable aiming, low suppression effects, low wounding effects (very little "impact", or even knowing you have been hurt), simplistic human damage model, low recoil and bullet deviation in addition to absolutely terrible armor simulation (in addition to AI shortcomings). this makes combat much easier. so in effect having low bullet damage in game makes the game more "realistic" by sort of simulating some the above effects and making the long range firefight last longer. i have not played the beta so far, but this is just one of my concerns