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    PMC05 - Elimination

    i hate to have to mention this, but you are using thermals right? they should be visible from hundreds of meters away
  2. unfortunately it seems unlikely too be a PR stunt there was another blurb on RPS today (mostly inconsequential), but some one translated a russian article in the comments section (and by translated, google )
  3. another thing springs to mind, what will happen to the stalker TV series? i was hoping for another "Firefly" out of that... from what i understood, they were going to release that at the same time as Stalker 2
  4. That guy

    MechWarrior Online

    Big update today! Dev Blog 1! todays topic, Community warfare, faction alliances, and the Inner Sphere! check it out! exclamation point! edit, its also worth mentioning some cool artwork released a couple weeks ago. Dragon + cockpit concept
  5. That guy

    Stagler's Spetsnaz GRU

    noticed a small problem. when playing as the operator or assultman, there is no balaclava when in 3rd person view. small problem, not really an issue, just small thing that i noticed
  6. That guy

    Stagler's Spetsnaz GRU

    cool units, I am going to use them in the Forgotten Few Campaign :)
  7. use the UAV to find the insurgent base. the commander should be there as well
  8. i really would like to see all the basic weapons and equipment that we have now, if only to make life easier for modders. i dont want to see 10 different community made AK47/M16/4 packs all doing the same thing, but mostly incompatible in stats, gameplay or general quality
  9. That guy

    [Camp-SP] ArmA CO - Hammer of Thor

    cool! ill play though once BIS finally gets that patch cranked out
  10. That guy

    Do you know this person?

    it says: "You can trust me, i Hav good mustache! No gypsy here!" :p
  11. after some testing, i have to say this is quite amazing! anyway, for some reason i cant get the ctrl key to work as the activation key, but the alt key does. odd
  12. wow this looks amazing! i am going to try and tinker around with it thanks! I am having trouble with setting a different key for interaction. the PDF versions has the lines needed, but they are not copyable, were as the text version does not have the commands at all i am trying to get the DIK code thing to work, but i cant get it too. keeps telling me invalid variable 0=findDisplay 46 displayaddeventhandler [“keydownâ€,â€hint format ['%1',_this select 1];â€]; is there a way to add in were the key is mapped to an out of game config file? like have the config file in the addons folder or something? that way the key is not slaved to the whims of the mission maker. since i use my shift key as sprint, makes for very awkward handling :p i would like to switch the key to left CTRL
  13. That guy

    Showcase Mission: Takistan Army

    unfortunately all the core OA files are encrypted so we can not DePBO them personally i would like to get the OA music files for listening, but cant :(
  14. That guy

    How to control NAPA ALLIED Group ?

    CTRL+Space before diving into that mission, you should check out the warfare tutorial training missions
  15. you just need to reinstall 1.59 to make sure everything is updated, or wait for 1.60. you really dont need the baf or PMC patches
  16. That guy

    MechWarrior Online

    New material day! Over the last week the devs have been taking player questions about the game and its "rebooting" and answered them. there is alot of good info, and more importantly, they answered my question! :D EDIT, new spot of info, looks like the game will be powered by CRYENGINE 3 http://mwomercs.com/news/2011/11/28-cryengine3-powers-mechwarrior-online
  17. That guy

    Heroes and Generals - MMO

    it looks like it will be a much less hardcore game than WWII online. same basic concept, but more relaxed. and I would love to see that vegetation rendering in A3, if its not there already (equivalent or better system)
  18. That guy

    [CAMP-SP] Battlefield Takistan

    still stuck on mission 3 (i may just cheat) another little suggestion. have multiple "escape points". one in north, east and west. that way player can safely exfiltrate with out having to slog across the entire hostile map. i was so close this time. so close. then I rage quit :p
  19. YES! i cant say how many times i was TCing a vehicle and needed a better view, zoomed only to lock on to a friendly or civilian and my gunner to imminently waste them with glee. its also funny how they were usually quicker to commit fratricide than to say, shoot at the enemy! A FANTASTIC FIX! you cant see it, but i am dancing a little. in my head
  20. That guy

    [CAMP-SP] Battlefield Takistan

    played the first few missions. good so far. but looking forward to getting further in. i like playing as the guerrillas edit: something else i really liked
  21. did you include shotguns with buckshot ammunition? ;)
  22. That guy

    [CAMP-SP] Battlefield Takistan

    wow 4 campaigns in one day? impressive. im going to check this one out
  23. curious how a tank will come to a grinding halt for a rabbit, but if say, a friendly is in its way, it will happily grind him to a paste with out so much as blinking
  24. please make a version with the default 107s. yeah, its not authentic (neither is US army with mk16s!), but i really dont like using weapons packs because they usually are not sound mod compatible, and usually sound like utter crap