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    A Review and one simple Question

    You know what you're buying. Also, it's been like this since OFP. The beginning of a new game in the series has always been like this. But the state of the game has also always been continously improved by BI. Look at the forums. It's getting out of hand. All these guys whining about things they thought would be in the game and demanding that BI adds these things in the game just because they think something would be cool. The things that have been promised will eventually be implemented in the game. period. Kids just don't have patience and the state of the forum right now is a perfect reflection of that. Noone has ever promised variations between each factions. These people are in no position to demand that the developers add these. What they can do though, is stop playing the game if they don't like it instead of spamming the forum with frustrations. Declaring that you payed for an incomplete game is total bullshit when talking about Arma. Even in the Alpha stage you had a more complete game than most of AAA titles that have come out in the last couple of years.
  2. Reggaesmurf

    AI is exstremly stupid

    Because you don't know how to control them, don't blame it on the AI, dude
  3. Reggaesmurf

    A Review and one simple Question

    Too bad all these self proclaimed arma vets who are making numerous complain-threads don't realise this. They still think they're dealing with a capitalistic publisher like EA or Ubisoft. This is different, this is ArmA.
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    Boehmia, be reasonable, and honest.

    nono, we reeeally want you to get a refund.
  5. Reggaesmurf

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    Hey Banga, I downloaded your script and it works great. I'm currently editing a nightmission where all players spawn without NVG's and I would like to have all enemey AI patrols use their flashlight while patrolling. Is there any place where I can add the {_x enableGunLights "forceOn"} line or is there another way to do this?
  6. Unbelievable how a possible interesting thread can turn into a thread where people feel the need to brag about their abilities to check ip's... I don't like where this forum is going.
  7. A big thanks to you comrade Fer, FA and all the helpers! Tractors for all!
  8. haha "must be changed" you're funny combatcomm.
  9. I'm trying to make a mission somewhat based on Homer Johnston's Operation Mongoose (Link) for lower player counts. 1. I'm trying to make it so that, after the in-game mission briefing, 1 player (me) should be able to make his group teleport into the sky (via addaction-flagpole) for a parachute jump. Right now, i'm able to do this for 1 player only, not for a group. It doesn't have to be from a plane. 2. If possible i would like the teleport to be somewhat random. The group should teleport to a different place everytime the mission is replayed. 3. Is there any possibility to make the players inside the group teleport a minimum of distance away from eachother? So they don't fly too close to eachother and to make sure the players need to find eachother and regroup after landing. 4.Currently i'm doing this without any HALO script, but i would like the players to be able to know their height ASL while falling, is there any easy way to add this? Thx for the help!
  10. Hi, I was able to some more testing with 2 friends in mp. It seems that when i try the HALOjump, the group members do get teleported into the sky, but i'm the only one with a prachute. The other guys just fall to their death. They don't get the option to open chute... Am I missing something to make this work in mp?
  11. Thx for the replies, i'll try out these suggestions this weekend and keep the thread updated! EDIT: I did some tests and I got the script from Mattar_Tharkari working. Thx. I have another question though: Is there any possibility to add a minimum seperation between the group of players when they teleport. Right now the players fly next to eachother and i would like them to land away from eachother so they have to try and regroup after landing.
  12. Heya Sa-matra, I found your thread and since i'm here I wanted to say thanks for taking the effort of creating a decently balanced mission. I have been playing on your servers together with Pixlin and "2"(yup, that's his nick) since v4. You can find us mostly making a base in Zelenogorsk, everyone who wants to pass, pays a rather large toll :-). Although the last couple of weeks we're taking on missions and having even more fun. Would there be any possibilities to add backpacks? Maybe make it so that it's only possible to buy them in the gun store? I saw Tonic's version has them and maybe you could integrate them into your version? Keep up the good work, can't wait for future updates...
  13. Reggaesmurf

    Android plugin

    Any possibility for it to work on a HTC Wildfire with 320*240 ? Ty
  14. Reggaesmurf

    Best game type for a Noob

    Trux, check your PM inbox !