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  1. No! :) There is a small error in the config of the acre_main.pbo. Just a wrong path to the XEH_pre_init.sqf script that is in the .PBO That should be a quick fix.
  2. ACRE version 1.2.9. I get this error when I try to run any mission. "Script idi\clients\acre\addons\main\XEH_pre_init.sqf not found" Is there something I do wrong?
  3. Squad name - Phoenix Soldiers - Tactical Gaming Group Timezone/location - GMT / Game-server located in New York, USA Squad gamemode preference - COOP Contact email - info@phoenixsoldiers.com Website address - http://www.phoenixsoldiers.com
  4. Well, repeating your self here is not going to get your problems resolved. You have to post it on there website. There is not much support here. :)
  5. Please report bugs or problems at http://tracker.idi-systems.com/projects/acre/issues You need to log in to report a problem. It really does not make any sense putting them here.
  6. What about normal TeamSpeak. Can you record that correct?
  7. To have a patch applied for Arma 2, you must first run Arma 2 from steam. That sets stuff in the windows registry. That information is needed for the patch to locate your Arma 2 installation. Same goes for Operation Arrowhead. Run it before applying a patch. And as always... use the search function in here. These kind of "problems" have been talked about many times before.
  8. This is not a real manual - just a video. Can you use this for something?
  9. Yes, this is a false positive. No problems found with the file here. (Comodo + ThreatFire)
  10. Boxter.dk

    Sound Of Anders (soundmod)

    Hi Anders, Just checking for life signs :) How are you doing?
  11. That would be so cool. The background sounds recorded by the transmitters in-game microphone and an other recording from the the real life microphone. Then mixed and used as what you transmit on the ACRE radio. Brilliant thinking. But can it be done? I don't know. Maybe you should suggest it at http://dev-heaven.net/projects/a2ts3/issues
  12. Boxter.dk

    Sound Of Anders (soundmod)

    Excelent work as always mr. -=anders=- !!! I love this mod!
  13. Hi SnRWhere it says "Game password" on the "Game server" tab under every server. If you still can't find it - use the Help button on top. ---------- Post added at 05:38 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:32 PM ---------- Hi trooph You can always upload the files using an other FTP-client if the Addon Sync one gives you trouble. ---------- Post added at 05:40 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:38 PM ---------- Hi kdjacThe option is on the page/tab where the download button is.
  14. Boxter.dk

    Sound Of Anders (soundmod)

    Hi -=anders=- Nice soundmod! I found something. I was testing your mod on the Lingor map. I found that whenever I get close to some water I hear the water sound. But there is no volume change on the sound. It always plays at full volume like the water is in my head :)
  15. I know. :) So let me ask the question a bit different: Does anybody have a working mission using any kind of ACRE retrans?
  16. You are absolutely right. Exec is for sqs. But the example worked fine since the content of the locks.sqf file is both sqs and sqf syntax. ;) I have edited the example to use execVM.
  17. Here is a working solution for players, servers and dedicated servers Add the following to your init.sqf: box_fnc_locks=compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "init_locks.sqf"; call box_fnc_locks; Add the following to vehiclelock.sqf box_lock_command=[_this select 0,"locked"]; publicVariable "box_lock_command"; Add the following to vehicleunlock.sqf box_lock_command=[_this select 0,"unlocked"]; publicVariable "box_lock_command"; Add the following to init_locks.sqf: private ["_obj","_command"]; while {true} do { if !isNil("box_lock_command") then { _obj=box_lock_command select 0; _command=box_lock_command select 1; if (local _obj) then { box_lock_command=nil; publicVariable "box_lock_command"; _obj setvehiclelock _command; }; }; sleep 1; }; Add the following to your locks.sqf: 0 = _this addaction ["<t color='#ffff00'>Unlock vehicle</t>","vehicleunlock.sqf",[],0,false,false,"","((locked _target) and (leader _this==_this))"]; 0 = _this addaction ["<t color='#ffff00'>Lock vehicle</t>","vehiclelock.sqf",[],0,false,false,"","((!locked _target) and (leader _this==_this))"]; Then Add the following to the Initialization field of the vehicle(s) you want to be able to Lock/Unlock by walking up to it and use the mouse menu: 0 = this execVM "locks.sqf" Important: Only Group Leaders can Lock/Unlock vehicles in this version.
  18. Boxter.dk

    PROJET FELIN - [R3F] Armes

    Awesome!!! Nice job! One of the very best addons I have ever seen.
  19. Yes it is. I found several references to 1.0.12 inside the dll's.
  20. Hi jaynus Just tested this installer on my system (Windows7/64; ArmA2 & Arrowhead folders in registry points to the same folder). Has no problems finding the right ArmA 2 folder to install to. Has problems finding the TS3 folder. I then picked the TS3 client root folder. ArmA2 files and folders was updated correct. TS3 .dll files was not copied (existing, older files not changed).
  21. Boxter.dk


    @Furret: That is true until next release of JayArmA2Lib. As always when a new Beta of ArmA/OA comes out, support for it has to be build in to JayArmA2Lib. (not sure if that was what you meant)
  22. Boxter.dk


    No, version 1.0 is not released yet..