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  1. Can't wait to see how the AI's gonna behave with HC :P any update?

    back to work. No intermediate version for the moment. :p

    Is this compatible with units spawned from MCC addon (Mission Control Centre)?

    No problem. it works on all unit, even those created on the fly.

    The addon works very simply, that makes it lightweight and efficient. It will not make error with other addons

    If you want to use it with other similar addons, I advise you to do some tests. First try the addons one by one, compares the result. Then tested together and see what happens. Made ​​your own jujement.

    Sorry for my english :p

  2. Sorry, what I meant was, do we get even more improvement on AI behavior with 1.1 version?

    Also, I would like to know if it would create any kind of issue with AGM AI module.

    After several coop matches I can say that your addon is game modifier and is mandatory from now on.


    No improvement on the gameplay, just technical.

    I think that there will be no problem with AGM.

    It is clear that changes life. :thumb:

  3. Are you sure about that ? Some missions are spawing AI on the client side and not on the server.

    IIRC, using ASR (another AI mod) on the server only was not impacting AIs spawned on the client. To get ASR on all AIs, it was mandatory to have the addons both on the clients and the server.

    The current version only supports AI server side, the next release will support AI on all locality, including on headless client.

  4. Hi Mapoule!

    I tested this script on various missions in single player and it is very very good and realistic. Very good job ;)

    But any chance to have it in addon format (pbo file) for an easy adaptation?

    Salut Mapoule!

    J'ai testé ce script sur différentes missions et c'est une tuerie. Un sacré bon boulot, je ne peux plus m'en passer déjà! Par contre serait il possible d'avoir une version sous forme d'addon, en fichier pbo afin de l'adapter facilement sur ce que l'on veux? C'est peut être une manipulation simple mais mes connaissances dans le domaine sont limitées.

    Merci en tout cas et encore bravo :)

    Yeah, it is possible that this becomes an addon and the whole system will be redesigned and improved.


    Thank you for the compliment.

  5. Interresting way to reveal player position and forcing AI suppressing fire.

    I have a question regarding the performance when i look into the system.

    Basicaly, each player triggered a fire event handler. When they fire without silencer, a nearestEntities of "Land" type is executed up to 600 meter around and a the resulting array is send to the server using publicVariableServer command...............................................on server side could be better to save server fps.

    Despite this, the approach is interresting. Thanks.

    Exact, BUT I have used some limitations :pray: :

    1. the function fired by the event handler is temporised to every 30sec.

    2. there is a ground level of 1.5 knowledge level over witch there is no broadcast.

    3. the knowledge level takes time to decrease.

    Just a quick question, does this script support spawned AI(spawned with zeus)?

    Yes no problem.

  6. R3F_AiComTarget.jpg

    Light, Simple but Rough !!!

    Improve AI's behaviour, fighting skill and player détection

    The Team R3F witch have done the R3F Weapons Pack release here a powerfull Addon.

    "Improving AI behaviour on ArmA serie is a never-ending quest. we have early noticed a "lack of communication" between ArmA3's AI in combat zone.

    To correct this, {R3F} Mapoule release here an addon R3F_AiComTarget which has been specialy developted for multiplayer mod.

    It has been tested 24/7 on a multiplayer server with Domination on and also on private edited operation, by daytime and night time.

    You'll notice an impressive result : Alerted AI will never leave you any rest, and you'll survive only with a clean coop gameplay, with proper weapons, or with good fall-back uses." {R3F} Killjoe

    Version 1.1 (addon version) : 26/06/2014, 13 Ko

    Changelog :

    - addon version.

    - full single player compatibility.

    Addon Required : CBA 3


    - For a SingerPlayer use, add r3f_aicomtarget folder to root of Arma 3 folder.

    - For a MultiPlayer use, add r3f_aicomtarget to Arma 3 folder root on the server. Players do not need the addon on there computer.

    With Zeus, groups or unit created without wp do not react. strange ...

    Think about putting minimum of one wp group or unit.

    Download : >>> team-r3f.org/downloads <<<

    Thanks to Madbull for the tips & tricks ....

    Thanks to the members of R3F for testing and idea.