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  1. Yeah, that's exactly what I had to do, a fresh install. It's a real pain to get all settings to what I had before :(
  2. Hello, Is it no longer possible to use Armas standard methode of commanding your AI-buddies, i.E. not having to press ctrl, anymore? I cant find a setting for this, nor any key bindings referencing to this. I'm sure this has been asked before but the search didn't come up with anything useful, sorry!
  3. I see. Guess I'll have to wait then. Thanks for taking the time to answer!
  4. Hi, I get the mod to work fine for all units, except the Zombies. Their heads won't pop, no matter what I try. I tested i with only the head_gore mod and the Zombies loaded as well as with bloodlust, with and without cba. With and without placing the module with all possible caliber settings. All with the same result, no joy. All mods are loaded trough the Steam workshop. Anyone that could help me with this?
  5. Are there any plans for a Korean War mod? It is a period that has to my knowledge never been used in Arma games. I'd really like to see this.
  6. I really hope this gets fixed soon. It's just such an annoyance.
  7. Great mod! Can't wait for the Iron Front and Arma 2 Islands update!
  8. You wouldn't even need to sync the modules, they would just be used to activate the scripts and maybe choose some of the config options, i.e. radio for cars only etc. That would be perfect imo. Though I have absolutly no idea how hard that would be to implement. Anyway, I can't play without TPWmods anymore. They make the game so much more "alive" and immersive. Thanks, TPW!
  9. The best way would be modules. Just put down the modules you want, no hassle with config or removing of pbo's. I hope this will be integrated rather soon. Until then I keep different copies of the config file for different modsets/ missions. Makes it a little easier to switch between the wanted addons.
  10. Just a heads up, you forgot to put the pbo in an addon folder inside your @AISS folder. And for further convenience, could you put the hpp file folder (AISS) also already in an Userconfig folder? Makes the unpacking so much easier. Anyway, thanks for your mod, it's great for sp players like me, that don't have so much scripting knowledge! Keep it up! ;)
  11. Read the OP, that should answer your question. tl,dr: No
  12. Thanks for this great modpack, can't play without it anymore! I think i found a bug. Destroyed civ cars are still honking!
  13. That's some great news, can't wait for an addon version! Thanks for making Arma so much better!
  14. menjoo

    VTS Simple weapon resting

    Maybe lower the turning rate when prone?
  15. What an awesome idea! It's a pity i dont have an android phone.
  16. Maybe she is just pissed because everyone assumes she is a guy. She's not. :p
  17. Same here. There are some awesome maps for Arma 2 that I really miss.
  18. menjoo

    The Undead Mod

    Of course. Thanks for explaining it tough! :)
  19. menjoo

    The Undead Mod

    I see. I was under the impression that they "magically" knew your position. How far can they hear gunfire/surpressed fire then? I guess I have to do some testing tonight. :) Also, I found a script for Arma 3 that allows for silent take downs (stealth kills). Maybe you could incorporate something like that in to the mod too, i.e. tied to a weapon (hatchet, club etc) in your inventory. That would be really cool.
  20. menjoo

    The Undead Mod

    Awesome! Cant wait for it. One question: For the Arma 3 mod, would it be possible to have the zeds only hunt you if they hear/see/smell you? That would make for some great sneaking scenarios where you are unarmed at first and such. Anyway, keep up the good work!
  21. menjoo

    ASR AI Skills

    Great, thank you!
  22. menjoo

    ASR AI Skills

    Where can i get the asr_ai3_settings.hpp? It's not in the download. Can I just use the arma 2 file and rename it properly? Would that work? I use your latest Arma 3 version (asr_addons_21_03_2013). edit: It tells me the .hpp file is outdated when I just rename it. So, where do I get the newest .hpp file?
  23. menjoo

    The Undead Mod

    Sorry for necro'ing this thread, but is this still in development? Its just that this is the only mod with slow zombies (beside the "talking" zombies from the Namalsk mod) and I would just love to see the fixes and changes Charon talked about. So, should I get my hopes up?