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  1. The kind of jet missions id like to see in a campaign probably couldnt be done or done well atleast in arma series imo, theres something about flying in the game that just doesnt seem right to me personally. Now obviously arma 3 is a new game but i cant see it being that massively different.

    Because a campaign has to be scripted the only gripping flight gameplay imo is in multiplayer. Wont add a lot of value for me to see flight missions in campaign.

    And I don't think Captain Scott Miller knows how to fly a jet, LOL.

  2. I too just upgraded to a GTX 680. My system is ready for ARMA III. If we learned anything from previous ARMAs, it is that it is better to be overkill than be underkill specswise.

    I'm worried about the VRAM on the 680. 2GB is not just not enough for full view distance. There're 4GB versions but impossible to find water blocks for them.

  3. BTW what exactly is BMS ?

    And more important, is it playable with M+K only?

    It's a realistic F-16 sim by Benchmark Sims (BMS) based on Falcon 4.0 but with a brand new DX9 graphics engine, new 3D model and cockpit, etc. You'd be having a hard time controlling the jet with just K+B though.

    Falcon 4.0? L.O.L.

    Falcon 4.0 despite all the improvements made in that BMS version is still miles behind DCS. It has only one flyable, the flight model still sucks compared to ED's flightsim, you can't use ground units like in Combined Arms, the graphics are still behind, etc etc I could go on, but I won't waste more of my time.

    Well, until there's a DCS: Viper with a complex dynamic campaign (which I doubt will ever happen since DCS' focus is dissimilar air combat), BMS 4.32 is the only option.

  4. You forgot about the patches of bug fix that they sell you so that you can play.:p

    I don't mind that at all.

    ---------- Post added at 03:40 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:32 PM ----------

    Simpyl not true, and here is the proof.

    But it made me commit a crime, pirating the original Falcon 4 in order to install BMS since it requires the .exe. :(

  5. Realistic flight sims are the most complex type of game to make, and have just about the smallest market in gaming. High development costs + low sales = not a profitable venture, unless one already has the market cornered or something.

    Yeah, there is one. DCS Word + DCS Combined Arms + Official DCS aircraft + 3rd party paid add-ons.

  6. Yes and no. It resets the stick zero to where ever you click the trim button. Hold helicopter level, click trim, return stick to neutral, and the helicopter stays trimmed.

    Does that mean you cannot mimic the real helicopter where the cyclic remains in a trimmed position even with a force feedback stick?

  7. Auto trim is the new noob filter:D

    How does manual trim work in TOH? Is it like DCS Black Shark where if you have a force feedback joystick it will lock the stick in position when you press the trim button. My old trusty MSFF2 is perfect for it.

  8. If A3 went with steam as for server browsing i'd stop supporting it and stop trying to get people to buy ArmA III. Try Dawn of War II: Retribution, then tell me how great that steam match making really is.

    I have to agree. If they just gonna use Steamworks for it's DRM, it's fine, but don't use anything else, especially their match making. Maybe Cloud is OK, but I have heard people losing saves.

  9. I used to have this mouse acceleration issues but not anymore after I did some tweaks. I basically set X and Y sens and mouse smoothing to zero, turn off vsync, and in the .cfg file, do the following:



    Now my mouse movement is perfect.