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  1. Just curious, anyone has any idea where CDWoW is located? It's certinaly not based in Australia. I pulled this out of thier FAQ: Approximate Delivery Times are: •UK - 5 to 7 days from despatch •Germany, Austria and Switzerland - 4 to 6 days from despatch •Other EU - 6 to 8 days from despatch •Hong Kong and Asia - 5 to 7 days from despatch •Australia and New Zealand - 7 to 10 days from despatch •USA - 7 to 10 days from despatch
  2. I could have ordered it from Steam also, but I don't want to pay the high US retail price which is like 20 USD more expensive than buying from a local brick & mortar store.
  3. Amuro

    Flying the F-35....

    That's a very nice video! One question though, how does the game simulate the HMDS (Helmet Mounted Display System) of the F-35? Did you turn the HMDS off in your video?
  4. Amuro

    The tanks are a lot better!

    This one? 6Cy5JiuVt5s
  5. Do you get to fly any of the aircrafts, helicopters in the singlepalyer campaign?
  6. To be honest, I was almost going to torrent the German version + English patch so I can play early, and then buy a legit copy of the game later this month when it comes out. But right now there's no way I'm gonna do that and have a ruined experience.
  7. Yes, I was. But seeing there's a FADE protection system in place, I'd be better off just wait for a few more weeks and enjoy the real experience. Thanks for the replies guys anyway. For a minute there, I was really tempted to do it.
  8. I have a question. Kinda silly but, here it goes... I'm buying this game (already pre-ordered it). Since I'm definitely buying it, does it make it ok to torrent the German version so I can play while waiting for the game to be released in my region? I have not torrented any game before, and this is the only time I've ever felt like doing it... but like I said, I will buy the game once it's out no matter what, so what do you guys think?
  9. Amuro

    ARMA 2 and aircraft

    Is it the Force Feedback 2 you have? When I play a sim like the DCS Black Shark, I use the MSFF2 along with the throttle of the X52 Pro and CH pedals . Works really great. The FF2 is very precise, and will not develop center play ever because it doesn't use a spring gimbal mechanism. An unmodified HOTAS Cougar is a nice looking pile of junk, so unless you plan on spending an extra couple hundred bucks to mod it, stay clear of it.
  10. Amuro

    ArmA II release date discussion thread

    If it doesn't come out on 23rd June, I'm going to have to import it from the UK. But why is game.co.uk has it at £39.99 which is like £15 more expensive compared to amazon.co.uk? Too bad amazon doesn't ship outside Europe.
  11. Amuro

    TrackIR 5 ArmA2 Thread!

    I purchased TrackIR 5 immediately after I received the newsletter from Natural Point over 10 days ago. Should've came here and chekced out the video first. :(