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  1. Amuro

    Arma 2 like Project Reality?

    What do you gusy think of the Point Existence 2 mod? I used to like it a lot, never played PR though.
  2. No, it's not expensive, it's like 29.xx GBP shipping included.
  3. Go get it from game.co.uk, you will get it in 4-5 days, plus it's slightly cheaper than gamestop even with shipping cost.
  4. Amuro

    Help about specific Joystick support

    The FF2 works great with this game. I even noticed some force feedback effects with helicopters during takeoff. BTW, gogamer still has this joystick in stock, a bit pricey, but the quality is really great as I've been using mine for over 6.5 years and everything still works perfectly: http://www.gogamer.com/Microsoft-Sidewinder-Force-Feedback-2-Joystick-Front-Page_stcVVproductId27947627VVcatId444710VVviewprod.htm
  5. Amuro

    -=**Arma 2 Air Combat**=-

    No working RWR and EWS system kinda makes it hard to evade.
  6. In that case, you can buy from game.co.uk of UK, plus shipping everything it's still slightly cheaper than buying in US.
  7. You should wait for an in depth review from SimHQ, which I'm sure will be much better than the reviews from mainstream sites like IGN, Gamespot, etc.
  8. I'm pretty sure OFPDR will turn out to be a decent FPS, but for people that only interested in realistic military sims, ArmA2 is the game. For me, I love any military shooters that are fun, be it ArmA2, BFBC2, OPFDR or MW2.
  9. What do you guys leave your axis senstivity settings at? I find the default a bit too sluggish, so leave them at about 60-70%, with throttle higher.
  10. Amuro

    -=**Arma 2 Air Combat**=-

    Air combat is fun, but I find flying thru the red circles in boot camp very difficult because of the lack of a FPM.
  11. Amuro

    ArmA 2 Demo feedback

    The helicopter pedal/yaw controls are very strange. They only seem to work at really slow speeds or hover, but have minimal effects during forward flight. Why is that?
  12. Amuro

    ARMA 2 and aircraft

    You mean like the IHADSS (Integrated Helmet And Display Sight System) on the Apache? The F-35 use a different system though. You should be able to track and desginate targets easily but not steering the aircraft. Check out this article: http://www.defenseindustrydaily.com/First-Production-HMDS-Orders-for-F-35-Pilots-05549/ VSI's site: http://www.vsi-hmcs.com/pages_hmcs/03a_f35day.html
  13. Amuro

    ARMA 2 and aircraft

    Oh gimme a friggin' break! Don't be a smartass YOURSELF please! If I didn't know what all those acronyms stand for I wouldn't be here. Now, you asked why the F-35 in game had no HUD, and I was simply explaining to you, that the fact it doesn't have one is what it's really supposed to be. The other aircrafts in the game all have HUDs but they aren't functional. Yes, the HMDS can be modded in, but it's not just simply adding a static 2D-image to the screen if you want it functional. It has to follow your head movement/view change, and correctly show realtime nav data, pitch ladder, FPM, etc.
  14. Amuro

    ARMA 2 and aircraft

    In real life, the F-35 is the first aircraft that actually does not have a HUD. It uses a HMDS that isn't modelled in ArmA 2.
  15. That's OK. BIS is a much smaller compay so in order to for them to get the money they need to to get by, they have to release something fast even if it's unfinished and or bug-ridden. It's completely understandable.
  16. Will OFPDR have the same mod potential like ArmA and ArmA 2? If not, it will be played and forgotten.
  17. Amuro

    Tortorial missing

    Wondering how old the OP is. This game is M, 16+ rated.
  18. Really? Police uniform? But which one? There're two types of police forces in China, the regular police of the Ministry of Public Security, and the People's Armed Police, which is a branch of our Army, the PLA.
  19. Wondering how it runs on my rig. Hopefully SLI makes a difference.
  20. Amuro


    1400 km/h is well over mach 1.3 at 30000 feet and standard temperature. In real life, F-35 can reach mach 1.6 with weapon load.
  21. Amuro

    I have a question about piloting

    Yeah, I love my FF2 as well, been using it since 2002. I sometimes use it with the throttle unit of the X-52 Pro, depending on the the game. BTW, gogamer.com still has the FF2's. :) http://www.gogamer.com/Microsoft-Sidewinder-Force-Feedback-2-Joystick-Front-Page_stcVVproductId27947627VVcatId444710VVviewprod.htm
  22. Amuro


    He probably wouldn't know even if there were as the pilot can't hear it. Also, I think you get sonic boom only during transition from subsonic to supsonic, not the other way.
  23. EB games and gamestop are the same company.
  24. Maybe, but I doubt they're operating in Australia, because there's no way they can sell games at $39.99 including free worldwide shipping, and still make money, considering games cost like $80-100 there. Edit I checked their Terms and Conditions, and it turns out CDWOW! is owned and operated by Stomp HK Ltd. If they're operating in Hong Kong then it explains the cheap prices. PC games are like $30-32 here, then they can add $8-10 for worldwide shipping via airmail.
  25. Amuro

    Flying the F-35....

    So no stuff like pitch ladder, flight path marker, gun pipper, etc will be displayed on screen then?