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  1. valence mike

    OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    ​ ​You are right but we could create a torrent of the archive at a certain date and mirror the newer files through another way. I know it splits the content but I think there aren't that many additions to OFP.info these days, are there? Also, I can help mirroring these since I have control of about 40GB FTP space online.
  2. valence mike

    OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    Any news on that front? Do we have mirrors of the archive now (precisely referring to JdB as he was, as far as I know, the only one downloading from OFPr's FTP) and what are the plans to share them?
  3. valence mike

    PowerServer & OFPMonitor: Multiplayer without Gamespy

    My knowledge is limited but I'd be happy to help if you need a hand.
  4. valence mike

    PowerServer & OFPMonitor: Multiplayer without Gamespy

    @Poweruser: How much work do you think it would be to add Gamespy protocol 2 support to PowerServer?
  5. valence mike

    OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    @JbD: If we download at a limited speed, that might not be such an issue. Plus, let's be honest, there aren't that much people around anymore. @Günter Severloh: All you have to do is write 'ftp.ofpr.info' in 'Host' and that's it. No username, no password and no port (or default, 21) and you're connected. Just, take in consideration JdB's warning, I would suggest to download with speed limits.
  6. valence mike

    OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    Wait... I must be stupid, I just found out I could connect myself to ftp.ofpr.info through my FTP client (filezilla) in read-only mode. That's awesome! Everybody can download the complete pack from the source rather than set up a torrent. That's basically what I was talking about when I said we should be able to download everything in one go.
  7. valence mike

    OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    A torrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol, it doesn't need a centralized server and that's why I proposed this solution. The person creating the torrent will send out a small file which we'll open with a client application (transmission, utorrent, whichever you prefer...) and that's it, the downloads begin. You may have tried torrenting some shady stuff back then, that might be why you got yourself a virus :) ! Honestly, nowadays, torrenting is pretty safe on that side, I do it everyday and never had an issue. Many torrents share illegal content but there is also legal content which people seem to forget about. Anyway, my view on this is that torrent is better for larger/numerous files, which is the case here. Splitting the pack into multiple archives, then uploading them onto a server to have us download them again sounds too much of a hassle to me. That's my opinion. In the end, it doesn't matter what solution you guys chose, if you give the rest of us the possibility to download the entire pack of addons and mods at once, I'll be happy. The more people have these files, the better.
  8. valence mike

    OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    Are we still on about the torrent thing? I may become annoying but I just want to ensure the community doesn't lose all these files in case the FTPs at ofp.info go down for good.
  9. valence mike

    OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    I've sent him a tweet, we'll just have to wait and see now. Hopefully the FTP will be up again and you'll be able to complete your download.
  10. valence mike

    OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    Honestly that could be great. It needs only one of us to get the full package and start the torrent, that's it. Plus that could save the community once/if the main repository goes down and it's a free solution. Win-win in my opinion.
  11. valence mike

    OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    Anyone got the full 66GB of data on their disks? Or has Jerry surfaced yet? If so, we could torrent the full pack, that could make things easier.
  12. valence mike

    An open letter on basic ARMA:CWA support

    As an old-timer who spent countless hours on this game during my teens, I can only approve of this initiative. Also, our community has now lost a lot of members in its ranks, its best years are behind it and so I suggest that we, the remaining members, unite in one place on the internet and stop the ongoing fragmentation which sees many important resources disappear from the web. We should at the very least have one large and unique online database where every mission, addon, mod and tool is saved and archived. I feel that could at least make it easier for some of us when nostalgia strikes us and we want to play, only to be restricted to the default game.
  13. Well in that case I guess ArmA 3 is out of question. I don't wanna run a game at 20 FPS and I don't have the money for an upgrade so I guess I'll have to stick with ArmA 2. Merci quand même Vieil Ours!
  14. I'm hoping to run ArmA III decently but I'm not too sure about my configuration. CPU: AMD A8-3870K Black Edition 3.00 GHz RAM: 4GB DDR3 1600 MHz GPU: VTX AMD HD 7750 1GB GDDR5 SSD: Corsair Force Series 3 (120 GB) OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit I would like to play at 1280x1024, will it be possible? Thanks for the help.