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  1. Haven't written on here in a while,

    last time i said something was about the situation with my truck how it broke down on the way to work, rather died on me,

    was a 1997 Chevy S10 owned it for 18yrs.


    Well End of October i bought a car from my neighbor 2 buildings over from me as i live in an apartment, this guy is in his 60's, and retired, he has 3 cars,

    one of which i bought his oldest which was a 1995 Ford Taurus, body is in mint condition, no rust, interior is pristine, just about new everything, 65,000 miles on it

    the guy babied it, and is original owner aside his father whom bought it when the car first came out, but passed away some months after.


          Well bought the car for $1200, it drove fine, no issues, all i put into it was oil change, gas, and a car wash, as soon as it got cold transmission started

    acting up, it got worse to the point where it wouldn't go past 40mph so it wont shift into 4th gear. Now December about 2 weeks ago now, on the way home from work,

    i got half way home, stopped at a store picked up a couple things i needed (food), go to leave, turn onto the main road and my steering locks up, wtf...


    Pulled into a parking lot next to me, had to call for a tow as you couldn't steer the car, got it towed back home.

    Had a mechanic come out and look at it, says rack and pinion went out, and is jammed, no leaks, another issue we discovered is the engine cradle is badly

    rusted, so now it becomes a safety issue, another wtf.


    So here i am for almost 2 weeks getting a ride to work, lucky from a guy i work with and for 8yrs at that,

    anyways my mother sends me a chat message on skype on Christmas day and tells me to call my dad on his cell phone as she has

    to work and he has off, so i call, talk to my dad he knows about my car situation, so he says he found a car that hes going to buy me,

    only has 113,000 miles on it, had only one owner, and was used only by a government agency which kept up on the maintenance.


    Hes going to take it to a shop and get it checked out, with another mechanic as he used to work on cars himself, clean it up, ect,.

    and drive it up to where i live which is like a few states north of him as he lives in Florida, im in Illinois.


        So this will happen right after new years, well hearing this i was austruck, and surprised as first i was going to ask him how i can pay him back

    and he said dont worry about it, he says just focus on your debt you been working on, and getting ahead.

           So i got to say my new years will start off to a great start, im going to have to salvage the other car because you cant drive it, pay off the

    little remaining of my debt i have, and this new year i have some big compiling projects i been wanting to do for the arma3 community but been stressed

    out and bogged down with real life bullshit, like debt and car troubles since August, as well as alot of overtime at work 10-12+hrs a night to be exact as

    we are in the busy season, the money helps but trying to do projects for arma when your tired, your not going to get to far or at all.


    I wish i can do my projects full time, as im getting sick of my job, been at it for 8yrs working 9pm to 7am 3rd shift schedule, i hope the new year will bring

    me some new ideas to get out of my job too as i'd rather work for myself online then killing myself at a job which takes most of your energy.

         Anyways about all i have to say, figured i share. Cheers!



    1. Muecke


      Wish you all the best Gunter.

      :wine:Skol !

    2. Vandeanson


      good luck and a happy new year soon;)

    3. Gunter Severloh

      Gunter Severloh

      Thanks fellas, wish the same to you too, new year will be a good one, and off to a good start too!