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  1. I like the new AFV crew looking indicators for the reason that they very basically emulate two important functions available to commanders in armoured vehicles.

    1. The ability for the commander to non-verbally designate a target for the gunner.
      This is normally done via a button that automatically slaves and rotates the turret to point at the area the commander's independent optics are currently looking at. In older tanks like the M1A1 the commander would take over control of the turret itself and move it manually to what he wanted the gunner to look at. This ties into point 2, which is
    2. The ability for the commander to see what the gunner is looking at.
      In almost any tank or AFV there's a commander's gun sight extension, which is essentially a cloned view of what the gunner is seeing though his primary sight. This is essential for the commander to help the gunner identify his target and to verify that the gunner is about to engage the target the commander designated.

    I don't think the new indicators are nearly as good as having access to those functions themselves would be, but it's a huge improvement over the more WW2-like gunner-commander interaction that's in the game right now.

  2. But why can't you add equipment in the config instead of only via script?


    Whether or not the delay is necessary I can't say, but the ideal situation would be that the unit started with all or most of its default equipment, and then you would add ACE-specific equipment and check if randomization is enabled via module.



    Edit: And as I showed, you randomize all your unit's equipment anyway, then anti-randomize it later. You should really look into streamlining that, if nothing else.

  3. Place the 3CB BAF Unit Configuration module on your mission. Details are in the readme with an extract here:


    Modules > Misc > 3CB BAF Unit Configuration

    Default Gear on Respawn:     Yes (No) - Select 'No' to allow other mods or scripts to set unit gear on respawn

    Randomise Equipment:         Yes (No) - Each unit will have a randomly selected uniform, helmet, vest, backpack and glasses appropriate to it's role


    This doesn't work. Your code always changes your units' inventory anyways.


    Compacted and generalized your code looks like this:

    // Always randomise
    [_this, true] call UK3CB_BAF_Units_MTP_fnc_randomize_units;
    // Add specific load outs
    _this call UK3CB_BAF_Units_MTP_fnc_unit_loadout;
    sleep 6.0;
    // Check the module and do it again
    if (!(missionNamespace getVariable ["UK3CB_enableRandomizedUnits", true])) then {
        // Recall the function, but disable randomisation
        [_this, false] call UK3CB_BAF_Units_MTP_fnc_randomize_units;

    And fnc_randomize_units changes the equipment regardless of if it's called with true or false as a parameter. If it's false, all it does is choose the first item in the UK3CB_allowedX array instead of picking a random one.

    It doesn't not change the unit's equipment.


    I understand what you want to do, but why don't you have a complete equipment config on your units and then randomize via the script, instead of adding all the equipment via script?

  4. Hi, I'm having a problem with the init scripts you run on your units to randomize the equipment:

    Because you run the randomization script no matter what, and have a seven-second delay in the code no matter what the module settings are, other gear scripts are pretty impossible to use. At this point we've had to coach our mission makers to not use your units, but add your equipment to other soldiers to avoid everything being reset after the mission starts.


    Can you please consider adding a complete set of gear to your unit configs and changing the behaviour of your script so it only randomizes your units when the module enables it, instead of being on by default?



  5. Simply becouse looks better, especially the panels, on lower resolution them looks worst, and I was not pleased with them... that's the only reason why I have ported the texture to 4096x4096! The rest of the textures are based on the original one...

    Why it's a problem for you?


    Because it looks like you could have used a much smaller texture with no visible downsides, not to mention the massive waste of space on those maps (though I realize you didn't make the model).

    The bigger the texture, the more pixels are just wasted on empty space. Hell, you can still see the compression artefacts that makes the texture look like it came from a jpeg scaled up 4-8 times.


    The size of the texture files themselves aren't big, it's true (I suspect because they're mostly monochrome), so it's not a big downside in this case. But you tout 4k textures as your first and primary selling point and, frankly, they don't hold up to what you implicitly promise with those resolutions.


    I mean look at this:


    This amount of pixelation and artefacting shouldn't hold up on an Arma 1 model, much less a 4096x4096 Arma 3 texture.



    TL;DR: My problem is that it looks bad.

  6. Can you please fix the sound eminating from the player when using the "Switch vehicle lights" keybind? When used with the toggle IR Laser/Flashlight function (which is on the same keybind - the sound happens at any time you hit the key combo), it will create a loud click that can be heard from almost a hundred metres away in multiplayer.

  7. Charge 2 (3rd in order). No matter, you know what I mean.

    Looks like you don't  even know what is the maximum distance D30/M119 shoots in real life, and in Arma. Although it is in front of your face)

    If you were paying attention, you'd be fielding these complaints to the RHS bug tracker, since it's their artillery pieces and their charges and their ranges. Shoo.



    That is true but for me it is unsual to calculate in that dimensions - 1/6000, 1/6400... I like degrees :P It will be a little bit harder in technical part to switch to mils for me. But I will check that out.


    I'm fairly certain Russia and some of the old soviet states still use the 1/6000 circle mil, which isn't based on the milliradian like the western 1/6400 circle, but was derived by adding an extra order of magnitude to the old 1/600 system the russian empire used for field artillery.

  8. Are there any Vehicle mounted radios yet? or is there a way to use a 117 while in a vehicle but not carrying it?

    No to both, but vehicle racks have been confirmed to be implemented soon.

    Also is there anyway to hear multiple channels or nrts at once?

    Not sure what you mean by nrts.

    None of the radios implemented have multiple receivers, but you can listen to as many channels as you have radios.

  9. OK so my assumption was correct. When you use ctrl+alt+capslock to open a radio, it always only opens the first radio you received, not the radio that's actually active at the time. A little annoying but I'm sure you'll figure it out.

    No, Ctrl+Alt+Capslock opens the radio you have currently selected, which is also the radio you're currently transmitting on if you press Capslock.

    Shift+Alt+Capslock cycles through radios, then you can transmit on and open the specific selected radio.