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  1. SIX Config browser updated with new ACE /BAF configs. http://browser.dev-heaven.net http://browser.dev-heaven.net/cfg_weapons/classlist
  2. I believe the dev-heaven classlist browser is being/has been/will be updated with the new classes.
  3. No, the PVS14 is permanently on. And if you'd turned it off you wouldn't see anything through it anyway. It does have a Docter sight as backup though.
  4. ACE_HK416_D14_ACOG_PVS14 They worked for me the last time I tried a couple of weeks ago. If the sling action is greyed out make sure there's no occupants in the vehicle being lifted and/or try raising/lowering the lifting helicopter.
  5. It's in there, it just didn't make it into the changelog apperantly.
  6. Yes, _S is for suppressed. You don't need to add those mags though, as they're automatically replaced by sys_magazine.
  7. For ACE magazines SB means Special Ball, I think. It's basically a slightly slower, but heavier, bullet that does more damage, especially at range.
  8. You don't have to do math, just make sure that the last two digits in your frequency is 00, 25, 50 or 75.
  9. You're using the wrong command. Check http://dev-heaven.net/docs/ace/index/Functions.html for the correct one. Sounds to me like you've got ACRE running. If you do, disable it, then check their FAQ.
  10. Yes, the Mk16 will be removed. The HK416 will be moved to either ACEX_NO, or ACEX_JMSDF. Other things slated to be removed is the BTR-40 MG, because the gun lacks the correct front sight post, the CROWS Mk19 HMMWV, and the UH-60 (those dust filters are all wrong).
  11. The answer lies within. :beam: http://dev-heaven.net/docs/ace/index/Functions.html
  12. If you're having crash issues report them in the issue tracker with the relevant information. What does "much better" mean? I'll leave explaining this one to xeno if he can be bothered. ACE removes the magic super accurate rangefinders with more realistic, less accurate, laser based ones. If you feel pressing the mouse wheel is too much work compared to pressing 'B' then I'm sorry. I'm not sure what you mean, ACE doesn't overwrite the Little Birds.
  13. CBA_OA is some sort of bridge addon that you need in addition to CBA if and only if you have OA only.
  14. I'd recommend the same buttons as ACE's adjust GL/Rocket Launcher up/down, since they do basically the same thing but won't conflict with eachother. The label I'd put on some things I've seen in release threads would probably get me probated :p You should check the issue tracker if you want to provide input on this, though.
  15. You know what's also possible? Changing the keys for BDC. Or the keys to adjust the night vision sensitivity. I'm not saying anything about what ACE will do with the BIS BDC, but as sickboy's been saying; try looking for solutions rather than complaining about percieved problems.
  16. There's nothing wrong with the explosives, but their handling were moved to the interaction and self-interaction menus. The spotting scope as well. Quite a few things are in the self-interaction menu, you should look in it sometime.
  17. Acemod vanilla preset just means it doesn't use the arma 2 beta, nothing to do with ace in that regard.
  18. You are correct that not all the BMD2 variants are in-mod yet. This was done because the decision of which variants will be included isn't finalized yet. However, there's no false advertising, we have added the BMD2 pack fully (for now), but all the variants probably won't be enabled in the configs. For the time being, however, there's nothing stopping you from using setObjectTexture to change the camo schemes for a specific vehicle in any missions you'd make.
  19. I think this http://dev-heaven.net/docs/ace/files/sys_ruck/fnc_PutWeaponOnBack-sqf.html#ACE_fnc_PutWeaponOnBack is what you're looking for.
  20. Have you added your profile name to the clientside config file? See http://ace.dev-heaven.net/wagn/Game_Issues#How%20do%20I%20add%20or%20alter%20my%20profile%20to%20ACE2?
  21. Looks excellent :) Two questions: Is the range stadia in the gunner's optic accurate? And how are you supposed to use the range markings (if those are accurate also)?
  22. As far as I can tell, the contents of that file hasn't changed for over a month.
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