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  1. vking

    DPICM Artillery Addon

    Beaten by charon, for some reason by over 20 minutes :confused:
  2. I agree. One guy posted saying he saw a soldier once passing out. Ive seen someone pass out too. It doesnt mean it should be included. I personally didnt like the passing out feature. It happend WAY too soon and was just annoying. You already slow down in-game after you've sprinted a while, over long distances it's no faster to sprint than to just run, so you do slow down before you black out. And both IRL and in ACE you can push yourself beyond that, but then you risk running yourself into the ground. And why does everyone seem to think you just collapsed or blacked out immediatly in ace1? You could run and sprint for quite some time, even when relativly heavily loaded, before you even got the really heavy breathing.
  3. That minimi looks really awesome. It's like in ACE from arma1, but better.
  4. The funny thing is that if you shoot the bales they explode.
  5. The team leader has the flag on both his arms, and the one on the left (the important one) is the wrong way round. Other than that the uniforms themselves look really nice. For some reason I think the heads are a bit weird, but I can't put my finger on it. But a really good retexture all around.
  6. Large complicated reply Great :)
  7. I'm not entirely sure, and I'm certain someone will correct me, but I think the underscore defines the variable as local to the script it's defined in, i.e not accessible to another script, while a non-underscored variable (might) be global.
  8. Have you tried synchronizing the transport unload waypoint with a get out waypoint for the transported squad?
  9. vking

    Shooting Range map???

    There was Kronzky's Moveable Target Range for arma. I don't know if there's backwards compability for arma1 missions, but if not we can hope he'll update it.
  10. Excellent guide, even to people who haven't been marines!
  11. Great work! Replaying the CWC campaign is awesome. The only bug I've found so far is that the M113 carry ArmA magazines (like M136 rockets) instead of CWR ones.
  12. vking

    Project 85 release thread

    Nice pictures :) I don't know enough about the launchers, but I know it's possible to give planes different kinds of missiles. Take a look at the Sukhois in ACE.
  13. vking

    Project 85 release thread

    Small question: Why do all the RPG7s use different magazines? It seems wierd that the ammo from an RPG is incompatible with the same weapon with a telescopic sight on it, or a slightly shorter one.
  14. you don't need the expansion to use ACE, but a lot of MP servers use QG or QG elements in missions.