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  1. This! ^^ Well done BIS and the PR guys! ;)
  2. My way of looking at this is quite simple. BIS make ArmA. I love ArmA. Therefore I will happily buy the DLC. Now, I won't do this with EA, with Creative Assembly and many others. What's the difference? Well, BIS are a relatively small developer making something that is HUGE is scope, and I have loved them since the original OpFlashpoint. If BIS went under what would we have? COD? BF3 (Which will be great, but without mod tools I am very disappointed). I am happy to pay a few quid for some decent models. If someone isn't that's fine, it's their money, but the key point is that we continue to get the choice.
  3. Woman Jeans...........Man I hope you mean Gaz.........Trololo! :D
  4. Guys................. This has been talked about before over the course of all 114 pages, multiple times, trust me I have read them all. Lets draw a line here yet again, because it seems to be the same old haters jumping up and down on stuff they already know the answer too......... PR is a standalone mod, its core will not be used by anyone else, and as such it is for MP only. WHEN you get to load up PR it recommends you do NOT USE IT for SP as it will break things. That is how it was made. There will be no pulling apart of the mod to use it customised online, or adding in content that the PR Devs did not put there themselves. I really hope this clarifies stuff. I honestly think many of you are simply not quite getting the point, the PR mod is a MODIFICATION, game play and all, NOT just some extra assets. As such protection will be there to ensure that you play it the correct way, so no, you can't add in some US marines or whatever as that would break the entire mod. As for those of you who think this is in some way unfair? Meh, really it isn't, but thats your outlook on things and your right to moan is there. All they are doing is ensuring a fair and equal level of game play across the MP servers. Think about it. Why have to download a ton of different stuff, when all you need is the PR mod and you can jump on a PR server and play. Bingo.
  5. Well, in case you guys have not picked up on it yet, the PR mod team has its own way of doing things, and its own way of showing them to the world. Wait out, its worth it. As for the proof, they have an entire mod out already and the things they have done to the BF2 engine, and what they have planned for the near future are truly sensational. Surely that is proof enough to show you these guys mean business. Plus I am a PR: ArmA tester, so yeah, it all works........;)
  6. I will give you 1 guess who is working on this then..........;)
  7. AAS is not a PR made game mode, you are right. But they definitely have put their own spin on it in these last few years, along with the Insurgent game mode, and my personal favourite, CnC..............:D
  8. Listen, you can't spell Drama without ArmA. With that said, what UKF done is the correct decision. By doing so it ensured that the work that those guys have been doing for MONTHS was not given away out of spite. If anything this "drama" you off handedly refer to has shown me one thing. There are elements in this community who do good things, and it certainly helps to reaffirm my faith in the general population of the ArmA player-base. He attempted to give away the mod files, he got reported. He attempted to use his very limited background on the inner working of the mod to push his clan forward, they rejected him. Good things, by good people. Lets not be so harsh and fast to jump in and judge then eh? If it was your mod I would expect nothing less. And I can bet what HAS been put on these forums is a bare minimum sent out on a need to know, to ensure that people are kept abreast of the situation, and can help to protect the mod by reporting any further attempts at a breach. The good deeds done in reaction by the community has done more to reaffirm the position of the BIS forums in my eyes that a hundred other threads here have, so for the guys involved in protecting the integrity of the ArmA modding community, thanks!
  9. Sadly it is real, and not a trick. While this is being dealt with, just continue to have patience. The team appreciates the support and feedback, but do please bare in mind that this breach by Bruce will set this back a bit, as not certain needless things will need to occur, so if you want to take out your frustrations...........:) Now, back on to the serious note, more videos will be coming in the future, as UK_Force has stated a page or so back, and it will be showing all the things you want to see, and much much more. Lets just wait and see huh?.................;)
  10. A TOW hitting a Tank: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=10d_1283448217 Best video I have seen. I imagine a Jav would do similar damage. But lets get this thread back on track! :)
  11. Then it drops your current kit and you take the sniper..........
  12. Your grasp of the English language amuses me. :D Seriously though, while either UKF or Gaz should be the ones to answer this, it is as deadfast said. No commercial intent is planned for PR: ArmA2. I can safely say that. The only commercial interest PR has is for PR: 2, and even then it is very much up in the air. This is shown in links attached to previous posts. Please do take the time to read them, it really helps convey the information and prevents people thinking that others are simply trolling for an arguement! :)
  13. I would like to interject slightly in here........ I rarely get involved over here in the BIS community, because I can not be bothered with the in-fighting and bickering. But the BIS admins have done a good job so far of trying to keep this thread respectable. Background about me: I am the Game Officer for ArmA over at Tactical Gamer, which essentially means I am in charge. We have a large, active community, and ourselves faced a few negative thoughts and comments from some sides of our ArmA community regarding PR. However, that has been set to rights now. TG has been through it all, from back in OFP, to ArmA and ACE, to current ACE2 and ACRE testing. My background in ArmA and our TG ArmA community dictates that I can in no way be called a "PR fanboy", but I am a tester of PR: ArmA 2, and let me tell you, it will change things. There is no doubt about that in my mind, people who even considered playing PvP in ArmA will get a real eye opener. It is a realistic, exciting dynamic game. Just like its brother PR: BF2. I still play it, simply because I am a junky, I live for those moments, waiting for that perfect CAS bomb before 25 guys go "into the breach". And so far, PR: ArmA2 has exceeded even those. I can no longer even consider the thought of going back to shooting bots. Sure I still do it to hang with my mates who don't get to play PR yet, but what's a guy to do, we all have to slum it some times! ;) Do not be afraid of the unknown. Let the PR DEV's announce it their way, let them make it their way. They will anyway, because they always have, and it has always worked. You don't win awards and legions of fans for nothing. Sit back, chill, and enjoy the highlights reels. Once it is released the real fighting will begin! ;) Jeepo
  14. Well, as a member of HM Armed Forces I am glad to finally see British units in ArmA 2. I am sure they will at some point, but as the PR Devs keep saying, this initial release will be a mini mod, with GAME PLAY the main aim and consideration. Of course I could be wrong, but you will have to forgive UK Force if he is not here to answer for a bit, I am sure he is busy! ;)
  15. I will get this on the Tactical Gamer servers now!
  16. Some smashing work, really top notch. I think we shall be looking at using these bad boys as standard on our server.....If only ACE would incorporate them....;)
  17. Yeah, played tonight on TG Bravo server, filled the 12 vs 12 docks mission. FOB and RPs were not destroyable. Also found that we could not use the options menu to create waypoint and move markers. Also got a bug where one OpFor guy kept being spawned way north of the map no matter what he selected to spawn on.
  18. While the 3 strikes policy idea has merit, there are still the obvious problems. Think of ranked Domination. People who join midway always complain about those with big scores whoring all the fun stuff. Now while this may or may not be an issue to some (I don't get to worked up about it) it can still leave a bitter taste. Personally I think this issue can be solved by a commander. Once the commander assigns the kits things should flow smoothly. However, no commander means back to square one.....Tough one to call, I will think about this for a while and any ideas I will throw in here. Also some guidelines would need to be spelt out as to what constitutes good teamwork. Apart from kills. So transporting troops in a vehicle/bird earns points? Building FB's? Building RP's? Transporting ammo? These would need to be made clear so people know what is what. It also forces the point whores into teamwork, which while not ideal (I prefer point whores play on other servers;) ) it is still better than no teamwork.
  19. Well so far our server seemed to cope just fine, with me personally getting very smooth gameplay and a high FPS. Only real issues were the bugs such as the RP's not working correctly, but those are already known. Gameplay wise it is great fun, and once VON gets working and we get a chain of command set up it would really rock. At one point last night both our servers were running it, with 29 people on server 1 alone. A few gameplay tweaks were suggested though. 1. Lock all enemy vehicles. While it may be fun to grab that crash landed chopper and repair it, it is unrealistic to a degree. A better choice for the OpFor would be to either leave it there and ambush a rescue party, or simply destry it, causing the opposition a ticket and transport loss. 2. Lock the vehicles to the kit, this way it is more realistic. So, to be a pilot you HAVE to request that pilot kit, and they are obviously limited in number to the number of choppers available. 3. Make it easier to figure out how to destroy enemy RPs and FB's if you can fight your way close enough, as the destroy option seems to not work. Maybe give a part of it a hit box that needs to be hit with a grenade or something? 4. RP's need to be unpacked before repositioning, which is realistic in the way that they are all the squad bergans, but perhaps a little bit of a pain? 5. Mouse scroll wheel bug is the most apparant to me. Occasionally I will want to do something and my options wheel will not show up. If I select soldiers in my squad and give them orders that is fine it works then, but not to get in vehicles, or select kits, or to deploy assets around a FB etc. 6. Kit issues. If we are in an infantry engagement and win, we can scavenge the bodies, taking that Javelin. That is fair, they should have had adequate protection for such a valuable kit. However, how long does that kit stay on the body? Is it indefinate? If we kill him and 6 minutes later we get close to his body can we take his kit and use it? IMO that would be too long. Maybe a 1 minute max before it is "dead" to the opposition and starts to count down to re-enter the pool. That way we get rewarded for a good move, and they get punished for not thinking it through. All in all though I am very impressed that this is so good for a beta, and will look forward to more. J
  20. Very interested, already have a dedicated server up running this, TacticalGamer.com Server Bravo. The HUGE PR community there will certainly be interested too, and I will get to thinking of any ideas for improvements. But so far I am mighty impressed....Will keep updating with bugs/ideas etc....