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  1. Saint Warrior

    How much RAM does the typical ArmA player got?

    Guys, I wanted to ask some question here. Sometimes (though quite rare) my ArmA 2: CO freezes down and stops responding. I switch to task manager and see that arma2oa.exe is using 2.2 GB of RAM (out of 4GB generally available and 2.75 GB actually seen by OS as it's Windows XP 32 Bit) at this point. What is this a freeze because of RAM shortage or something else? I have 2GB of video RAM GDDR5 on my HD 4870 X2 and Crossfire is enabled. So I don't think that game should be lacking any memory here. My CPU is Phenom II X4 940 3.0 Ghz Black Edition and I have 1.5 TB HDD. I am running the game on all normal settings (they seem to be most optimal to me) and 1680 x 1050 resolution and 100 percent 3D resolution with Vsync disabled. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Saint Warrior

    Help with Lagushina arrest script - please

    As for me Lagushina has never entered any of my vehicles, neither LAV-25 nor HMVV. She always travels on foot and you have to escort her on foot. Same goes for the Chedaki informant in the last mission, while Lopotev will gladly enter the helicopter to fly in. It's a completely different AI behavior though situations are identical.
  3. Saint Warrior

    Apache 30 mm gun Vs Tunguska

    PoorOldSpike, thanks for the great review. Maturin, I am not running any mods or third party addons, just plain original ArmA 2: CO 1.57 with BAF 1.02 and PMC 1.01. I have switched AI to max level, maybe that's why it's so aggressive.
  4. Saint Warrior

    Help with Lagushina arrest script - please

    It seems that you have a bug there. Did you try reverting to earlier save? Also on the edge of the forest very little ahead the LZ there is a Chedaki base which will attack you as you try to appoach the LZ. You should eliminate them in order to trigger the chopper evacuation.
  5. Saint Warrior

    DLC DVD Pack

    I have BAF and PMC installed with my copy of ArmA 2: CO. Could anyone tell me whether Reinforcements contain any other content different from that we already have in our copies of CO, BAF and PMC? In short is DVD BAF and PMC different from downloadable BAF and PMC in terms of campaigns, missions etc ?
  6. Saint Warrior

    Couple of questions before buying ARMA2

    ArmA 2 Combined Operations is definately worth buying. I don't play online but I just love the original campaign as well as Operation Arrowhead and DLC campaigns. There is plenty of fun in the mission editor and single missions. In terms of single player this is an absolutely greatest single player gaming experience.
  7. Yes I have tried everything but this problem cannot be solved by any command. I fixed it only by ordering him to get into a parked UAZ and ordering to disembark afterwards. After that he started following my orders again and walking normally. So getting unit into some vehicle or equipment is the only solution in this case. This bug happened during intense combat, the unit was holding defense in a house that got heavily bombarded by Chedaki grenade launchers as well as their BTR.
  8. Hi all, I don't know what to do here. My healthy teammate Nr. 4 (on the right on screenshot) is creeping on the ground all the time and does not want to stand up in Badlands mission. That happened after he was wounded numerous times during the battle but I healed him and as you can see his icon is green, he is fully geared and loaded up. I tried "7" key "Safe", "Stand up" commands as well as "Return to formation" and "Regroup" but nevertheless he goes on creeping. I still have one village to capture and I can't take that creeping bastard along as he is delaying my team and maybe surrounded and killed back there. What should I do here? Is there any remedy to make him stand up and move normally with the team? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  9. Many thanks Grunt, you really helped me I re-armed all my team. The only problem is that one of my teammates is creeping all the time, he was wounded several times during battle but I healed him twice, so he is well I guess. Nevertheless he is crawling while other teammates walk normally, I tried ordered him to regroup, to get back but he continues to crawl and delay my team. I remember old OFP had a command option to order either to keep low or stand up is there anything like that I can do here in my ArmA 2: CO? Many thanks in advance.
  10. Hi all, Sorry if this question has been posted numerous times before but I cannot find a solution in the search how can I rearm my teammates in warfare missions. I have captured Rogovo, Pogorevka as well as Stary Sobor in Badlands and my teammates are absolutely out of ammo now. I can buy weapons and everything else but nothing works for giving them to my team members. I have tried everything - putting weapons in UAZ and moving teammates close but no option to rearm appears, dropping my own weapons on the ground but no option appears for my teammates to collect them when they are selected by ~ or F1, F2, F3, F4 keys. Please help.
  11. Saint Warrior

    How much RAM does the typical ArmA player got?

    I have 4GB RAM and 2GB memory on my HD 4870 X2 graphics card. I play on all normal settings with Vsync disabled and on 1680x1050 resolutions and with 1.57 patch CO uses up to 2.2 GB RAM sometimes. But I don't think that huge amounts of RAM will improve performance in this game. It starts lagging when CPU has to calculate multiple AI actions so everything depends on CPU here.