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    Welcome to Four Zero Alpha [ 4ØA ],

    4ØA or Four Zero Alpha is a British themed Armed Assualt 2 OA [ Operation Arrowhead ] team who strive for realistic, immersive and enjoyable gameplay for those who want a infantry based game. We are small but also wish to remain small no more than 20 people, this in our extended expirence is optimum number, this mean everyone knows each other which creates a enviroment of relaxing immersive gaming as everyone is there for the same reason.

    What can we offer you?

    * Realistic Immersive gameplay.

    * Comprehensive training and missions.

    * In house addons not available to the public.

    * Overall and enviroment were you feel comfortable to play immersively and realistically without the fear of mass air or sniper weilding dual anti-tank comms screamers.

    What we ask of you.

    * Be active, but should you be absent just to let us know, we all life can be a demanding b*tch!

    * Have a open-minded sense of humour as dont forget its only a game!

    * A computer system capable of running ArmA2[OA] effectively without crashing.

    * Be polite and respecting of others and play in certain style which 4ØA is all about.

    This concludes our introduction to Four Zero Alpha 4ØA we hope we have intrigued you take a further look at us should you wish to contact us please do so at:

    Website: http://www.fourzeroalpha.co.uk/

    Email: admin@fourzeroalpha.co.uk

    Xfire: 40achris.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Cheers 4ØA Team.

    Just to add we in no way wish to play out that of any Army in the world so we dont call people sir or have parades or anyother of that bs.