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  1. can we get a closer shot please? this looks really nice but i hate when you can barely see the model on screenshots. i wanna drool all over it but it's so far away:(

    Still in process configuration, but soon there will be news.

    very nice man, keep up the good work and cant wait for your release of the updated work. have not had a chance to look at the mk18 yet.

    The mk18 has suffered importates corrections and improvements, all at the request of you, thanks for your support, we will update shortly.

  2. Hi guys

    Before being very critical to our work, GenomaStudios is a small group of friends whose hobbi starts recently.


    A7L4S, our work is based on this model, we try to model with more or less success.

    Thanks for the test, SpectreRSG , do not know the real kick, so we reduce drastically when using the suppressor Genome

    5.56 with barrel is a 18 " as the picture, we will continue working on the rest.


  3. GenomaStudios presents this Addon in beta containing one rifle model "Mk18mod1" with 6 camos textures.

    Also include 6 AmmoBox configurated with 5 weapons, 25 Magazines, Muzzles, Optics, etc.

    We work to improve the settings yet, but the beta version we publish believed to be quite accurate.

    Not included m203 models, working on it!

    Any help especially in the settings section will be appreciated.

    If anyone is interested in helping, you can contact us through the blog, on our website.





    Download from Armaholic

    Alternative to download


  4. Hello Commander1985

    I spend the same to take the example of bis configs.

    The solution is this

    class Grid: Grid (
    offsetX = 0
    offsetY = 0;
    Zoom1 class (
    zoomMax = 0.15;
    format = "XY";
    formatX = [color="Red"]"[/color]000[color="red"]"[/color];
    formatY = [color="red"]"[/color]000[color="red"]"[/color];
    stepX = 100;
    stepY = 100;


  5. Hi guys

    I have asked this:


    @ Kinno

    Is it possible to get a serverkey for this island? Without it it's Completely unusable for Our squad. I Asked A Few pages Earlier this - But Still got no answer ...

    But I have no idea how it is done,

    Do you you could report this?



  6. MadMike.48th


    Is it possible to get a serverkey for this island? Without it it´s completely unusable for our squad. I asked this a few pages earlier - but still got no answer...

    Ok madmike.

    Do not know how this is done, but I find out about and secure as we can fix it.

    I suggest you visit, the creation of my blog, where I will be discussing everything related to the creation of new land in 20 x 20. I'll be happy to answer all the suggestions that I relate so much in these forums and in my personal blog.


  7. Hello gentlemen.

    Sorry for the delay to write a reply, but the blame has been a new microprocessor and a new motherboard.

    As you know I had intended to leave this map on the current situation, but due to requests from this forum, I get to work to fix all errors found.

    I conclude by thanking the support received from Bushlurker and Dr_Eyeball. without which not think it was able to fix these errors.


  8. Hello gentlemen

    I do not think a single comment that lacks reason for what I'm reading.

    But I assure you I am determined to make the map bigger even though I require more work,

    The reasons as noted in Bad Benson's friend is that the resolution of that area could be larger, so the quality would be pretty good if it allows even more a reflection of reality.

    Anyway I think I'm obliged to talk to Bad Benson, a year's work well deserves it happen.


  9. Bushlurker

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    Hi Kinno...

    It's pretty straightforward...

    In your config at the moment you have clutter defined like this...

    Thanks Bushlurker.

    if not for your support, I would probably be trying to put the field from the beginning, is what we have we are starting. jejejeje.

    Take this opportunity to invite you to participate in this forum, as your experience in these matters, will make me a qualified person to your wisdom to the community can submit a job, the most worthy possible


  10. Bushlurker

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    It's because the islands configs are derived from Utes and the clutter config classnames haven't been changed... that causes conflicts with the default stuff, where those classnames are also used...

    Its a relatively easy config and file renaming job which I'm sure kinno will sort out...

    Thanks Bushlurker

    While I recognize that this is beyond me, can you tell me exactly where the fault.?

    Greetings and thanks again for the support

  11. My God, I never imagined that this beta was liked by all despite being in such an early stage

    I want to thank all the comments that you undertake me, serving as support to get stronger at the new project of 20 x 20 that I was involved with work starting from scratch, but with the commitment to actually land east height of all who enjoy our favorite simulator

    Thanks to all


  12. Btw, Kinno. Recommend you use the
    -tag for quoting people isntead of the
     one. Makes it a billion times easier to read 

    I'm sorry, I'm not accustomed to use the forums.

    Well take this seat for the launch of the beta.

    As the island is amended in its entirety and the quality of it is not desirable to most, hope you are satisfied with the final version that will be long after the launch of Operation Arrowhead, whose progress will be informed promptly in these forums


    pbo downloads (Fixed the problem with the grass in Utes)

  13. either way im sure we would all be happy with the outcome...i know i will!!! 
    btw i know this has been talked about n already desided...but is there any chance for this map to get re-named to "Afghanistan Villa" or "afghan Villa" instead of the other way around as it is spelled now..or even better would be if you named it after the region this area is actually from?

    So the game is soldier2390 the island will appear with the name of Helmand valley


  14. Looking forward to testing this, are you planning on adding more bushes on the mountains etc.? I think it would look good,

    After a few days of reflection, prompted by the images that Bis has been released, plus some images I had the opportunity to see the new simulator Operation Arrowhead in beta, I have taken the decision to start the project again, to make of this great land environment of 20x20, because the quality of the new items are far superior to those currently used.

    The new site I intend to make it as close as possible to the picture obtained from google, where no doubt I will use those additional items that give realism to it, even without being in the images obtained.

    The beta will be released later in the day, knowing that it is a job that left many hours to finish it ahead