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  1. It looks super. Could I suggest, to avoid confusion, you avoid "Afghan Village(s)" as there is already a well known map of that name. Maybe Helmand Valley or Zin Village Thanks for the notes made. This will be duly reflected in the next beta. You could also add a couple of smaller rocks in the river basin areas like these: If there are areas as you point out, but will consider it for the gameplay to include some more. WOW! This looks great!!! How far along is this map? size is 10 x 10 I can only ask one thing. For the towns, could you make it look lived in? Trash in the streets, maybe some wrecked vehicles, signs etc. Has therefore hope that the details are to match what is required. Regards Kinno.
  2. Hi all First I want to thank all your comments concerning this site, since it is not an island, whose name will be "Afghan villages' is made directly from an image taken from google map, is this http://maps.google.es/?ie=UTF8&ll=32.923834, 65.552845 & spn = 0.11729,0.288391 & t = h & z = 13 I've been working in quite some time, between visitor learning and development of the land, as it is the first that I do. If I were to say the rate of progress would say that 40%, even so if released a beta of it I think I could live up to be used to edit it good cooperative missions. That said, before the rush of having something similar to what is Operation Arrowhead I promise to take a public beta before the day May 8, 2010, pending a final review in which I would like to change some objects with some very good qualities as buildings and other included in the next Operation Arrowhead Best regards Kinno.
  3. Hello gentlemen. Could someone explain how visitor3 placed in the colored lights on the tracks, like the aircraft carrier that has blue lights Utes thanks
  4. SWT_Janowich hello. thanks for your interest quickly, because the truth is that I am new to this using the visitor3, and not as you can put colored lights in visitor3 the editor would use something like _light = "# LightPointe" createVehicleLocal pos; setLightBrightness _light 1.0; _light setLightAmbient [0.0, 1.0, 0.0]; _light setLightColor [0.0, 1.0, 0.0]; _light lightAttachObject [_object, [0,0,0]] but unfortunately for me not to do in the visitor3 Regards
  5. kinno

    Arma road generator

    hello, what is the code to execute the application. With this it does not work to me well: " ArmaRoadGenerator.exe 2 p: road.txt p: road3.txt" thanks