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    huge war

    I'm sorry but I hate it when people call them "wars" They're called battles...
  2. Wifout Teef


    No /10char
  3. Wifout Teef

    Question from a noob

    Nothing like BF. Nothing. Missions take multiple hours most of the time and are spread across the whole map.
  4. Okay thanks guys. The game is still unoptimized which is a shame. This thread can get locked now.
  5. It is ridiculous that my computer is not used to it's full potential in a game like this. The graphics are hideous and unplayable on lower settings and the game is choppy in some places no matter the graphics. This would be toned down and possibly fixed if they let you use your quad cores. Please correct me if it actually does use multicores, but I don't recall it supporting them. I checked my task manager and it said I wasn't using very much of my CPU while in an Arma 2 battle.
  6. Wifout Teef

    AI is realistic. It does not see everything.

    I'd like people to see this because people often think that the AI is this all seeing god.
  7. I made a video to demonstrate how cool ambushes are and how the AI is not too smart. They are realistically smart. They cannot see very well in night without NV goggles. This is on Regular mode
  8. Wifout Teef

    Pasty Ground and low FPS

    I've been experimented a bit with the prerendered frames thing. It's honestly hard to tell if making it higher really smooths it out significantly. Mine was already on 3. I tried multiple levels and I'm leaving it at 8 currently. It's hard to tell. My mind may be just playing tricks on me but it seems to run faster at 8 but I really don't know. My game seems to start getting choppy when I turn around or look around and the terrain and stuff has to be loaded quickly. How would I make it so it doesn't reduce FPS so much when I turn around and such?
  9. That's not actual gameplay. Get out.
  10. Hello, is there any way to fix the pasty ground that you see at a distance? Just make it a bit more clear and realistic looking? Here is the pasty ground in the distance Zoomed in, much easier to see This REALLY bothers me because it looks hideous, takes away from the realistic feel, and makes it too easy to spot distant enemies. I tried increasing the Fillrate to the maximum level just to see what it did and it did not help at all. I am running everything on High/Very High with the fillrate @ 100% (1440x900), and with AA and shadows on Low. My specs: 9800 gtx+ 3gb RAM DDR 2.4 ghz Quad Core Processor Windows Vista 32 bit Now for my other problem. I get oddly low FPS for my specs on all settings. In a city I get 20 or under on high/very high and only 40 on the lowest possibly settings in the exact same spot. Anyone have a solution to this extremely odd problem?
  11. Wifout Teef

    Last played server...

    I always ask the name of the server when I start having fun in it.
  12. Wifout Teef

    Online is simply "Crap"

    This is simply the best online PC game I have ever played. Amazing Teamwork in the server I go to. No one uses a mic but the teamwork is outstanding.
  13. Wifout Teef

    Having a ton of fun with Evolution!

    Sounds great. The best I had was about 20 players working together but sadly we invaded 2 towns that were completely empty due to a server bug. We were pissed and the server reset and made us all leave. We were using teamwork and carefully sweeping the city even though it was empty haha. I've been with a couple of people who use teamwork but it wasn't really as great as I would like to see.
  14. Instead of making my own topic, mind if I ask as well? My specs: Windows Vista 32 bit Intel Core 2 quad core processor Q6600 @ 2.4 ghz 9800 gtx+ OC 3 gb of ram
  15. Wifout Teef

    Some beginner questions

    Hi I absolutely love Arma 2. Game of the Year for me. But I have some questions as I am kinda new to the series. -Can someone tell me how I can make an objective in the editor? I really cannot find it out. I just want to know how to simply make an objective for either blufor or opfor to capture a town so the AI actually moves around to the town. -How do I rotate things in the editor? For example I want to make a jet face the other way. I may edit in new questions if I can think of any. Thanks in advance.