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    ArmA 2 site hacked

    I haven't read all these pages but I think it says "Hi R, don't trust this guy!" on the miller pic. The "don't" and "trust" are on top of each other.
  2. Any chance someone can reply to my problem? Starting to piss me off how no one helps each other on these forums any more.
  3. The fast jogging doesnt work for me (press c when doing tactical walk). Using left control as turbo key
  4. None of the links work for 0.20 The installer is not compatible with OS or incomplete. EDIT: Just saw whats above.
  5. It's not similar at all. It's a straight forward copy and paste.
  6. I've posted this on ArmAholic comments bit as well but is there any reason why you have used my base template in the SP mission "Fire Storm"? I believe I made it when Jeza (who I believe is/was part of your mission making team) and I were having a piss about. EDIT: All you have done is delete/move the units I put down that were in trenches, and removed armour at front gate.
  7. U-K Andy

    How do you do the quick side-step?

    When running (not sprinting) forward...quickly hold shift and hold a or d. Doesn't work all of the time, but I use it quite a lot..mainly to show off though.
  8. Arite cool man. Thanks for the replies!
  9. And that's it? No ACE dependencies at all? No version errors when I go on a non-ACE server? No crashing servers that don't run ACE? I'll give it a go mate! Just wasn't so sure it would work.
  10. Any way I am able to get ACE_SM to work without the ACE dependencies? Basically what I'm asking is for an ACE SM...for vanilla OA/ArmA2. If someone can tell me how to do this (guessing it's just config work) then it would be greatly appreciated. Another way to do it would be for ACE to release a vanilla one as well :)
  11. Right ye, sorry Xeno. What you suggested worked. Guess I'll need to download this mod launcher my mates now going on about.
  12. Xeno I did that ages ago (5.2). I don't use a mod line for OA since I have combined ops and find it easier just to click "Expansions" on the main menu. Saying that though, I'll give it a try. I'm not happy about having to go back to command line crap.
  13. @Victim913 You're wrong. I just moved all ACE folders etc to desktop, started the game up fine, enabled CBA and then moved ACE folder back into arma directory...enable ace and restart game again....macros error.
  14. Same here. Can't even start the game up to disable ACE etc. So now my game is technically dead.
  15. Alright got six updater working finally. Now I have same problem as Chris1986 on page 3/Aced170. Pretty sure I'm running all updated OA version of mods/addons. Got combined ops here btw.
  16. "Does not seem to be a repository" bullsh*t. Anyone got ACE OA on Yoma yet?
  17. The thing is though, no matter what texture and video memory setting above Low, I never get an FPS above 30 apart from the intro. (It's like this on all islands!).
  18. Hi. I'm having a bit of a problem, and it's been bugging me since I found out Low texture detail and low video memory doubles, or sometimes triples, my FPS. If I put my texture detail to normal or high I will eventually get the "out of video memory" error and have to restart my PC. Why is this? Specs: CPU: AMD Athlon dual core 3.0GHz GPU: Nvidia GTS 250 512mb RAM: 2GB (don't know what make etc because it's pretty old) EDIT: Would switching back to my old 9600GT 1GB help? Don't want to try it and find out it just makes it worse.
  19. Okay, thanks for the replies guys. I'll mess about with it next time I'm on! Right testing on Zargabad. Grid 054 038 Facing 290 Settings: VD: 2400 PP: Disabled Texture: Low Terrain: Normal 1440x900 3D & Interface Video: Low Objects: Normal AF:High Shadows: High AA:Normal (Makes no difference to FPS which is nice) FPS ~ 46 After changing texture and video to normal....~26 FPS. I'm even down by 20FPS already on the intro! Was 60fps constant and is now ~42
  20. They had em in VBS2 if im not mistaken, so no reason not to have included them...
  21. I too, am dissapointed with this game. Enough said. Guess i now gotta wait for Ground Branch by Blackfoot Studio's...that is if it hasn't been cancelled.
  22. But surely u would just make the black border transparent...no?
  23. Ive taken a better screenshot bravo6 from DCS : Black Shark. Would be nice if you were able to get the NVG's looking like this, with the transparent border where the goggles arent covering. And have it a bit grainy or with the sort of layers you can see on it. Would really like you or someone else who sees this to work on it. I'm sure a lot of people would like this kind of NVGs :) http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk93/andybc08/dcs2009-07-1100-51-06-18.jpg