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  1. Anyone know what this error is about?

    I am trying to use CBA with Operation Arrowhead for the WarFX mod. But this pops up everytime I try and start the game....

    I only have OA is this error due to a missing ARMA 2 object?


    I did multiple searches but I could find nothing about this.

    That is for an A2-specific pbo. You've probably just downloaded the wrong version of CBA.

  2. I have another request, this time a really small one, but since I have no knowledge about configs at all maybe someone can help me out. I'm missing a medic for the takistani special forces, a special force soldier with healing abilitys would be enough. No need for changes in model or textures.

    So if someone has some spare time I'd be very thankful! :)

    Give me ten minutes.

    EDIT: Actually, sod that, I'll release it tomorrow. Might throw in a few extras as well ;)

  3. Thanks but where would i find that?

    Looked at this thread again and didnt see anything related to that.

    I use a registry file with this in it:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    Save it as a .reg file and run it and it should work.

  4. Well, that worked, except Laza doesn't want to open the extracted Pbos now. I use it to open the config.bin, which shows config.bin (1) or whatever, but I can't expand/open/branch/whatever the config.bin to view its contents. Any suggestions?

    Also, sorry that this thread has already changed direction.

    Honestly, I would be lying if I said I even knew what Laza was.

  5. Becuase I'm very bad at writing configs,

    From my understanding,

    A base class would inherit "SoldierWB" which is present in both ARMA2 and OA (and ARMA1 IIRC). So all good there.

    I'd then need to define a heck of alot of parameters that I've got no experience of doing so this would delay any new release of anything and could end up with wierd results due to my inexperience.

    Classes within the base class would also need to be added (hitpoints, talktopics etc).

    I did have a quick go but after what I though would work got an error on launch.

    There would also be a number of parameters that use classnames of things only in OA so A2 users would (probably) get an error, as an example:

    "Language_EN_EP1" AFAIK is only defined in OA so i guess this would cause an error in A2. And if I remove it from the config then you'd probably lose some of the functionality/features in OA.

    Fair enough. That's a selection of very good reasons.

  6. I can't seem to install this for OA.

    I created an @oh58 folder in my steam's OA folder. I then extracted the oh58.pbo into that folder and added @oh58 to my launch properties. It still doesn't want to work though. Anyone have any tips?

    I am using the http://www.filefront.com/16955079/OH...Fix%20V1.0.rar that was just posted above me.

    Is there an 'Addons' folder inside the @OH58 folder? That's required.