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  1. Obviously disabled on the PR servers, but did you actually go as far as disabling it on the mod level? Because I think that's quite a waste of time, considering how easy it is to disable it with server difficulty settings. Same like ACE disabling crosshairs - Mostly useless since people who want to play realistically and without crosshairs already disable them on their servers via difficulty settings.

    That's what I was thinking, to be honest.

    saw the recording session. Brilliant work guys. Looks like a real labor of love. Why was BIA there? Are they also doing a Brit mod?

    Yeah, I believe it's called VBS2.

  2. Since the most don't have played PR:OA yet, please stop this fanboy like attitude how perfect it will be. (On a German Arma 2 Forum 2-3 Peoples are trolling with PRM - and I can see this all over the internet)

    All I do is waiting for the Release and after some hours I decide to play it or it goes into my bin.

    My last contribution to this. I agree with this, this is my main problem with PR:A2/OA/CO (whatever it's going to be called).

    I am really looking forward to playing Insurgency though.

    Anyway, I'll leave the argument now.

  3. Sure, but mostly all mods in various games dont put their mod tag in front. Its kinda like saying "PR is the game and Arma2 is the mod". Without the game engine PR devs could not make anything. Or is it only just a little ego/marketing thingy? :D

    It's probably because there are three versions of PR. I assume it's just to make it more consistent when referring to the different versions.

  4. PR:BF2 players will understand this concept (regardless of what people in this thread have said) perfectly, we have a few servers providing consistently high standards of play (tactical gamer, they also have ArmA servers?) and a few servers which most of us wouldn't touch it with a barge pole :D

    Very true. I just find it ironic that most of the PR:BF2 players that criticise ArmA seem to complain about a lack of team-work in MP, which would be fine except they often compare the public servers running Domination etc, with PR:BF2's semi-public/clan servers such as TacticalGamer and IGI.

    I just don't think it's a particularly objective comparison, both games have their good and their bad.

    Simple wait till PR is released. After the first days/weeks trying and playing with PR you can say "its great" or "its bad". ;)

    Btw just curious why "PR" is in front of Arma2, OA, CO? Imho the original game name should be in first place.. eg Arma2:PR, OA:PR, CO:PR

    To identify the mod (PR) and the game (A2, or BF2).

  5. "Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred."

    — Martin Luther King Jr.

    This is one socialist quote, ill highlight the other socialist comments in a paragraph he wrote.

    You can’t talk about solving the economic problem of the Negro without talking about billions of dollars.(thats right stick them all on welfare)You can’t talk about ending the slums without first saying profit must be taken out of slums.(oh thats right make sure everyone gets equal pay) You’re really tampering and getting on dangerous ground because you are messing with folk then. You are messing with captains of industry… Now this means that we are treading in difficult water, because it really means that we are saying that something is wrong…with capitalism… There must be a better distribution of wealth and maybe America must move toward a Democratic Socialism.

    OHHHHH yea you got what you wanted baby, wacth America burn down to the ground. Its a nice show if you stand back aways.

    None of those are socialist quotes. The first quote is advocating peaceful resistance with a view towards reconciliation between whites and blacks. The rest are simply talking about correcting the injustices that had been enacted against the black population in America, which at the time included discrimination in the form of (amongst other things) woefully unfair pay (the billions of dollars; compensation essentially). The second is just saying the rich shouldn't be able to exploit the poor. That's socialist, that's just common sense.

    The last quote offers the opinion that the problem may be entrenched in the US political system and that the best way to get rid of the problem may be to move to a different fairer, more representative form of democracy.

    tl;dr: None of those things were socialist.

  6. Gnat;1718976']No Rezza & Laertes' date=' your just playing on the [b']wrong[/b] servers.

    Theres a bunch of public servers (or semi-public, ie not "Clan") out there that have mature groups play organised games. Don't expect to find them without a little more than an hours research.

    Just to clarify, that was basically my point. I should have added more to my post, but anyway, what I meant was that the standard of game-play depends on the server and the more mature players and the more tactical/team-orientated game-player is generally on the clan, and public/semi-public servers.

    Hope that's at least a bit clearer.

  7. Rezza;1718883']Just being honest Big Mac the so called Dice kiddies have more tactical military sense on PR than any Arma 2 or Arrowhead game i played so far in these last 4 months on public.I really thought where is the voip where is the teamplay.What people did was just get in a chinook land close to a AO and attack all together.There wasnt even VON on some servers.

    I was expecting more teamplay and comms in public gameplay not a chat comm.

    Those are the key words.

  8. After its installed just right-click on a .pbo file and click extract.

    If there is no option to extract, then you need to change the file associations of the .pbo filetype, there are several ways to do that, Kylania's for one, I cheat and use a slightly easier way.

    Open Notepad and copy and pasta this:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    And save it as a .reg file. Then go to where it has been saved and double-click the file. Then reinstall cPbo and it should work as advertised.

  9. I would love to see some western European terorrists, 1970's and 1980's style.

    Especially with the new UK Army DLC coming out some IRA guerrillas would be kick ass.

    I do have a config for some 70/80s IRA units kicking around on my computer, based on the A2 guerillas. They do need retexturing though, which isn't my skill; if somebody/anybody can/is willing to do the textures, I'd be happy to release them.