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  1. You wonder why they don't talk about what, in particular? Not sure what you mean.

    About Sarah, she's one person, in front of a camera(changes people) and has things that she individually cares about. Because she is rural centered, how, exactly, does that necessarily exclude others? You think there isn't room for others? Your talk sounds like the info is secondhand. I heartily suggest you go to both a Communist meeting and a tea party and see the difference (hint: the 'radicals' that bring their kids to meetings to have fun and don't talk about overthrowing government are the tea Partiers ;) )

    @BigMac: understood.

    Have you ever been to a Communist meeting?

  2. Maybe that way it feels more like Neo hacking the matrix or something in this direction :cool:

    Black? As a background color? Easier on the eyes? To read (white and even colored!!!) text?


    Are you shitting me?


    To read white text, it'd be bad, but it's almost all highlighted in different colours. So for me at least, it's easier on the eyes than having the same highlighting but a white background.