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  1. As a Humanist, I have no problem with voluntary euthanasia. If someone makes a conscious decision to end their own life, I believe they should be allowed to do so in a way that is quick and painless.

    Ending someone elses life without their consent is a different thing entirely, and should not be permitted.

    This sums up my opinion on the matter quite nicely

  2. I've not read anywhere were he talks about invading nato, other than defending against nato invading him. Maybe you guys are jumping the gun in judgement?

    Go 5/10 pages back and read up to here; so far he's said if a war came he'd fight against the NWOers etc, then he said he'd fight against the US military et al, then he said he'd shoot anybody who disagreed with him.

    So jumping the gun? Not so much.

  3. I told you who i wanted war with, but its for a simple fact, usually people from other countries don't understand anything that is going on in America.

    Never said i can predict horrible events, but things are falling into place that we don't like. For now this is the only way most people can beat them is by spreading information, until then we have to wait for them to fire the first shot.

    Out of curiosity (and this is in no-way criticism, so you know, be calm) who else is involved in 'we'?

  4. LMAO!!!!! You just said in Communism there is no government, but they would end up working for the government? Do you even know what your talking about or do you occasionally blow smoke out of your ass about something you don't know about? When there is a dictator, is he really the only one who has power? No he has people behind him who influenced him, etc.

    Also for your first answer were an oligarchy that's how it is, well see how it is in the future, I'm not afraid to fight people like you are. During war i wouldn't think twice about pulling the trigger to shoot your ass. And before you say no i wouldn't, Ive already been in a war.

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    I'm the crazy one? No they are the crazy one, they speak in the open about it, they could scream it into your ear, but you would just shut your eyes, cover your ears, and scream no, no, no. You will be in denial forever, we have a war people like me are the bad ones when we are fighting for freedom. You, and them are the crazy ones, you are the crazy one for not standing up, and raising your voice. When i speak to truth i say no lies, i am not crazy because speak the truth. But anytime someone speaks the truth to you, you are calling them crazy, and right-wing extremists.

    Why would you shoot me? I haven't said what my beliefs are. I'm not a Communist, a NWO'er, I'm not even a Socialist.

    Besides, I'm not American, so this 'we' doesn't really include me. Thanks though.

  5. 1. I don't believe that there are some shadowy figures sitting above the President making all of this happen with spectre puppeteering. Republicans and Democrats friggen hate each other and would never conform under some shadowy overlord. These operations of which you speak transcend any one Presidents authority.

    Think again, the republicans and democracts go hand in hand, when they are on nationl TV they hate each other, when they are off they love each other, republicans, and democrats are the same, they have one goal, that is one world order. Or a New World Order. Not one person controls the world, try a group of elite control the world. Look at the bilderberg group, that is some of them.

    2. Doubtful. Unless Bush Jr was way smarter and possibly sinister than we thought. The Amero is mostly a hot topic in the conspiricists circles.

    No, see this is a mistake that americans make all the time presidents are nothing but puppets, they really have no problem, it was senate, congress, and people who own corporations, etc. Who crashed the economy.

    Also the Amero is real, and close to replacing our economy, watch it will all get worse during the years, i wish it would happen quickly, so we can start the war but it isn't, its all about waiting and timing, we wait, they wait, its a chess game.

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    They also speak about eugenics frequently our government messed around with it in the 40s and 50s, and got caught, everyone thought it was dead until now, it is now back and alive. They even admit themselves, they want to create two human races, one normal which would be us, and one super human race, which would be the ones who control the world.

    Dude. You're fucking crazy.

    Ok a democracy is socialism in a democracy, you are given the illusion of voting someone good in power or someone who could fix your government, but all you are doing is voting in the next leader to hang.

    Okay, the first bit makes no sense, and the second bit is the opinion of a conspiracy nut. That said, I'm not judging.

    Communism can go any other way mostly towards an oligarchy, which some may argue we already are.

    1. The US has more or less always been an oligarchy. It's a drawback of having a small number of people representing a large number; especially when those in power are typically from a certain section of society. Rightly or wrongly, that's how it is.

    2. No it isn't. Communism cannot be an oligarchy. In a society where Communism is achieved, there is no Govt., no ruling class etc, the whole idea is that everybody is equal and everybody works together, rather than working for somebody, be it a corporation or a Government.

    Ironically, Communism would suit the needs of lots of these rednecks, if you take away the atheism, they'd love not having a Govt. to interfere with them.

    Also, before you answer that Communism can be, and usually is, an oligarchy, no it isn't. USSR/PRC/Cuba, not communist states, aspiring communist states with a distinct totalitarian flair.

    Anyway, I'm tired, I'm done. Hopefully it's vaguely coherent.

  6. If you cant see what socialist ideas, and communist ideas they are trying to push through then there is no use to explain it to you, all i would be doing is wasting my breath. You say you want all these money grubbing people gone. Why is it because you are poor, and jealous of them? Because you dislike the difference between the rich and the poor? Any one can be rich we cant stop them from being so if they are evil or good. You just even admitted your self that you don't know anything about socialists, or communists, or globalists, or the NWO. Also you say you support a democracy, whoever supports a democracy supports a socialist system. If you say no, then please go reread about what a democracy really is.

    You do realise that Socialism and Communism are both democratic political systems, don't you?

  7. Most of ours are domestic crime. Husband and wife... parents and children...

    Criminal on criminal doesn't happen very much here.

    You've obviously never been to Moss Side :p

    Sometimes I'm surprised that door locks are legal in some countries, it seems they don't want to inconvenience criminals at all.


    That's an inconceivably stupid statement.