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  1. Laertes

    Petition for ArmA2 WW2 Expansion

    I voted no. I can think of dozens of other things I'd rather BIS did.
  2. The weapon-holders/characters pack ;)
  3. A radial menu to replace the side menu would be good. To replace the main command menu, not so much.
  4. Have a look at Vilas' East Weapons pack. There are at least 3 Dragunov variants, maybe 4, I forget.
  5. Laertes

    RAF Re-Paints

    class CfgPatches { class raf_c130 { units[] = {"raf_c130"}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 1.0; requiredAddons[] = {"CAAir","anzac_air"}; }; }; class CfgFactionClasses { class RAF { displayName = RAF; priority = 100; side = 1; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class usaf_c130; // External class reference class raf_c130 : usaf_c130 { displayName = "C-130H Hercules"; model = "\usaf_c130\usaf_c130.p3d"; icon = "\usaf_c130\textures\icon_c130_ca.paa"; picture = "\usaf_c130\textures\picture_c130_ca.paa"; side = 1; faction = RAF; class Damage { tex[] = {}; mat[] = {"usaf_c130\textures\c130_1.rvmat", "usaf_c130\textures\c130_1.rvmat", "usaf_c130\textures\c130_1_destruct.rvmat", "usaf_c130\textures\c130_2.rvmat", "usaf_c130\textures\c130_2.rvmat", "usaf_c130\textures\c130_2_destruct.rvmat", "usaf_c130\textures\c130_3.rvmat", "usaf_c130\textures\c130_3.rvmat", "usaf_c130\textures\c130_3_destruct.rvmat", "usaf_c130\textures\c130_4.rvmat", "usaf_c130\textures\c130_4.rvmat", "usaf_c130\textures\c130_4_destruct.rvmat"}; }; }; }; Try that.
  6. Looks good, but you might want to fix those images, they're well over the 100Kb limit :)
  7. That's never a good start to a sentence.
  8. Laertes

    Divers Tug

    This is the area of the forum where people who are developing addons are supposed to show off their work. It's not so much for people to say "hay, look at this cool picture I found of a mod!". I think that's the point Vino3 is attempting to make.
  9. I'm afraid the only help I can offer you, is to link you: link.
  10. Laertes

    US Infantry - 2008

    For those using the ACE replacement pack, I've updated it here. It includes a small fix.
  11. Laertes

    Eki./Laertes' Addons

    US Army '08 Replacement Pack - Updated here.
  12. I've got a half-finished set of PJs somewhere on my hard-drive.
  13. If anybody is willing to help out on the graphical side (models/textures) I'd be happy to do the config-work.
  14. I can haz download, pl0z?
  15. I trust that this is what you're looking for.
  16. Laertes

    Belgian Army

    They're beautiful, dude. Very nice work.
  17. Laertes

    USMC FOB setpost template

    MAP_EU would be this addon.
  18. Whilst they're not Rainbow Six or even SWAT in the strictest sense, one of my addons are Chernarus Police Special Forces that could serve (at least some of) your needs. If you're interested, you can find themhere.
  19. And, your point? That's the thread for requesting addons. Cluttering up other threads with requests is annoying and more often than not, serves only to make addon-makers want to not fulfil a request. As for one idea that was carried out, that's just stupid, there are dozens of ideas in there, that can be found as addons now.
  20. Laertes

    Eki./Laertes' Addons

    Fantastic news. I'll add it to the first post then.