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    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    You've obviously never been to Moss Side :p FPDR That's an inconceivably stupid statement.
  2. Laertes

    Bremer Walls

    Yep, they were used in the FOB on Avgani by Opteryx.
  3. It's beginning to sound like a really shitty version of BF2.
  4. If they are new units that have canCarryBackpacks = 1 (or whatever the command is) but they aren't visible, then the necessary selection isn't present in the model. That's my understanding of it, anyway.
  5. No and it's not going to happen; too many issues with it.
  6. It wouldn't surprise me. Even with the crapstorm nobody's getting banned by Helios so they must have given up on it.
  7. Said crapstorm in the form of a poll.
  8. No need to spam it. If somebody's going to make it, they'll make it.
  9. Laertes

    Can`t Open OA PBO`s

    Get the newest version of PboView.
  10. Laertes

    FFAA MOD Spanish army

    It's made by people who speak Spanish?
  11. You sir, are a machine And to answer the original question, yes they could.
  12. NO. Modfolders, please use them. If you don't know about them, read this, option 2 in particular.
  13. Laertes

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Have you ever been to a Communist meeting?
  14. Laertes

    Delta Force goggles?

    The classname is "Delta_glasses". You can use them yourself if you add them manually to your profile.
  15. That makes me wish I was a rebl man.
  16. Well, I cracked open hotfix_oa.pbo from the latest (I think it's the latest) beta patch and there are references to several* new features coming with the BAF DLC. *Artillery Computer, Engineer and Repair Vehicles.
  17. Laertes

    Move the 'Clear' key in the editor

    This would be a better solution and an undo function would be helpful anyway.
  18. Unless somebody is making it, it doesn't need its own thread.
  19. Laertes

    P:UKF Weapons Pack.

    Well considering the whole argument is about the use of metal drums/bags on the GPMG by British Armed Forces, it's slightly relevant.
  20. This doesn't need a new mod. Just download a WWII mod and use/down some modern units, et voilÃ
  21. You've answered a non-existent question there, mate.
  22. To read white text, it'd be bad, but it's almost all highlighted in different colours. So for me at least, it's easier on the eyes than having the same highlighting but a white background.
  23. Well, if you're using it for extended periods of time, black is easier on the eyes than white, and it also makes the highlighting more... highlighted.
  24. Laertes

    DLC - Canadian Forces

    Your posts weren't opinions. They weren't statements of 'fact'. That were, well, wrong. Opinion would be saying: