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  1. Laertes

    Resistance/FIA Units

    I was just thinking of these the other day... They look beautiful; downloading!
  2. Laertes

    Eki./Laertes' Addons

    Ah, that might be an idea. I'll re-binarize and re-upload. Edit: For those who are having this error, please try this version. If it works I will add it to the first post as a fixed version, but for now I'll keep it here. Also, can I ask that no-one mirrors this until I know this is a fix.
  3. Laertes

    Eki./Laertes' Addons

    Alright, I've had one person PM me about this error, I can honestly say I have no idea what the problem is. I'm using the version that's been uploaded with no problems, that's not much help but I don't really know what help I can really offer without having this error myself.
  4. Laertes

    Why is the Daily Mail so anti Veteran?

    How, does this even remotely count as ArmA 2 - General? Take your rants to Off-Topic, or even better, to a different site.
  5. Laertes

    Eki./Laertes' Addons

    New addon released, see bottom of first post for details.
  6. Awesome. They'll be up for download in a few hours. I've just got a few things to do beforehand.
  7. Fair enough, didn't know that, looks like I'm a bit late then.
  8. I was getting tired of the normal camouflaged Mk 48 Mod 0, so I dug around in the files and found BIS' original Mk48 texture and changed the aimpoint texture and voilà , a black/greyish Mk48.
  9. The MagicBox contains it because you have RH SCARs installed. It seems to add all weapons to it, hence the name 'MagicBox'.
  10. In that case, fair enough, my apologies.
  11. Looks like you don't know what you're talking about. If I were you, I'd check your sources before posting crap like this. People do share work sometimes, you know. I've done it, shared and borrowed. Don't jump to conclusions.
  12. A more cryptic and/or artistic way for me to advertise some future projects.
  13. Fixed for you, the T90 was unveiled a long time ago.
  14. Thought you didn't like Multicam? :p
  15. A relatively simple request as these go; a luxury car, something fit to transport diplomats and heads of state around. Don't really care what it is exactly, but a luxury car would make missions to protect/capture VIPs way more awesome. Probably more realistic as well.
  16. Laertes

    Belgian Army

    Send me the files before you release and I'll knock up some replacements :)
  17. Laertes

    Project RACS

    Can't say I do. I'd be happy to try though.
  18. Laertes

    Project RACS

    If it's config editing, then I might be able to help out, I have a few things to finish to finish off over the next few days but I'd like to help PRACS out. I always did enjoy playing it :p
  19. Laertes

    Dutch Army

    For you mate, any time :p
  20. Laertes

    Dutch Army

    Signed and .bikey'd whilst I'm at it. Download I assume that serves your needs.
  21. Laertes

    CDF & Indep Grey Scales

    Oh, I could kiss you man. This is awesome.
  22. I'd like to see something that may be more of a resource than an addon, but .psd templates similar to this for more of the BIS units (USMC, CDF, NAPA, ChDKZ). Barring that, if somebody is willing to show me how that's done, I'd be happy to do it myself :)
  23. Test the addon, see what errors it throws up and start to try and fix them. One at a time. It will almost certainly require some modification in the config.
  24. Already been done several times. Have a look on Armaholic, you'll find a few versions.